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Can consider the value of much craft machine tool from two respects. On one hand, they can be passed reduce the cost of workpiece and be economical, be in two or these work are produced at present. On the other hand, these much craft machine tools still can make money, they can make job shops wins contest award, normally these tasks undertake with groovy equipment treatment did not provide competition ability. Ron Young is the president of the Alro Machine company that is located in city of Lindenhurst of city of American new York and one of founder, he is admiring the 2nd of afore-mentioned idea. Be this reason the company that urges him invested one dollar to buy a machine tool, this machine tool combined the function of machining center and turning center on single platform. This is giant leap to the company of a 17 people. This by company of WFL Millturn Technologies (Lin Ci, austria) offerred M40-G machine tool 2005 Xia An is installed. Alro Machine company carries out this technology to have inspire action very well, it had brought a lot of change. But, some things had been not changed. How does the company make the means of certain part had been changed undoubtedly, how does the company think future to make a spare parts already also was changed with bigger gain. But, still untouched is the gist that makes this company successful -- do agile, resourceful, dedicated the treatment company that reachs sex of the look up before having. Because can be in,the treatment in intending the work gives large long work, much craft machine tool created an opportunity for the job shops of acute meaning enterprising. This M40-G installation is in Alro Machine company. New way this company establishs at 45 years before, it is a steam builds a plant at first. Mr Young and his Germany younger sister's husband works in same home cutting tool and patternmaking workshop. In Alois Schwarz(Alro of his younger sister's husband " Al " come from hereat, "Ro " take suggest at Ron) their two machine tools that can use them in them workshop and machinist skill earn more money oneself. The word that uses Mr Young him gentleman says, his workshop for first start " solicit business everywhere " . Arrive when 1962, these two partners decided should be in Long Island(namely the company's current and located place) begin a contract to process business. From at the beginning, two author pay close attention to the development of machining technology all the time, the attention does not want too lead is too backward perhaps. When to them when the opportunity as it happens matures -- when the job that should pursue when them namely needs CNC function, they threw a good deal of capital to buy equipment of CNC numerical control. In those days still is 70 time inchoate, before the most company of course of study of person of the same trade gets lost CNC. Mr Schwarz retired a few years ago, but Mr Young and his son still holds to this one strategy, use right technology in right turn namely. "We are good at making small-sized with medium-sized aviation spare parts, material includes alloy of high temperature steel, aviation to use aluminium and titanium. For example, we made many airlines landing gear. " Mr Young says. When the machine tool cutting tool that holds in Chicago attending to exhibit a few years ago, mr Young saw company of WFL Millturn Technologies (Lin Ci, austria) reach its product line of much craft machine tool. WFL is one of first companies of machining of union of research and development and turning function machine tool, rolled out machine tool of first many craft 1982. The name of the company calls Voest-Alpine in those days, this kind of machine tool is called " Millturns " , this brand name still is continued to use by WFL at present. Mr Young and its group begin to study how machine tool of a many craft can handle a few treatment that run for long, they the course on the machine tool that differs in a few processes an operation for many times and at that time is produce. One of spare partses that company place machines are the helicopter axis nut that produces by old contract. The manufacturing cost of this spare parts is rising, and the equipment that machines it is in ageing. Prepare the job to be able to complete the treatment of this spare parts through be being passed on machine tool of a many craft, company discovery saved cost greatly, shortened turnaround time. More important is, mr Young realizes, through using this kind of technology and process capability, his company can machine task contest relevantly in other national defense more powerful competition ability is had in mark. Much craft machining will be a new way, but he can see how new way locates for the company, with the benefit development henceforth. Before Ron() machine a circumstance with what the tower turns to go up below machine tool of Steve Young examination. In double-faced turn every one side of the tower has the knife that installs 12 cutting tool to stand each, can circle axis of either root turning to process work. Mr Young still made an on-the-spot investigation a few otherer much craft machine tool, but still returned him to be in exhibit this company that encounters on the meeting. "The account that we choose WFL machine tool includes: We need to undertake heavy cut is machined, we like a few character of this machine tool, additional we can from be located in Mixiegen the support that the United States of new shellfish sells a ministry to get a few craft go up. " Mr Young points out all these factors are coequal and main, "We won't undertake comparative through machine tool norms only. " he says. When when certain treatment the company compares a machine tool only according to a piece of form, they can fall into this trap in. Having duration word can deceive people. Actually, when the detail of a few treatment that when the personnel of WFL company the design gives to produce axial nut on M40-G, can comparing the treatment that the part completes less once upon a time inside the time of 60% , was not carried or queue up to expect time. But, clamp clamp is a method that the workshop machines automation to come true and thinks up, so that unmanned value is defended,in rotation also can continue to produce. Realize this principle to need Austrian manufacturer square engineers the technical knowledge with the cooperation that uses experts and them. Understandable, mr Young does not wish to leak the detailed information about this principle. Its breathtaking excellent point depends on needing manipulator or place of outfit remove stage makeup and costume. It uses the knife library in regarding the park inside standard function component as the machine tool and cutting tool to change merely device. No matter whether defend mode in unmanned value, the machine tool can complete the treatment of axial nut via intending the work, this is much craft or " much task " the main good point of the principle. M40-G is one of the smallest machine tools in manufacturer range of products, but it is so far the biggest machine tool in Long Island workshop. The machine tool configuration of Alro has two contrary axes, its dimension and rating are same, a car - get - mill is unit (TBMU) , its B axis rotates can be engaged in 5 axes treatment, and a disc low turn tower, in its opposite every side has 12 knives station each. Axial nut can accept a scale on an axis treatment, mill and auger, will complete major work by TBMU. The 2nd axis comes over clamp workpiece, next workpiece and good stuff are apart, so that the 2nd axis can be retreated,return turn the tower is approachable its a certain position, the back end of the spare parts that finish is machined. The machine tool still was finished of about 90% go burr operation, this is to use the part on machine tool countershaft graduated function, improved chamfer cutting tool is used to finish below order order. In conventional treatment, go by hand burr raised cost significantly. Although some of moment goes,burr is the opinion that after the event of technology program branch produces, but the plan member of Alro Machine company thinks it is one of main jobs that the consideration wants in application of much craft machine tool. The work that does 9 machine tools is decreased brace up the canister crosses new machine tool to make two journeys. Left is preform forging. The spare parts among completed the journey and from return of plating Fu unit. The spare parts of right processes good preparation shipment thoroughly. Two treatment that there is this machine tool in pursueing on. One is military helicopter is decreased brace up canister. Should add workpiece very interesting, because it is to pass one pace twice to preparation works and be finished, this is not contradictory, the spare parts must is opposite by outside contractor between a series of machining operations its plating is chromic. This spare parts crosses much craft machine tool to make the journey twice, it is before plating is chromic, it is after plating is chromic. In intending the work for the first time, thick forging bears twice turning operation, and the mill of inclined bore, auger. The spare parts transfers an axis from the axis, so that machine the two end of the spare parts. This measure represented the job that by 4 separate operation was finished once upon a time. In intending the work the 2nd times, the spare parts is bilged happy axis (the chuck that they replaced two turning axis to go up is ungual) clamp. Be in the 2nd round in, after plating is chromic, the spare parts endures machine of CNC numerical control 3 times to process an operation, turning operation and milling are operated, milling is finished formerly on genu type milling machine. This measure represented the job of 5 machine tools. Overall and character, much craft machine tool replaced 9 other machine tools. Automatic cutting tool of its use ATC(exchanges unit) the cutting tool inside 40 chamfer. Handling time shortens from 79 minutes to 30 minutes, but replace integral broach to makings broach as refrigerant, expectation handling time decreases further, because of integral broach must hurriedly in and out cuts bits with keeping clear of. Long boring lever of this machine tool adding workpiece another times is landing gear axis, still be in phase of research and development at present, study the weak condition that it gets on in this kind of equipment is produced. This spare parts is about 50 inches long, how the measure that it made clear a machine tool is important to the workshop. "This is us probably the longest part that can handle on machine tool of traditional CNC numerical control. " Mr Young says. New machine tool can be accommodated between machining center be as long as 3000mm(18 inch) workpiece. "This makes we can contest mark landing gear the bigger piston in the spare parts is amiable crock, otherwise our mishandle such spare parts. " his complement says. In addition, mr Young believes, can mix in mill of be in harmony, car the ability that other operation machines these spare partses in the craft of an organic whole will make Alro Machine company richer in contest mark competition ability. The seductive place of this axis depends on central aperture. This feature is to be on machining center of a horizontal at present classics is thick get, thick boring and boring of essence of life. Because the automatic cutting tool on this machine tool changes device (ATC) cannot operate so long cutting tool, so must the hand is moved change they. But, can change automatically on much craft machine tool the cutting tool of scope of this kind of size. Two special characteristics make its can operate these boring lever -- an alone knife library, it accommodates these cutting tool only, and a custom-built clamp system, it gets on these cutting tool join to TBMU. Knife library is located in left axis upper part lie between inside. And in machine tool other a side advocate knife library can be accommodated be as long as 500mm(makes an appointment with 20 inches) cutting tool, library of the 2nd knife has 3 knives station, with Yu Rong accept is as long as 1000mm(makes an appointment with 39 inches) cutting tool. Manufacturer calls custom-built interface " system of prism form cutting tool " , because it uses face of wedge clench the teeth. The wedge surface of clench the teeth offers the additional stiffness that when using long boring lever to machine, needs, with reducing vibration as far as possible. The cap of device of clamp of the wedge on TBMU protects area of clench the teeth during groovy treatment, but calling in before boring lever, TBMU must deposit this lid the 4th station in knife library. The landing gear to Alro axis, the bed put oneself in another's position with long machine tool allows TBMU to move a certain position, so that enough senior boring staff herein enters a spare parts and can machine Kong Zhi complete deepness. "Long boring rod can be used in ATC, this is one of main reasons that we consider this technique. " Mr Young says. The ahead of the machine tool can be stood by advocate knife library, control Panel can locate around, because of this is being replaced or cutting tool data can be being inputted when commutative cutting tool. The idea in the past, new think of a way, the main controller Steve Young that the idea of Young tries to make the company changes much craft to treatment expresses: After 6 months, one of challenges that face broke the traditional method that machines about the spare parts. "Cast off the original idea about how machining a spare parts very hard, " he says, "You must clear sky your cerebra and should be full of fancy. " once produced this kind of new think of a way, become easier the spare parts treatment that makes had not been machined once upon a time becomes a possibility. Old Mr Young says about much craft processing technique thinking must be long-term. Begin from this problem, "Do you hope (your workshop) become in 10 years what kind of? " he says, about short-term cost economic overmuch thought cannot come into being such prophetic vision. Finally, the long-term point of view that Mr Young offers him also is the enterprise that makes money about making company progress. "Although my be dead, steve still will manage a company very long, had better have this kind to make the company can develop the device that expand in future so. " power, rotate speed of and rather than says according to the Ben Baggerly of American selling manager of WFL, manufacturer has chosen to install device of straight drive of positive drive and rather than on TBMU, the head of 5 axes milling cutter of the machine tool. "This is a sedulous design decision, because we believe power, torque and stiffness and high rotate speed are euqally important. " " deferent below low rotate speed full power is meant more the data that important place cutting processes hard, " he says. If the user hopes higher rotate speed, the company offers rotate speed to be as high as the optional main shaft of 12000rpm. Mr Baggerly explanation says, be designed than straight drive and character, use positive drive device to allow arbor bearing heavier, each other are more close together, of the axis increase load beforehand taller also. These design characteristic union raised the stiffness of the machine tool together. Balance cost is to see form go up about cutting speed of the number of one column reduce. Unless moment of workshop great majority is,light cutting is done on aluminous material, otherwise Rpm of high rotate speed can be finite value. "For example, cutting Inconel asks exterior speed is inside limits of 120 ~ 200sfpm commonly, have high speed runner shaft so and do not have a help. " Mr Baggerly says. No less, turning rate has limitative volume normally, a lot of work that because be on much craft machine tool,process are not symmetrical, chuck clip holds power is a problem. As a result of this reason, only the lesser machine tool of WFL offers optional straight drive unit on turning axis. The positive drive device on bigger machine tool ensures achieve agree with the torque of heavy cut and stiffness. 5 characteristics Steve Young had been spent enough much time studies new machine tool from the angle of craft engineer, programmer, operator and corrective maintenance division, in order to decide a few its functions and ergonomics characteristic, they had been been in to implement much technology by the proof in treatment particularly useful. They include: 1.

Together but edge machine tool is whole in front slip operator face plate, it can locate in most any positions of facilitating setting. 2.

Be close to knife library from machine tool ahead, this allows to exchange cutting tool when the machine tool does periodic work. 3.

The independent cutting tool in ATC dish graduation, this makes the seasonal work that operator need not turn to machine tool the reverse side to perhaps stop a machine tool OK and cleared the fiber shape on cutter hub cuts suspension bits. 4.

A cutting tool is put in sensor, it detects rupture or the cutting tool with too small size, when ensuring in the plan executive starting a hole is operated, do not leak or bequeath should drill cut hole. 5.

Bougie of a spare parts, it locates workpiece replaces cutting tool method, in order to compensate any different axis phenomena with the axis in the machine tool. CNC Milling