Get together research of technology of polish of brilliant diamond surface

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The mechanical polish method that uses a convention accumulates PCD goods polish to bedding face, grind round of meeting to contact the raised part that its are out of shape because of stress and appears first, create polishing time long, local ply is decreased thin wait for malpractice. To this, the author is designed and applied double rocker to swing clamping apparatus, make polishing surface is in polishing process can with grind round of end panel to get used to a contact oneself, the characteristic that the article basically elaborates this kind of new tooling and use effect. One, exordial PCD goods from 20 centuries 70 time are published since, with its good performance, be drilled in aerospace, national defence, the sources of energy, car, geology and increasingly wide application receives in the hi-tech domain such as wire cable. Especially the application of goods of large area PCD, make machining ability and level stride ahead one stride, quality of surface of treatment precision, treatment rises ceaselessly, machine effect to lead a few times very consummate hundredfold to rise. Goods of large area PCD is multi-purpose at making cutting the cutting tool of all sorts of material, for good break bits, rise to be machined the precision of workpiece and exterior quality, the PCD face of most PCD goods needs polish, make its reach lens range (exterior surface roughness Ra ≦ 0.

05 μ M) . Although a lot of data introduce the new technology such as polish of PCD face electrochemistry, supersonic polish, but in the batch production application in industrialization, polish of PCD face machinery still takes dominant place. 2, process of polish of machinery of face of PCD of choice of parameter of PCD face polish is to get together brilliant diamond wear and tear and char process, because get together the hardness of brilliant diamond is tall, use diamond polish noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch commonly (cream) add cast-iron dish or with grind annulus undertake polishing. Carry out a proof: With diamond polish pink (cream) add cast-iron dish of efficiency of polishing is too low, use mostly grind round of polish (grind annulus be accumulated by polishing surface interface with workpiece big, be used extensively) . Quality of PCD face polish asks: (1) surface surface roughness Ra ≦ 0.

05 μ M; (2) surface burnish is consistent, without refraction face; (3) is done not have not the edge that polishing reachs exists; (4) is lacklustre inhomogenous annulus; (5) does not have nick and pollution. To achieve requirement of quality of PCD face polish, with when grinding round of executive machinery polish, want logical choice to wear round of width, chroma and size, grind annulus with workpiece rotate speed, polishing pressure and grind round of nap opportunity. Grind above all annulus granuality and chroma should choose appropriate, granuality crosses surface roughness of surface of polish of workpiece of thick short of to ask; Granuality is meticulous, treatment efficiency is low, grind bead to maintain keen time weak point, the attrition muscularity when polishing, temperature rise is fast. Grind round of width to want to choose appropriate, too narrow, service life is brief, grind round of nap frequency second tall, workpiece by polishing the surface and grind round of interface small, polishing efficiency is low; Too wide, grind round of end panel to be hard to rectify smooth, the linear velocity difference that wears ring of round of inside and outside is big, grind round of inside and outside to use up difference much, area of contact of the attrition in polishing is large, workpiece comes loose hot condition becomes poor; Corundum concentration is contained in wearing round of job layer tall, be helpful for shortening grind annulus with by time of be identical of polishing surface contact, but cost is high, can make grind round of threshing too fast, cause sometimes by polishing face cut. Work is general in polishing process low speed rotates, this carries smooth movement to workpiece advantageous. Grind annulus normally high speed rotates, implementation PCD face and wear round of face mutual an attrition, produce thermogenesis, grind round of rotate speed too fast, attrition heat is exorbitant, quality of surface of short of polish asks. In polishing process, by polishing the surface and grind annulus appropriate pressure must bring to bear on while the surface is contacted, pressure crosses young easy generation to shake, by polishing surface occurrence ripple; Pressure is too great, grind annulus use up fast, chafe not only temperature rise is fast, bring about overload of drive electric machinery possibly still. The confidential when grinding round of surface nap masters appropriate, long not nap troubles round of end panel, grind annulus not keen, be grown by polishing surface and the be identical time that rub round of end panel, treatment efficiency is low; Too frequent nap troubles round of end panel, grind annulus use up fast. Those who grind round of end panel nap is rough whole, transfer out of round is slippery, can make by polishing surface lacklustre, appear sometimes nick. 3, the structure of the equipment of problem tradition polish of traditional polish method and equipment existence is to grind round of high speed to rotate, clip of stationary polish clamping apparatus is holding workpiece low speed to rotate, by polishing the surface and grind round of end panel to contact, bring to bear on to contact pressure certainly, the whirl of workpiece center and grind annulus osculatory line is fixed, pass mutual action of the attrition between, hot, char, reach PCD range by polishing. The PCD goods ply in the past is big and by the area of polishing surface small (be less than or be close to grind round of end panel ring width) , using traditional polish equipment to carry out polishing is appropriate. Develop as the technology, of goods of large area PCD appear, make end panel be exceedinged by polishing surface grinds round of width one times above, and the ply of workpiece is thinner than in the past much, when the polish of PCD goods exterior accumulating is more than 26cm2, when ply is not more than 2mm, chip is out of shape because of stress make difference be changinged by the flatness of polishing surface, polishing difficulty is increased. With traditional polish equipment treatment bedding face accumulates PCD chip to put in following issue: (The clamping apparatus of equipment of 1) traditional polish (the workpiece that reachs its to be placed to hold) rotate center and grind round of end panel not to have opposite motion, when by polishing the surface and grind round of contact, the dot of initiative contact (or face) in whole by polishing apparently distributing have decision sense, because after this polish is machined,will nod along these (or face) to all round patulous, if initiative contact is nodded (or face) little (say spend difference for be identical) , and be in local and opposite concentration, that Mo after this nods these only or face purify, the dot of other (or face) ability and grind round of end panel contact, this makes this answering exterior polish becomes " go measuring polishing " , because get together,hard, polish uses brilliant diamond grind round of cutting ability difference, the contact is nodded (or face) to all round patulous quite slow, cause polishing time train in excess specified length, treatment efficiency drops. (2) rotates as a result of workpiece center and grind round of end panel to contact a line to secure, although by polishing apparently everywhere all with grind round of contact (complete be identical) , be spent by polishing watch bizygomatic breadth when workpiece (length or diameter) be more than grind round of ring width, everywhere osculatory odds is different, workpiece is external osculatory odds is apparently little at mid, make by polishing surface the refraction annulus with easy occurrence different light and shade, short of quality asks. (3) because in polishing process, by polishing surface mid do not leave from beginning to end trouble round of end panel, mid suffer attrition heat to be more than periphery, and medicinal powder hot condition is poor, to the PCD products with large area, small ply, local be heated brings about workpiece to be out of shape aggravate. (4) stress is out of shape make by the planar appearance of polishing surface irregular, accompany have twist. Trouble round of end panel through nap only or by polishing the surface and trouble round of end panel mutual wear and tear, make trouble round of end panel as far as possible with by be identical of polishing face posture (obtain more contacts to nod and be distributinged equably by polishing surface) . But stress is out of shape is random, exterior twist makes differ in thousands ways of each workpiece surface state, should grind round of end panel to be become by nap or wear and tear the be identical of PCD face posture with a certain workpiece, change another workpiece, appear again not be identical, must pass again rub round of nap or wear and tear, achieve new be identical, this machines efficiency not only low, still increased handlers labor strength, to large quantities of quantities production is unsuited. (5) is put in exterior figure difference as a result of each PCD goods, same grind round of end panel to be become by nap the PCD face with two workpiece the possibility of be identical is very little at the same time. Although can at the same time be identical, because one grinds round of attrition temperature rise that at the same time goods of PCD of two large areas produces polishing taller, workpiece is mid cannot come away is ground annulus (medicinal powder hot condition is poor) , go up in conventional polishing device (with same grind annulus) at the same time two bedding face accumulate polishing PCD goods, not only each wants handling time difference is very big, and exorbitant temperature, easy burn by polishing surface. 4, those who improve plan is affirmatory by afore-mentioned analysises knowable: In polishing process, rise by polishing the surface and grind round of end panel to contact be identical degree crucial to improving polishing efficiency. In polishing process, let be rotated of the surface oneself by polishing the center is grinding round of edge on end panel to grind round of radial shift, cooperate to get used to osculatory function oneself, advantageous to raising rate of osculatory be identical (be opposite especially convex metabolic by polishing surface) . Leave when the rotation center of workpiece when the osculatory line that wearing round of end panel to go up so, by polishing apparently original nod with the contact that troubles round of end panel (face) , one part is met come away (from microcosmic on look, grind radial of round of end panel edge on any account is strewn at random, not be level off surface) , the stable contact state that forms so is broken, getting used to those who contact a function to cooperate to fall oneself, a few did not nod with what grind round of end panel contact (face) right now with grind round of end panel to contact, increased new contact to nod thereby (face) , improved position of mutual contact be identical, shorten thereby polishing time. The Dimengte that our country produces beautiful card gets together brilliant diamond pulls center of rotation of filar model workpiece grinding round of end panel to go up displacement still has the following advantage: (1) polish process is to grind annulus with by polishing surface process of mutual wear and tear, workpiece displacement while, will grind round of end panel to nod Xiu Ping high, this eliminated the annular refraction annulus that is appeared possibly by polishing surface not only, and reduced grind difficulty of round of nap of end panel flatness. (2) by polishing surface mid and the brim and grind round of end panel to contact odds to get balanced, make workpiece everywhere be heated is even; Moreover, be had to move by the much of polishing surface piece when troubling round of end panel, improve work medicinal powder hot condition, the heat that reduces workpiece polish process to arise is out of shape. (3) shortens the time difference that the surface is out of shape at the same time polishing place needs the work with different position. Because be gotten used to oneself by polishing surface with grind round of end panel to contact be identical, the method that need not trouble round of end panel with nap will suit by polishing surface, together with workpiece comes loose the improvement of hot condition, make equipment of same table polish (with same grind annulus) at the same time goods of PCD of two large areas is able to realize polishing. Implementation by the rotation of polishing surface center and grind round of end panel to contact a line to have relative to the method of displacement a variety of: One kind is in main shaft (grind annulus) while high speed rotates, undertake prejudicial swing; Another kind is the point of view with rotate to central edge grinds round of radial deflection or be in proper in workpiece inside (central pressure is nodded not come away troubles round of end panel) undertake wobbly, the polishing equipment that according to data introduction abroad produces is used grind round of high speed to rotate to undertake at the same time prejudicial swing. We use double rocker to place motive compose principle, designed compound piece rotate, pressurization, swing to get used to clamping apparatus oneself with the contact, inside the point of view with let workpiece be in proper (central pressure drop does not leave trouble round of end panel) swing will come true to be in to grind round of displacement on end panel by the rotation center of polishing surface, its advantage: (1) cost is low, rigid structure is relatively simple, the basic structure that can carry traditional polish equipment is changeless (change clamping apparatus part only) . (Because 2) casts luminous environment more abominable (have dust) , use main transfer machinery of traditional guide screw, slideway, cost is higher, dust enters athletic place easily, lower service life (it is more difficult to defend) ; Use orgnaization of cam or pneumatic, hydraulic pressure, the structure is complex, periphery accessory is much; And 4 linkage mechanism not only the structure is simple, athletic dependability is strong, and defend handy, environment gets used to force strong, suit to apply on polishing equipment. (3) chooses the double rocker in 4 linkage mechanism to place motive form, can realize workpiece to spin turns and rotate at the same time with electric machinery of a drive the center swings inside proper point of view. (4) can use a lot of parts on clamping apparatus of former fixed construction, do not raise operation answer miscellaneous rate. 5, comparative experiment and analyse us to use new structure (installed double rocker to swing polishing clamping apparatus) polisher and tradition (installed stationary polish clamping apparatus) polisher undertakes machining comparative experiment. Choose above all by polishing the surface and grind round of end panel appearance the workpiece of basic be identical experiments, choose grind newly annulus, on traditional polisher, grind newly annulus although with by polishing surface basic be identical, because trouble round of end panel not quite pliable, polishing effect is poor (by polishing surface not shining and have nick) , and go up in the polisher of new structure, quality of the surface after polishing achieves a requirement, in proving workpiece displacement, be opposite to grind round of end panel to have nap effect by polishing surface. Subsequently we choose to be made experiment by the workpiece with polishing convex surface, on traditional polisher, machine the observation after period of time, by the polish of polishing surface place and did not contact place bounds clarity, if not nap troubles round of end panel, continue polishing, not only time is long, and mid possible ply reduces PCD layer thin. On the polisher of new structure, machine same time to observe, exterior polish place and did not contact place bounds faintness, and the brim has osculatory mark, the examination after polishing by polishing surface flatness and polish before agree basically. We choose to be experimented by workpiece of polishing surface dished, the situation is basic and same, it is exterior polish place is expanded to the center by the brim only. We undertake work efficiency leads comparative test adding, each take 10 facility, calculate handling time respectively, the result makes clear: Although trouble round of end panel,go up in traditional polisher basic with by polishing surface be identical, new structure polisher machines efficiency on average to still compare it tall 20% . Two work are processed at the same time on the polisher that we have clamping apparatus of two stationary polish in installation (by polishing surface deflection identical) , discover fast and workpiece temperature rise is fast, if do not hold emery wheel keen, treatment must be interrupted constantly (otherwise workpiece surface burn) , when among them one by polishing surface complete with grind round of end panel to contact, another has 50% to contact a trace only. Installing two double rocker to swing two work are processed at the same time on the polisher of polishing clamping apparatus, nap is ground round of cycle and with traditional polisher odd a treatment is same, the result makes clear: Not only polishing surface quality achieves a requirement, every handling time compares sheet piece polishing increases only 10% the left and right sides, the difference when two workpiece polish is used is very little, prove to install two double rocker to swing from this the polisher of polishing clamping apparatus, treatment efficiency rises than traditional polisher 80% . 6, conclusion (be like in 1) polish by polishing the surface and trouble round of end panel not be identical, carry out polishing with the polishing equipment after improving, equipment of more traditional than using polish improves treatment efficiency apparently (rise at least 20% ) , workpiece comes loose hot condition gets clear improvement. (Won't be appeared of the work that 2) gives with the polishing equipment treatment after improving by polishing surface annulus refraction aureola, exterior quality rises apparently. (3) to improving the polishing facility after, the difficulty that grinds round of end panel nap to want to compare traditional polish equipment is little, of traditional polish equipment grind round of end panel to ask nap is flowing not only, and want as far as possible with by polishing surface be identical. And equipment of new structure polish, the nap that troubles round of end panel needs to be in only by polishing the surface and trouble round of end panel phase of mutual be identical, let grind annulus on wear bead keen can. (The polishing equipment after 4) is improved realizes an equipment at the same time polishing product of diamond of brilliant of accumulation of two bedding face, raise utilization rate of equipment and installations 80% . CNC Milling