Compound treatment

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1. The typical energy form that comprises compound treatment is complex treatment is the purify that the integrated function that uses a variety of form energy will come to to realize material. A few common treatment kinds that have with different form energy are shown 1 times like the graph. By stay 1 knowable, the new compound treatment method that the requirement of the character according to processing data and precision and efficiency can weave each numerous characteristic. Now following the key of the feature of 3 kinds of typical compound treatment, technology and the precision that achieve possibly overview that makes a system. 1) mechanical and chemical treatment and chemical machining. What it basically uses at having brittleness stuff is more accurate reach with surface layer inferior treatment of surface layer scatheless. 2) magnetic field assists treatment. Basically use at solving the efficient sex problem of accurate treatment. 3) laser assists turning. Basically use at improvement to cut the cutting processability of material hard. 2. Chemical and mechanical compound treatment it is those who point to chemical treatment and machining is compound. Alleged and chemical treatment is to use acerbity, alkaline be opposite with the chemical solution such as salt metal or chemistry of generation of surface of certain metalloid work react, corrode the treatment method that dissolve and changes work measure and form. If undertake only local have alternative treatment, the blame that needs to go up to workpiece machines the surface to enclothe protection to rise with corrosion resistance coating, and show the place that requires treatment only. Chemical and mechanical compound treatment is a kind of finishing treatment method that exceeds nicety, can machine sapphirine of pottery and porcelain, single crystal and semiconductor chip effectively, it can prevent the exterior brittleness crackle that normally machining causes with hard abrasive and dent, the upheaval that the plough that avoids to wear bead causes and brush delimit the nick that cause, can obtain smooth flawless surface. Chemical machinery has commonly usedly in compound treatment following two kinds: L) mechanical and chemical polish (CMP) 2) polish of chemistry of machinery of chemical and mechanical polish (CMP) treatment principle is to use softer than workpiece material abrasive (if be opposite,Si3N4 pottery and porcelain uses Cr2O3, use SiO2 to Si chip) , the active of the itself wearing bead as a result of motion and the maximum pressure that because grind the attrition that spends in microcosmic contact between bead and workpiece,generate, high temperature, make can be in solid appears to answer instead inside very short contact time, the bead music machinery that subsequently resultant of this kind of reaction is moved chafes action purify, its purify quantity can be done about small to 0.

1nm class. The group is wearing bead is soft at workpiece, reason is not the action with grinding comes purify material. If have the soft qualitative in suspension that wear bead in chemical solution wet treatment, can appear at the same time solution and wear bead both generated reactant, but make its surface active and osculatory drop thermal drop because of grinding the water imbibition of bead small, the treatment doing type that reason machines efficiency to use bead of use soft tactics and agent of right amount polish than sheet is low. The working principle of chemical and mechanical polish is by solution corrode action to form chemical reaction layer, chafe by the machinery that wears bead next action purify. Two kinds of afore-mentioned job mechanism that machine a method, influencing factor and suitable scope see a table 1. The treatment method that expresses 1 mechanization to learn polishing and chemical and mechanical polish uses mechanization to learn polishing to be able to machine a diameter to amount to the silicon chip of 300mm quite, if the graph is shown 2 times,its process a system, craft parameter exemplify is as follows: Polishing agent: Exceed particle (5 ~ 7nm) carbonado make quartz (SiO2) suspensoid dispersion changes potassium at hydrous oxyhydrogen (PH ≈ 10.

3) in, distributing to go up at polishing gasket grain content: SiO2 (5 ~ 7nm) 20 % are occupied in ointment (quality mark) . Ointment discharge: 50mL/min, viscosity: Dimension of chip of 108Pa · S: 200mm, pressure: Rotate speed of gasket of 27 ~ 76kPa: 20r/min, cage rotate speed: 50r/min cushioning material: The nap: of the polyester gasket of macerate polyurethane? Bowstring of male of  of Gui of Du of  of Pan of Lei of   male aing concubine of an emperor delays? of mildew  graceful Dang to show the fiber of gasket to be machined in order to offer the next time. Machine exterior surface roughness: Ra1.

3 ~ 1.

9nm 3. Magnetic field is auxiliary grind cast the magnetic fluid that machines it to be formed through be below magnetic field action to make suspension among them non-magnetic grind bead to be able to be below the strength of going from place to place of magnetic fluid and buoyancy action the work that approachs Xiang Xuan to turn undertakes abrade with polishing, can improve the quality that finishing machines and efficiency thereby. It can obtain Ra ≤ 0.

The does not have degenerative layer treatment surface of 01 μ M, can grind the workpiece that casts complex face figure. The lines of force as a result of magnetic field and the purify reason that do not share data directly by the magnetic fluid itself that its form say assist treatment for magnetic field. Magnetic fluid is by activator of magnetic grain, surface and fluid photograph carrier (wait like water, oil) of composition. The average bead diameter of magnetic grain is controlled in 10urn, it is surrounded by the organic element place of stable exterior activator, become a kind of stable magnetic grain colloid, suspension at oil base or in the fluid photograph carrier of water radical. For example CY3-1 metal magnetic fluid is by grain diameter 7.

The Fe3O4 magnetic material of 5 ~ 10nm (quality mark 30 % of 10 % ~ ) , with exterior activator oleic acid (quality mark 60 % of 40 % ~ ) make its dispersion within mineral oil carrier, intensity of its saturated child induction 0.

023T, density 1.

Viscosity of 2g/mL, motivation · S of 20 × 10-3Pa. Because the magnetic torque of magnetic grain is great, won't precipitate because of gravity, and its magnetize a curve not to have magnetic hysteresis, magnetization strength can increase along with magnetic field intensity and increase, can realize pair of work active force and the control that process a volume thereby. This kind of magnetic crocus machines craft to be in United States of 40 time traceable, 50 time end is mixed to the Russia before the classics at the beginning of 60 time the country such as Bulgaria the development of researcher, already showed to 70 time this technology can be in the finish machining of most heavy work application, the Japan since 80 time end studies its machine principle and equipment further again, the application that makes its machine a domain in finishing gets developing, the student that reachs 90 time Japan, England and United States to its craft and equipment are extended ceaselessly again and perfect, apply finite process of yuan of polish of law imitate magnetism, analyse magnetic fluid and the athletic character that grind bead to fall in magnetic induction, pressed the development of this craft and application greatly. Commonly used magnetic field is additional finishing treatment has: Magnetic float polish (Magnetic Float Polishing) machine with magnetic abrasive finishing (Magnetic Abrasive Finishing) , to its craft cent is narrated as follows. 1. Magnetic float polish (MFP) it is to use direction of magnetic field of magnetic fluid Xiang Jiang to move, magnetism of and rather than grinds bead to be repelled to magnetic induction intensity the character of weaker direction, make suspension comes out at the abrasive depart in magnetic fluid rich collect is together (graph 1) . Abrasive falls in magnetism flotage action, rise is pressed to athletic workpiece. Some equipment set the floating body of polypropylene flexibility material between magnetic pole and workpiece, make the pressure classics floating body of magnetic fluid squashs abrasive and workpiece, it can make the very big flotage near magnetic pole even via stretch floating body change, can increase the pressure of polishing. Graph the 2 equipment sketch map that show a high accuracy of finish machining of applied MFP law to use porcelain ball. Diameter of polish of in order to 9.

The Si3N4 ball of 5mm. The polishing axis bearing of high accuracy of the high speed in the graph go up at air bearing, 10000r/min of highest turn up. Zuo Tie Peng (Nd-Fe-B) permanent magnet is mixed with N S pole is arranged alternately inside aluminous container, magnetic fluid is by 10 ~ the Fe3O4 of 15nm is distributed with colloid it is in fluid of water radical carrier, join bulk mark to be 5 % ~ the abrasive of 10 % . The water in polishing process has the effect of cooling fluid not only, also can have chemical reaction with workpiece surface. Hang down to be measured with the sensor that suppress report to pressure, make every ball pressure is controlled in 1N. As a result of high polishing rate, the V form chamfer that its material purify leads the low speed that compares traditional adoption to turn is abrade should count high decuple, and fall in inferior polishing pressure, its surface surface roughness can amount to Ra4nm (Rmax40nm) , the ball of ball of pottery and porcelain is spent can amount to 0.

15 ~ 0.

2 μ M, and the surface is basically flawless wait for injury with nick. 2. Magnetic abrasive finishing is machined (MAF) graph the 3 treatment diagram that are MAF law. Magnetic abrasive is linked in order together each other along lines of force between magnetic pole N-S, gather into the magnetic abrasive of a flexibility to brush, when workpiece and it makes opposite motion, undertake grinding casting machining. MAF law but need not polishing fluid, magnetic abrasive is granuality is joined to be 1 ~ in iron magnetism material the abrasive of 10 μ M, the ply that the magnetic abrasive that gather brushs makes an appointment with 50 ~ 100 μ M. The device of graphic representation can machine magnetism or non-magnetic of material cylindrical workpiece is like roller of bearing of pottery and porcelain or steel roller. Workpiece makes circumgyrate move, and the axial vibration that the vibration of move back and forth of magnetic pole formed magnetic field moves, because this can complete columnar surface and the precision work by the side of arris. As a result of the automatic figuration sex that the magnetic abrasive that gather brushs, when using different magnetic pole figure and equipment structure, can come true internally curved surface of round, planar, abnormity and spherical wait for finishing treatment. This law has high material purify rate, the effect of its finish machining depends on the dimension that material of space of density of the circumferential speed of workpiece, flux, work, workpiece, magnetic abrasive collects a layer and the dimension that the relevant measure that wear bead and place take scale. The magnetic abrasive that this law place uses is a kind of compound abrasive, mix ferromagnetism material and the abrasive that have grinding property by certain proportion normally, via be being burned, smash, the ball is ground, choose wait for working procedure to be made, also can use electroform or legal system of plasma powder melt to make. Ferromagnetism material has the oxide of ferroalloy and iron, iron, abrasive uses alumina normally (Al2O3) , carbide (TiC, Cr3C2, WC, ZrC) with diamond, the cubage scale of abrasive is 20 % ~ about 50 % . L) the craft parameter of roller of finish machining steel is: Roller speed 60m/min, l of magnetic induction intensity.

2T, workshop is unoccupied place 10.

2mm, 15Hz of frequency of magnetic pole vibration, amplitude 1.

52mm, the average size of magnetic abrasive 100 μ M, can make inside 30s the exterior surface roughness of steel roller by Ra0.

22 μ M falls to Ra7.

6nm. 2) essence of life Jia Litao porcelain (Si3N4) when roller, its magnetism abrasive collects a medium abrasive to should press thick, half essence and finish machining, use B4C, SiC and Cr2O3 respectively. 4. Laser assists turning laser to assist turning (LAT) it is to apply local heating of workpiece of laser general metal, in order to improve its turning processability, it is to heat a kind of of turning new form. Typical LAT plant is shown 1 times like the graph. Stimulate the reflex of the illuminator M1 that classics of beam of light can turn, shoot the illuminator M2 that goes up to bed saddle along as parallel as axes of circumgyrate of lathe main shaft direction, the illuminator M3 that goes up via X sidelong saddle again reachs the illuminator M4 of adjacent workpiece, get together finally shoot go up at workpiece. If δ is apart from to be in in the graph,copolymerization focus is located in upper part of blade of lathe tool cutting from beginning to end, classics laser local heating is located in those who cut bits to form a division to cut the material on the face. The advantage that laser heats is to be able to heat to cut a face to handle material for the most part, and won't cut bits to heat significantly to what go up before edge or cutting tool, won't make cutting tool heats consequently and reduce durability. The local heating that carries laser can obtain: L) of streamline cut bits continuously, can reduce the possibility that forms the tumour that accumulate bits, improve thereby be included by the quality of treatment surface: Exterior surface roughness, leftover stress and microcosmic blemish. 2) of cutting force reduce. Of temperature elevatory make of material succumb stress is reduced apparently bring about cutting force to reduce, make the flexibility of workpiece is out of shape already so decrease to assure to machine precision easily, can raise the durability of cutting tool again, be helpful for what lead to cutting the metal of material hard to excise rising with finished cost reduce. If machine steel of high strenth 30NiCrMo166 and tungsten chromic cobalt,6 alloy use 5kW, CO2 laser assists treatment, cutting force reduces 70 % , cutting tool wears away reduce 90 % , cutting rate rises make metallic excision rate increases duple. CNC Milling