Material of 14 kinds of horniness assembles in CIMT2007

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German KonradFriedrichsGmbH&Co.

KG company, will appear on CIMT2007 (exhibition of machine tool of the 10th China International, came 15 days on April 9 at Beijing) . This company arranges data of 37 tons of horniness every months to global nicety tool and other industry consign, in order to satisfy abrade, bore and cast the high demand that waits for applied domain. Introduce according to this company, its are producible material of 14 kinds of horniness, the product all follows cutting and the high level that are not cutting to shape. The tool that makes character by the carbide material of this company can be competent special machine treatment, not only hardness is tall, in ensure good toughness while, still comparative wear-resisting. Agglomeration carbon the diameter that can offer each surprise with kryptol product / length and inside cooling aperture (weak opening, parallel aperture and the helix state product that have different corkscrewed yarn) . The advanced carbide that this company produces material is qualitative applicable at B of horniness material, stainless steel, sclerotic steel, aluminium alloy, black lead and such as fiber and aggrandizement the composite material of plastic and so on. Via test and verify, its are high-powered material shows good homogeneity character, WC crystal place provides this profit from some exceeding fine with especially subtle bead. Although material hardness is very tall, but TRS value still maintains higher level. This also is why it can be in maintain tenacity while, have tall wearability. CNC Milling