Large stainless steel is thin of mural container solder

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Container of our country's large stainless steel thin wall, the beer that is 50000L like cubage ferments coal tub, have enough safety factor to assure commonly, ground floor connects standing plan to use 5mm, on, the stainless steel that middle-level uses 4mm and 3mm respectively board solder and become. However 4 cubage that we introduce from Denmark store for syrup of 100000L fruit Pu coal tub, 10 cubage are canister of saccharify of syrup of 52000L fruit Pu, use 3mm stainless steel except ground floor board outside, the others all is 2mm stainless steel board. Finished product stores coal tub tall 12m, diameter 3.


We choose manual argon to enrage protection (cerium tungsten electrode) arc welding, use bosseyed solder double-faced figuration technology scores a success. Will solder now craft introduction is as follows: Press body of cylinder of two thin walls above all about 25mm span undertakes spot welding is secured, after securing, use 1.

13kg (2.

5lb) hand hammer knocks solder point, undertake soldering along spot welding position next, first solder vertical welding line, hind solder link welding line. Solder after the end, reoccupy hand hammer knocks welding line along shift of direction of welding, undertake polishing is handled finally. It is very important to after applying solder to end every time, be beaten with hand hammer, because,this is stainless steel board the contractive volume after soldering is very remarkable. General diameter is the round cylindrical shell of 500mm, contractive quantity is 2mm about, using hand hammer to beat is to eliminate contractive capacity, restore the length with cylinder former put oneself in another's position. In addition, hammer is attacked still can improve composition of welding line interior, eliminate internal stress, make welding line acquires as same as noumenon mechanical property. Notable is, when knocking welding line, the fetal weight that should use 5kg additionally at the same time is supporting, conveniently hammer beats direction to move. Go up in length of every meters of welding line commonly, hand hammer beats a frequency to be 120 - between 140 take second place. CNC Milling