Grinding treatment exceeds long and thin axis to install clip to reach how to improve product quality

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1 what to introduce to make long and thin rod first, normally of axial diameter and length than be more than 7 fine make grow an axis, be more than namely the axis of 25 weighs L/d ≥ to exceed long and thin axis. Tigidity of long and thin axis is poorer, the influence such as much element of the person that cutting tool career is reached because of the bed in machining a process, workpiece easy generation, curve waist drum form, polygonal, magma reed form waits blemish a moment, especially average size takes difference in grinding treatment, exterior surface roughness asks again taller, ask because of the workpiece when grinding type moves Sui fire to wait for heat treatment requirement character commonly again, the heat in metal cutting when grinding causes workpiece more easily to be out of shape etc, because how has this solved afore-mentioned problem, became treatment to transcend problem of key of long and thin axis. With respect to treatment C618 blocks Lajidong below 2 example ① the treatment difficult problem of bed switch bar, analyse the problem that encounters in treatment of long and thin axis above all. Type of ② long and thin axis because tigidity is very poor, cause easily be out of shape and oscillatory, (because grinding treatment is medium arenaceous relatively control very high in 1000 ℃ commonly again with workpiece instantaneous temperature) the problem that how ③ solves the place in good treatment process to encounter. ● the first how to solve good vibration, vibration is divided again mix for self excited vibration force vibration, simple interpose solves these two kinds of oscillatory ● below self excited vibration: Workpiece itself from some vibration, if itself stiffness is insufficient, because type holds clip the method is undeserved the vibration that cause. Any ● objects have self excited vibration to get when it outside oscillatory type outside force, cutting force can cause self excited vibration etc. (the vibration when ab extra vibration and itself can be caused when frequency is same namely sweeping past its destroy force in all is quite big resonance phenomenon) . ● forces vibration: Be by ab extra vibration, electromotor is lopsided, degree of tightness of type leather belt is differ, carry an object to wait cause machine tool vibration. It is better that ● forces vibration eliminate, balance electromotor, adjust leather belt degree of tightness, keep apart ab extra vibration to wait a moment. ● relatively scabrous problem sufficient self excited vibration, its because compare,open complex, carry very hard also except, need with true analysis, find out a reason to be solved one by one. ● analyses the limitation that exceeds long and thin axis to appear in machining a process above all: 3 be in commonly with in cutting long and thin axis, use with tool carrier it is a form, still a kind of center is worn to shut type each utility is differ use respectively especially the form follows tool carrier to be out of shape when workpiece in finish machining bigger when, the cutting tool when cutting mental allowance is lesser cannot machine good mood at all to workpiece. But be in only center of a form wears axis of degree of slightness of the treatment on the bed, also have a strong point only. 4 type center is worn actual it is to be among two aggravation increase a strong point, be in a clip and center to wear between still star tigidity is not worth especially when work real look bends cause very easily plunge into type to wait with knife phenomenon, cannot machine at all. 5 solutions (1) two kinds of vibration should be eliminated above all in industry procedure, discharge except to force vibration to balance electromotor to reach above all arenaceous relatively, adjust leather belt to keep apart ab extra vibration. (2) eliminate self excited vibration; Improve a center to wear a structure, increase workpiece stiffness to be in of workpiece go up endlong increase strong point to change type center to wear be being worn to close type center is not the self excited vibration that cause in order to because workpiece is rigid,decrease. (3) reasonable nap is arenaceous relatively cent kibble, essence is ground, improve cooling fluid nozzle, strong portion drops grinding temperature, two clip and the aperture of center of clamping force nap that the center that shut type wears wait careful high speed a moment, the settlement with better step the difficulty in exceeding long and thin axis to machine. Successful finished manufacturing job. CNC Milling