Laser beam welding receives the integrated benefit that realizes car production

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Implement the automation that the car produces, solder technical application and the effect with develop a move main. Laser beam welding is received solder speed is fast, hot organization of small, welding line refines influence region, solder be out of shape small, adaptability is strong, can satisfy auto industry to ask to what solder well. LWY400P laser beam welding receives machine laser beam welding is support polarizing the reflection action of lens, after reflexing laser light beam, gather together at focusing device, make thereby on focusing dot accumulate containing tremendous energy, if move the focus close workpiece, workpiece can fuse inside cutty time and evaporate. Accordingly, laser beam welding receives the laser that there must be high-power in equipment, current, the laser that basically uses has two kinds: □ solid laser (Nd: YAG laser) this laser wavelengh 1.

06mm, the beam of light that main good point is generation can be passed fiber-optic and deferent, the beam of light with because this is OK complex leave out is deferent system, apply to flexible production system or implementation are machined remotely, use at soldering normally the work with precision higher demand. Power of commonly used output is auto industry the Nd of 3 ~ 4kW: YAG laser. □ gas laser (CO2 laser) this laser uses molecular gas to regard the job as medium, produce average wavelengh for 10.

The infra-red laser of 6mm, can work continuously and output very high power, standard laser power is in 2 ~ 5kW. The work that laser beam welding receives craft to be able to realize minimum is out of shape and very tall solder deepness / width comparing, can obtain high grade surface to solder quality, because this and tradition solder,methodological photograph is compared, can obtain better work to machine quality and economic benefits. Additional, use modernization monitor and quality control method also is indispensable, include to use all sorts of sensor such as inductance, capacitance, sound wave, photoelectricity, pass computer processing, in the light of different solder object and requirement, welding line of implementation such as dogs, blemish detects, welding line quality is monitored wait for a project, through feedback control adjustment solders craft parameter, realize automation laser beam welding to receive thereby. In auto industry, laser beam welding receives a technology to basically be used at automobile body to spell solder, solder with the spare parts. The main dominant position that laser beam welding accepts 1, because use the computer to control,the laser beam welding of means of form a complete set of agile diversity is received, have stronger flexibility and maneuverability so, be like: Can wait for component to undertake soldering to the door plank with special appearance, fender, gear, dashboard; Can finish roof and side wall, engine to wear, radiator wears those who wait for a component to assemble solder; Cooperate fiber-optic transmission system and manipulator, the car that can implement automation assembles product line. This kind of flexibility decided laser beam welding receives applicable in the manufacturing process at sex of contemporary Gao Rou, can satisfy all sorts of requirement of the user, reduce an user to produce cost, make the enterprise has market competition ability more. 2, in needing to undertake to workpiece fabricating laser beam welding is received, beam of light gathers together the diameter of the dot is tiny, accumulate contain energy tremendous. In the meantime, because laser solders have efficiency tall, deep / wide the thermal strain cost that manages than big, welding line is inferior, hot influence area is small wait for a characteristic, accordingly, can assure the original figuration function of workpiece material, do not need to undertake fabricating to workpiece. 3, the car security with more reliable implementation uses laser beam welding to receive, can differ in the light of component the particular strength demand of place, use the board of different ply, rise greatly thereby fight collision ability. In the meantime, laser beam welding receives the welding line quality with can come true better, improved the impact resistance of automobile body and fatigue resistance significantly thereby. 4, simplify technology measure, it is OK to reduce equipment investment to use laser to spell solder board component design is optimized on the foundation that analyses automobile body structure adequately, realize the figuration of an organic whole of component, photograph comparing creates means lieutenant general at traditional car the means that join of spot welding of the reoccupy after many component punch rises, laser beam welding receives what can raise automobile body not only to solder quality, reduced many punch equipment and mould at the same time, added overall material utilization factor, simplified working procedure. If the automobile body of a car is mixed,chassis is comprised by the spare parts of 300 kinds of above, it is OK to use laser beam welding to receive solder all material that do not distribute ply, brand, phyletic, grade together, make the part of all sorts of appearance, increase the flexibility that the car designs greatly. Main application case is current, in car production domain, laser beam welding receives a technology to basically be used at online automobile body to solder, be not online laser to spell solder and spare parts to solder etc. 1, online automobile body solders laser beam welding of online automobile body receives what basically be used at structure of automobile body frame to solder, for example of coping and flank automobile body solder. Use laser beam welding to receive a technology, can reduce the combines an aspect secondhand width of workpiece, reduced plank to use an amount not only, also raised the stiffness of bodywork at the same time, increased the market competition capacity of the product. 2, be not online laser to spell solder laser to spell solder is in automobile body the design is made in, according to automobile body different design and function ask, the stencil steel that chooses different specifications, different ply, intensity and film solders together, the production of place of some of the automobile body that finish, for example inside around door board, around carling, side wall, motherboard, wheelhouse, central post. 3, gear and component laser beam welding are received use laser to solder to undertake machining to the component such as gear, can realize iota solder be out of shape, solder rate is rapid, and the heat treatment after needing solder. Commonly used at hinge of tappet of transmission gear, valve, door, transmission shaft, turn to axis, leather belt annulus, vent-pipe, clutch to wait solder. Ask in a few pairs of air-tightness the production of higher car component is medium especially, laser solders to have the advantage that cannot replace more. Receive in order to multiply with the close soldering and sealing of a powerful person of car ABS electromagnetism for exemple, in be in hydraulic pressure environment as a result of electromagnetism a powerful person, right whole solder the sealing demand of place is extremely high, even if very tiny flaw is met quality brings pair of products to be affected greatly, traditional argon arc solder cannot from go up at all the problem that solves tiny flaw. "China labour laser " according to alloy material solder it is OK that the characteristic opens the laser beam welding of new-style alloy material that give out to receive facility from go up at all the generation that solves tiny flaw, had been applied extensively at multiplying to use a powerful person of car ABS electromagnetism at present (graph 1) , air cylinder is filled up (graph 2) , hydraulic pressure tappet (graph 3) wait for car component solder domain. Laser beam welding of a powerful person of electromagnetism of graph 1 ABS accepts a plan laser beam welding of mat of 2 air cylinder accepts a plan laser beam welding of tappet of 3 hydraulic pressure receives 4, the laser beam welding of plastic component receives laser beam welding to receive plastic ultimatum is: Two kinds plastic be together by clamp below low-pressure force, laser crosses a goods, be absorbed by another goods next, the product that draws laser energy heat energy of light energy translate into, fuse in plastic interface, form a weld zone. Of great majority instinctive quality plastic the translucence with a lot of coloured is plastic can realize laser beam welding to receive (graph 4) , for example polystyrene (PS) , polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and get together benzene Xi (PP) wait for material. Graph laser beam welding of 4 plastic component is received with the tradition plastic solder technical photograph is compared, laser beam welding receives plastic technology to basically have the advantage of the following respects: Nicety of □ welding line, firm with sealing (airtight and not slack) can good; □ is controlled easily, have good adaptability; □ reduced the oscillatory stress of goods and thermal stress greatly; □ can solder a lot of phyletic and different material together. At present the plastic laser on the market solders engine is main the semiconductor laser that uses wavelengh to be 1064nm serves as illuminant, with " China labour laser " the product is exemple, according to workpiece configuration of the client, have respectively: (1) plastic laser beam welding receives the LWD50F that is based on Zhen Jingyun to change way machine, basically use at plane to solder. (2) be based on dynamoelectric workbench plastic laser beam welding receives the LWD50T of three-dimensional motion machine, basically be used at three-dimensional curve solder. The epilogue ceaseless development as laser technology, of laser power rise ceaselessly, be sure to more and more laser technology apply in the production of car and component to come, to production enterprise of car and component, introduce technology of laser beam machining earlier, the technology that brings to new processing technique with respect to can earlier experience is broken through. CNC Milling