Efficient puissant figuration grinding

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Machine photograph comparing with grinding of common move back and forth, puissant figuration grinding is having clear craft advantage. In car component manufacturing industry, apply technology of puissant figuration grinding to machine character and efficiency to have profit greatly to raising a part. Graph 1 numerical control is puissant schematic drawing of structure of figuration grinder distribution is efficient, high accuracy, small cost is puissant figuration grinding technology from 20 centuries 60 time later period begins to be thrown to apply, it is an advanced engineering technology, it is in emery wheel linear velocity carries groovy grinding condition increase below changeless circumstance cut deep quantity, workbench to make delay the grinding method of fast motion, primary feed. Up to now, day of technology of puissant figuration grinding attain maturity and perfect, apply extensively already at the industry such as spaceflight aviation, car, machinery. The distribution structure of machine tool of puissant figuration grinding is shown 1 times like the graph, main show is characteristic of its treatment craft: Have bigger cutting depth, approach can amount to emery wheel a few millimeter arrive ten millimeter; Secondly, because grinding cutting deepness is big, grinding force and grinding heat are very big, limitted the feed rate of workpiece so, speed of general and fore-and-aft feed is 30 ~ 250mm/min; Thirdly, force to cool -- because grinding cutting deepness is big, emery wheel works at the same time wear bead much, each wear bead is blade of a cutting, because cutting length is long, bits becomes filiform metal, very big quantity of heat produces in ripping fission form process, OK even will grind bits to fuse form solder bead and make burn of spare parts surface, answer because of this cooling fluid must send grinding the area with constant pressure and discharge, rise to force cooling action, the quantity of heat what emery wheel place arises is taken away quickly, rush to adhere to at the same time in emery wheel apparently one part filiform worries bit. Also see puissant figuration grinding understand the good point of grinding of move back and forth relative to general from this: Manufacturing efficiency is tall, average the 3 ~ that are general and common grinding 5 times; Workpiece figuration is fast, can process finished product directly from semifinished product, do not need prior operation, simplified working procedure, saved man-hour, reduced cost; Figuration precision is tall, exterior quality is good; Can realize automation grinding to wait circularly. Own research and development develops ceaselessly with what control a technology as production technology, the change quickly of machine tool of puissant figuration grinding on international, the product has higher and higher technology content and sexual price to compare, be in our country, the machine tool of puissant figuration grinding that is a delegate with the product of company of group of Hangzhou machine tool already also was broken before the situation that machine tool of numerical control of this kind of our country high end counts an import completely, improved our country manufacturing industry greatly, especially the equipment standard of aerospace and automobile manufacturing industry. Current, puissant figuration grinder already formed the numerical control of company of group of Hangzhou machine tool series product -- mesa width norms 200 ~ 500mm, length 630 ~ 2500mm, among them with MKLD7140 numerical control grinder of puissant double wheelhead is mixed 7 axes of MKL7150 × 16/2 puissant figuration grinder provides the circular arc of numerical control Xieguan of 5 linkage most representative. This series machine tool uses position of structure of sex of T form Gao Gang, shift of the waist in pillar is patent technology (patent date: ZL03 2 30376.

9) ; Bearing of tall tigidity of main shaft system uses heat to balance the sealing gland technology of technology and domestic initiate, line of emery wheel constant fast control; Sex of craft of structure of axis of X, Y, Z3 is advanced, precision of machine tool fixed position and repeat fixed position precision tall, standard of technology of executive Germany VDI/DGQ3441; The product has both a variety of correction technologies, be like table of King Kong gyro wheel or online and successive amend, form of pen of 2 axes linkage or dish form amend etc; Numerical control system configures system of Xi Menzi 802D/810D/840D to differ, can realize automatic grinding loop; Refrigeration rinses systematic pressure 8bar(1bar=105Pa) , discharge 132 ~ 367L/min; Working precision is tall, exterior surface roughness Ra ≤ 0.

63 μ M, figuration surface outline spends &pulsmn;0.

005mm. 10 numerical control of × of graph 2 MKL7150 are puissant figuration grinder is local the car that reachs its to machine changes rack part drawing to 3 6 labour local car spare parts machines hydraulic pressure clamping apparatus case MKLD7140 numerical control is puissant 7 axes of double wheelhead grinder and MKL7150 × 16/2 the numerical control Xie Guanyuan of 5 linkage arc is puissant figuration grinder, in the car manufacturing industry can be used at changing rack to the treatment of a variety of spare partses such as the tine in piston of tine, rocker sector tine, rack, the following and simple illustrate. The car turns to rack to age the cylinder a side that turns to rack has the rack that width 200mm controls, tine is deep 5 ~ 10mm, abroad's advanced treatment method is to use puissant figuration grinding, the milling with convention, insert tine or broaching technique photograph to compare, its clear advantage is cutting tool cost low, treatment is flexible good, efficiency is tall, quality of spare parts surface is good, treatment precision is advanced. As domestic car and component manufacturing industry homebred with each passing day change, of character of spare parts treatment rise ceaselessly, technology of puissant figuration grinding also increasingly by people place praise highly. Hubei flies to peaceful company to choose 10 numerical control of MKL7150 × car of treatment of puissant figuration grinder changes rack to tine (graph 2) , use gyro wheel of table King Kong to amend implement, have both linkage of axis of Y of application of form of dish of table King Kong, Z realizes figuration to amend; Employ 6 worker worker hydraulic pressure clamping apparatus (graph 3) , outfit places 6; Numerical control system is system of Xi Menzi 840D. In grinding process, outside assembling and unassemble except workpiece, all but numerical control is carried out complete treatment automatically, grinding job is circularly " kibble - correction emery wheel - essence of life is ground " , workpiece whole oil is used on craft hard, perpendicular total feed 6.

5mm, wear a figuration tooth directly, odd handling time makes an appointment with 4min. The tine ministry modulus that the car turns to sector of rocker arm shaft to age the car changes sector of rocker arm shaft to tine is 8 ~ 10m, common treatment craft is tooth form boils to cut or insert charcoal of the ooze after cutting to quench, more advanced technology is figuration roll flute is used to prolong service life in order to raise tooth form precision and surface roughness after quenching. The principle of clench the teeth that the figuration cutting that sector ages is gear of involute of basis straight tine and become, can be in installation of one aspect of the matter of workpiece rocker arm shaft so go up with chuck of hydraulic pressure of connective of numerical control dividing head, bearing of tip of other one aspect of the matter, make clench the teeth is done to swing between workpiece and figuration emery wheel will undertake grinding. The correction means of emery wheel uses table diamond gyro wheel, gyro wheel tooth form and sector tine clench the teeth are suitable, labor situation process is " outfit workpiece - correction emery wheel - roll flute form - discharge workpiece " , next loop is entered later. In machining a process here, grinding surplus leaves after tine ministry rough machining bosseyed 0.

2mm left and right sides, odd treatment man-hour makes an appointment with 5min. The tine ministry that the car changes rack to the tine in aging the car changes rack to the piston in the piston is age with sector of rocker arm shaft of photograph clench the teeth, run-of-mill craft and tine of sector of rocker arm shaft are so identical, but if want to age with the sector of roll flute craft,photograph clench the teeth must use numerical control puissant figuration grinder, lead plane norms can be the same as model MKL7132 × with rocker arm shaft 6 or MKL7140 × 10, deploy 4 project hydraulic pressure clamping apparatus, emery wheel of gyro wheel of table King Kong is amended implement, the tine in rolling teeth of a cogwheel and piston but clench the teeth is suitable. After rough machining of workpiece tine ministry bosseyed leave grinding surplus 0.

2mm left and right sides, figuration of emery wheel nap, fore-and-aft feed 200mm/min is controlled, grinding machines figuration, labor situation process is " outfit workpiece - correction emery wheel - roll flute form - discharge workpiece " , enter next loop next, odd 1min controls a treatment man-hour. From inside the treatment case of above, see not hard, the manufacturing efficiency of craft of puissant figuration grinding wants than grinding of common move back and forth a lot of taller, and workpiece does not require prior operation, saved man-hour not only, also reduced cost, it is a kind of when in making, car component is worth to popularize application very much advanced engineering technology. CNC Milling