Eletroplate the application of CBN emery wheel in rotor chamfer grinding

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1 overview CBN has extremely tall hardness, be next to diamond. But it is mixed in hear resistance show chemical and inert side to iron element excel diamond, both is complementary extended the applied domain that exceeds hard abrasive greatly. Because CBN abrasive has wearability,good, blame kisses iron sex and tall thermal stability to wait for an advantage by force, so CBN emery wheel can keep for a long time sharp in the grinding of difficult treatment material grinding force is consequently condition, small, calorific amount is small, grinding temperature is low, precision of grinding spare parts is tall, manufacturing efficiency is tall. Eletroplate CBN emery wheel is made convenient, of emery wheel jumpy and complete decide by emery wheel matrix. Eletroplate CBN emery wheel does not need nap to be able to be used, and after film grinds bead to get utmost favourable geographical position is used, rehabilitate of classics of emery wheel matrix can be used afresh, go to the lavatory already consequently economy. The graph shows rotor 1 times is blade pump / the crucial part in motor (all along view) , material is 38CrMoAlA, nitrogen of rotor chamfer surface is changed, 12 chamfer are wide 2.


010)mm, the symmetry of countershaft heart line is 0.

03mm, mutual parallelism is groovy inside face 0.

005mm, ra0 of exterior surface roughness.

2um. Because of precision of dimension of this spare parts, form tolerancepublic errand and exterior surface roughness ask tall, groove is narrow and deep, ceng Cai uses common emery wheel to machine, all did not achieve a requirement, be based on CBN abrasive to have the advantage that common abrasive cannot compare other, we were chosen eletroplate CBN abrasive emery wheel, bold attempt had on CNC Machining center, obtained welcome progress. Graph 1 rotor sketch map the puts forward to machine chamfer of divide into equal parts general means of 2 technology program is to use graduation device in the machine tool aspirant travel graduation is machined. When be being machined with this kind of method, symmetry is divided outside be being concerned with precision of machine tool main shaft, still method of the precision with graduation device, location, look for square law to wait about. If precision of machine tool main shaft is not tall, need again often nap emery wheel, should search again when feed in the middle of heart, the chamfer that machines tall symmetry cannot come true. We ever chose emery wheel of common green carborundum on common tool grinding machine, use double-faced feed filing to machine this rotor chamfer, the result is uncontrollable feed speed, after emery wheel nap, center of the work in be opposite not easily, together with cannot online measure symmetry, grinding quality is very flabby calm. To solve afore-mentioned problems, must choose to have the machine tool of high accuracy main shaft. In the meantime, want speed of facilitating control feed and feed, should choose to facilitate again online metrical technique. CBN abrasive has tall wearability, tall hardness and tall chemical laziness, so CBN is in narrow in groovy grinding, can hold sharp position for a long time and control calorific amount, grinding temperature is low, and it is good that emery wheel maintains a gender. Because eletroplate,CBN abrasive emery wheel is made convenient, emery wheel beats the quantity is decided completely by matrix of steeliness emery wheel, reason eletroplates CBN emery wheel is mixed before grinding prune does not need in grinding process. Be based on afore-mentioned reasons, put forward to use eletroplate CBN emery wheel, on CNC Machining center, the technology program of chamfer of rotor of bosseyed cutting grinding. Graph sketch map of job of 2 emery wheel 3 eletroplate the making graph of CBN emery wheel is shown 2 times for emery wheel sketch map. Eletroplate the making flow of CBN emery wheel is as follows: Attune of → of the makings below 45# steel → handles → turning character (thick car + fine car + fine vehicle) surface of → of matrix of → emery wheel defends processing eletroplates CBN abrasive → eletroplates CBN emery wheel (abrasive DL1, granuality 150# , chroma 200% , eletroplate metallic bond) . After film is chosen via experiment actor, use the method of CECD compound plating of advanced Ni-Co-CBN, combinative strength is high. Machine tool of craft of grinding of 4 rotor chamfer chooses the machine tool of grinding rotor chamfer to must have tall main shaft precision, should facilitate two tips check work below full enough a clip of fixed position outfit and outfit graduation device, facilitating workpiece is online measure, machine tool of use numerical control is relatively ideal. Main shaft of requirement machine tool has higher rotate speed, and rotate speed limits can be changed. The machine tool works must smooth. Through craft the experiment chooses ENSHUCNC Machining center relatively appropriate. Clamping apparatus chooses to assure the form of rotor chamfer tolerancepublic errand, installation of facilitating clamping apparatus reachs control dimension public errand, reduce labor intensity of the worker, improve manufacturing efficiency, choose high accuracy all-purpose dividing head is relatively good. Emery wheel chooses rotor material to be 38CrMoAlA, groovy surface undertakes nitrogen is changed, because narrow and rotor chamfer is deep, so choice emery wheel should consider to have chemical laziness to have tall hardness again already, prune does not need in use process, reason is chosen eletroplate CBN is relatively appropriate. Grinding dosage kibble emery wheel: CBN120#f110mm piece shape emery wheel; Emery wheel speed: Vc=15m/s; grinding deepness: Ap=0.

02mm; feed speed: Vs=0.

6mm/min. Essence of life grinds emery wheel: CBN150#f110mm piece shape emery wheel; Emery wheel speed: Vc=17.


S; grinding deepness: Ap=0.

01mm; feed speed: Vs=0.

5mm/min. 4.

5 cooling fluid fall in grinding high temperature, CBN grinds bead to encounter alkalescent aqueous solution to be able to produce chemical reaction, reaction result will make form of the brilliant that wear bead is destroyed. So, when grinding of CBN emery wheel, can choose oily cooling fluid only, and cannot use water radical cooling fluid, this experiment chooses cooling oil. 5 executive effects carry out a proof through production, use eletroplate CBN emery wheel is on CNC Machining center grinding rotor chamfer is feasible. Emery wheel tigidity rises greatly, emery wheel life raises 10 ~ than common carborundum emery wheel 20 times. The grinding of CBN emery wheel compares the 100 times above that is groovy emery wheel, grinding surface does not have burn, crackle, exterior integrality accords with a requirement. Treatment precision satisfies craft requirement completely. And, CBN emery wheel does not need prune, saved nap tool and machine down time thereby, make productivity rises greatly, obtained obvious technical economic benefits. Have wide applied perspective. CNC Milling