The class that is based on object knowledge receives a standard design of library of three-dimensional spare parts

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As the development of manufacturing industry informatization, in design and be being made what the UG, Pro/E three-dimensional CAD software that has parameter to change a function applies extensively already at mould product, this pair of designs that improve a mould went to main stimulative effect since quality and efficiency. Mould product has the characteristic of much category, small lot, outside removing mould standard component, the versatility between other mould component, replace a gender not strong. Raise taller requirement in function of three-dimensional to software model so while, to building the special CAD of the mould software application system also has pressing demand. In the mould the design creates a field, existing research achievement has parameter to change a law to make mould component [the library designs standard component of 1] , mould [2-3] . The standard is received in class in products plan process, the research of the related side is rarely seen however, the design is so primary into the model system of software of library of three-dimensional spare parts enters a model to digitlize design efficiency to have important sense to raising level. The article carries out city in the organization / project of national innovation foundation (09C26215122288) in platform of software of three-dimensional CAD of UGNX of have the aid of, use VisualC++6.

0 to develop a tool, through the API2 that UG software offers second development function and parameter change a function, build class to receive a standard library of three-dimensional spare parts. Class receives a standard class of technology of key of library of three-dimensional spare parts receives a standard technology of key of library of three-dimensional spare parts includes: Description of knowledge of three-dimensional spare parts and express, parameter of three-dimensional spare parts changes design of system of warehouse of design of database of library of modelling, three-dimensional spare parts, three-dimensional spare parts. 1 class receives a standard description of knowledge of three-dimensional spare parts and knowledge express object-oriented (Object Oriented, OO) the thought makes so that intellectual description and software write more intuitionistic, more accord with thinking habit, here uses object-oriented thought to enter modular design to have a description to class. Class includes class to receive a standard into modular design total construction design and component structure design, these 2 processes rely on the spare parts figure that class should produce into the model and structure. According to object-oriented thought, build class to design each sort in the process into the model. Class receives a standard kind standard component is to point to with by the design personnel is induced the step with the shape more similar structure that give enters modular component. Differ with standard component, kind standard component is not the standard component that the country promulgates formally. The form of kind of standard part that does not take a pattern with type degree is not proper identical, cannot decide beforehand so. The part that into the model by class place of system of three-dimensional spare parts makes often won't be used at the product directly by design personnel, be in the diagnostic place that is not a key to make according to craft and product demand however some revise and refine. Into the model class abstraction of three-dimensional spare parts is an object, class receives a standard object of three-dimensional spare parts presses his versatility cent is 3 kinds, namely standard, kind standard component, nonstandard. Every kinds of object can be decomposed according to function or appearance feature again for child object, child the object can continue to decompose again. Every kinds of object has his attribute and action. As a result of the complexity of shape structure, alternate circumstance appears between partial category, namely kind multilayer and successive. If the graph is shown 1 times,its establish shape structure. Class receives a standard object of three-dimensional spare parts by object, attribute, behavior 3 parts are formed. Yuan group O= (P, a, b) represent target of three-dimensional spare parts. Among them P represents object name, a represents object attribute, b represents object action. P={P1, p2, ... , p N} (N=1, 2, ... , n) represent three-dimensional part (object, child object) gather; A={D, a1, a2, ... , AN} (N=1, 2, ... , n) represent three-dimensional part (object, child object) attribute, basically point to the static state of the spare parts or dynamic information, include to design experience and knowledge to wait; Ai (N of ≤ of 1 ≤ I) also be market of a property, express child object Oi (N of ≤ of 1 ≤ I) the design experience of basis of the place in designing a process and knowledge; D={D1, d2, ... , df} (N of ≤ of 1 ≤ F) the subclass that is A, represent three-dimensional part (object, child object) the information of partial static state such as name, number; B={D, b1, b2, ... , BN} (N=1, 2, ... , n) represent three-dimensional part (object, child object) the behavior volume that accepts a word, mirror the function of the spare parts. Bj (N of ≤ of 1 ≤ J) also be market of a behavior, express child object O (N of ≤ of J1 ≤ J) behavior attribute. Attribute of three-dimensional spare parts described the dynamic information of three-dimensional spare parts and static information, its neutron object accedes the attribute of father object. the assembly of three-dimensional spare parts behavior abstraction is the behavior of the object. The three-dimensional spare parts that is like will different attribute is Baconian, arrange and build a warehouse, can go to the lavatory the form that designs personnel to have different kind is used into modular design. To class the spare parts that receive a standard undertakes classified (graph 2) can have a variety of basises, divide those who differ kind. Every kinds of object by father kind object derive, form child object. When derive, as a result of every kinds of object child object by father kind accede, outside producing change with local feature besides particular measure numerical value, its are basic geometrical feature is same. When because of this design personnel is used, need to choose only congener, entity is created in UG environment according to designing knowledge, on this tangible base complement is designed, the standard is designed and can simplify greatly design process, improve design efficiency. Accede in subclass object father kind when, can accede more. Take modular mould part besides class kind, take the product part that the model will produce according to class, the definition such as the design experience in designing form into the model and intellectual information is 3 kinds: (1) the structural appearance knowledge of the part that class should produce into the model, call manufacturing part kind; (2) the mould designs knowledge, incorporate the knowledge such as formula of all sorts of data chart, experience, call design knowledge kind; (3) mould hardware data and the material parameter that need manufacturing part, call material parameter kind. The object-oriented knowledge of library of three-dimensional spare parts represents a means, wait for information of design experience, knowledge and material to express with the object, enclose for unit general knowledge and control with the object rise, the conveys ability and knowledge base Yi Wei that increased knowledge protects a gender [3] . Parameter of Nextpage2 three-dimensional spare parts changes modelling to press class object-oriented knowledge to state the method undertakes expression into modular component, take step category of modular spare parts to classify mould spare parts model again, build library of corresponding three-dimensional spare parts to put lay aside to classify a spare parts respectively. According to the appearance configuration of the spare parts and function, undertake analytic inducing, delimit component classification is fastened again, the control parameter that gives three-dimensional part certainly and model dimension tie concern, undertake parameter turns model. Parameter turns model is to pass the means a future life of dimension drive to become a model. Parameter changes formative advantage to depend on dimension drive. To same kind spare parts, appearance identical, measurement is different, undertake modification through dimension drive, can obtain place to want a part quickly. The component in the UG/OPEN API function in using UG2 second development and UG a group of things with common features the function will build warehouse of three-dimensional spare parts, particular procedure cent is 5 paces [4] . (1) modelling of three-dimensional spare parts. The model is built in UG certain is built in the environment model of three-dimensional spare parts, it is a foundation with this model again, form as similar as structure of this model shape spare parts library. (2) choose hypostatic modelling parameter. Be aimed at builds spare parts model, each affects three-dimensional hardware standards parameter that become systematic silent be shy with strangers undertake extract and be arranginged, the relationship that establishs relevant parameter through expression is formulary. (3) found parameter watch. Start the electronic table that sets menu to fall beforehand, choose the Excel option in electronic form dialog box, the component below choice tool menu a group of things with common features, electronic form is founded after the parameter that adds an option next, in the input in form the parameter of each series is worth three-dimensional spare parts, click below menu of component a group of things with common features save component a group of things with common features, can exit UG to build modular environment at the same time. (4) build user interface. User interface editor is clicked below UG application menu, shoot a blank dialog box that can configure, up the face adds what he needs to accuse, notice pushbutton accuses the setting of a callback function, build the dialog box of a need, save 3 files that its make. Can be in at this moment generated * .

The code that establishs menu is found in C file, put its for suffixal for.

The file of Men can be used. (5) API process designing. Project of a MFC DLL is built in VC software, add the file that makes when editor of use user interface builds user interface in this project to come, undertake the configuration of relevant environment in VC next, in Project Settings dialog box Link option card falls, UG library file is joined in casing of Object/library Modules text, it is in Options dialog box, choose Include Files option, build to point to UG to install the method of the UG OPEN folder in method; After these configuration are finished, OK the callback function in the file adds program code, establish the connection of interface and model parameter, generate a series of three-dimensional spare partses to comprise library of three-dimensional spare parts thereby, if pursue,3 are shown. Database of library of 3 three-dimensional spare partses designs the design of the new component in designing a process to the mould, want to generate place to need the model of three-dimensional spare parts of measurement standards and type, can be browsed from inside the warehouse of three-dimensional spare parts that already built and search the part that already built, the design of convenient new part. To system of a database, the function that knowledge stores the stand or fall of design and implementation will affect a system directly [5] . Into the model with class the object defines three-dimensional spare parts to answer relatively, when designing database structure, designing 4 data to express in all is respectively, the component that deposits product component news is expressed (Component Table) , the spare parts that stores three-dimensional spare parts classifies information advocate express (MainTable) . The attribute that deposits information of property of static state of three-dimensional spare parts is expressed (Attribute Table) express with the knowledge that deposits three-dimensional spare parts to design process knowledge and experience (Knowledge Table) . (1) package is expressed (Component Table) . This watch basically shows spare parts and the concern that belong to package or product. Include IID, CPartname (spare parts name) with CParts (product or package name) 3 attribute. Among them IID and advocate the IID of the watch is corresponding, parts deposits the method of package watch and file of spare parts model. When new when adding spare parts object, correspondence adds record of three-dimensional spare parts in package watch, form a part advocate watch. (2) spare parts advocate express (Main Table) . This watch includes IID, CName (name) with CNote (remarks, information of function of the spare parts that put store) 3 attribute, pass the connection that expresses with package, the plan the 1 configuration that establish record has memory with database means, record three-dimensional spare parts to classify information. Among them IID sets series, facilitate new ID bugle call is gotten when the database is added. When new when adding spare parts object, corresponding advocate record of attribute of three-dimensional spare parts is added in the watch, form attribute watch and intellectual table. (3) attribute is expressed (Attribute Table) . This watch carries IID and part advocate watch connection, by the mould all sorts of static state attribute of three-dimensional spare parts are formed, main report controls the parameter variable of model of three-dimensional spare parts, include structure of spare parts shape, dimension, geometric constraint to wait. Use expression same the geometrical dimension tie with kind of three-dimensional same part, it is systematic parameter changes formative basis. (4) knowledge is expressed (Knowledge Table) . This watch carries IID and part advocate watch connection, by the design of different and three-dimensional spare parts experience and knowledge are formed, be like parameter limits choose, formulary computation. Use at expression same the intellectual tie with kind of three-dimensional same part, it is the foundation that three-dimensional spare parts designs implementation system. Nextpage is expressed 4 times this can come out the attribute expression of the object, punch bends to be a specification in the standard is being received with some class below. Express Pi according to package above all (IID, CPartname, CParts) build spare parts object to curve punch record, replace a part at the same time advocate souvenir collection, found new part to curve punch. Found curve attribute of punch spare parts to express Bi and intellectual watch Ci. Bi={iID, a1, a2, a3, a4, ... } , give out characteristic of spare parts appearance, dimension parameter, the information such as geometric constraint. Ci={iID, k1, k2, k3, k4, ... the intellectual input in giving out to curve punch to design a process in} , if curve spring back computation,wait. Each data expresses the IID in carrying a list to be contacted each other, the structure that establish record memory is in data table, if pursue,the data of 4 watches stores 4 are shown. System of warehouse of 4 three-dimensional spare partses is designed 4.

The design mode class of 1 three-layer receives a standard library of three-dimensional spare parts uses 3 architecture, make project structure clearer, division of labor is clearer, the maintenance that is helpful for later period and upgrade [6] . Three-layer structure includes: (1) data layer: Basically be pair of primitive data (database or the text file form that deposits data) the operation that operates a layer, is not a database, specific provide data service for logistic layer or applied layer. Data layer is a processing problem logic the immanent abstraction that falls at showing content and formal case in independence, the computation of the core data that its enclosed a problem, logic and function concerns, be conveyed at specific interface independently and input output to operate. (2) logistic layer: Basically be the operation that is aimed at specific issue, the operation of layer of understandable also didymous data, logarithm occupies the logistic processing of business. If say data layer is building blocks, then logistic layer is these pair of building blocks build. Logistic layer is used at handling the alternant operation of user and software, its duty is the change data layer transmission gives application the layer, ensure the correspondence between user interface and model is contacted. It accepts the input of the user, the input feedback gives data the layer, realize the computational control to the model then, it is the intermediate layer that data layer and applied layer coordinate the work. If logistic layer comparatives to be mixed formidably,perfect, no matter apply,change, logistic layer can perfect the ground to provide a service. (3) apply a layer: The information that uses a layer to be used at will representing model data and logistic relation and state reveals an user with specific form. It obtains indication information from data layer, can have many different indication forms to same information. This kind of 3 design mode will design personnel and depart of logistic implementation personnel through user interface, offerred for the system can maintain gender and stability goodly. 4.

The class that into the model design of system of warehouse of three-dimensional spare parts is platform with UG takes 2 step architecture of system of warehouse of three-dimensional spare parts is like the model the graph is shown 5 times. Use Smart PDM to have data government to the product, be based on the spare parts database of SQL Sever, provide the data model of three-dimensional spare parts, be in data layer. The functional tool market of three-dimensional spare parts accepts an user to input information to undertake modification augment to the database, be in logistic layer. The interface of UG platform offers the alternant interface that faces an user, be in applied layer. Mode of this kind of design makes design and application had very big flexibility. Data is independent at the interface, have can transplant quality. Need to go up to undertake modification to interface and logistic control in new platform only, can transplant data independently to move to new working platform [7] . The standard is received in class in system of warehouse of three-dimensional spare parts, the nuclear core that inquiry of the package of government of three-dimensional spare parts of logistic layer, API component, component and design kit are this architecture is divided, it is the bridge that communicates between data layer and applied layer not only, the stand or fall of its function still affects the moving result of whole system directly. This part function is finished by mould design and manufacturing branch. Applied example is in UG NX4.

In 0 environments, open class to receive a standard from the menu of development library of three-dimensional spare parts logs onto an interface, through the identity attestation can enter a system. The system can enter a model to the structure of three-dimensional spare parts is cultivated or inquire a function to have three-dimensional part through class call or examine product construction concern, design guide to call design knowledge to undertake the design of three-dimensional spare parts through three-dimensional spare parts, get what designing the crucial parameter of three-dimensional spare parts, build three-dimensional and hypostatic model through be generated automatically and assembling functional module next, if pursue,5 are shown [8] . The article is studying the last word develop town / project of national innovation foundation " the class that is based on a network to cooperate with digitlizes compositive design to make a technology into the model " (09C26215122288) in practice, consider and developed class to receive a standard system of software of library of three-dimensional spare parts. Realized the unifinication that mould component generates to the three-dimensional graph that build a model from the design, raised class to receive a standard significantly the design efficiency of three-dimensional spare parts. The design that the preliminary already at class applying that take modular product makes this system, the result is favorable. CNC Milling