Implement a few crucial technologies of CIMS

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The article carried out the theory of the industrial project in CIMS and management and method to undertake summarizing to the enterprise, combine the practice of particular industry then, a few crucial technologies of project of the industry in realizing CIMS and management undertook be elaboratinged in detail.






Introductive 20 centuries since 80 time, the 863/CIMS that with Jiang Xinsong and Wu Cheng two scientists that academician heads put forward planned to had carried out nearly 15 years. Come 15 years, explore the practice with numerous enterprise difficultly through 863/CIMS theme scientists, walked out of the road of a CIMS that has Chinese distinguishing feature, had the development of deeper knowledge and creativity to the connotation of CIMS, perfecting CIMS further is a kind of computerization that is based on CIM philosophic theory, informatization, intelligence is changed compositive optimized modern production system this one concept. CIMS of 15 years uses demonstrative project, below the participation of the leader of various organization and numerous brainpower, group of expert of theme of agile application CIMS makes " pace of benefit drive, overall planning, cent is carried out, the key is broken through " 16 words guiding principle, make the CIMS of our country uses demonstrative project from 4 original pilot enterprises, development goes to more than 200 of present, enclothed mechanical, electron, aviation, spaceflight, petro-chemical, nicotian, spin, dress, metallurgy and haven to wait for each main industries, already had nearly 80 among them through checking and accept, gained better economic benefits and social benefit for the most part. The practice of these enterprises proves, pass CIMS carry out, promoted the development of technology of our country CIMS and industry, for our country enterprise implementation reachs intensive to spend fundamental change of production to mechanism of socialist market economy, build reasonable informatization to prop up an environment, the government that supports an industry changes and enhance integrated competition ability, offerred an efficient way that is based on management and IT. But, we also should see, one fraction enterprise carries out CIMS effect not to say even apparently is unsuccessful, the enterprise is catching management and respect of experienced exercise to benefit the internal organs to be done very not quite still, overall for, the enterprise still is put in a few more serious problems, if the decision-making error of industry leader, industry moves a mechanism,course of serious, business and origanization construction recombine unreasonable, wasteful problem obstacle heavy, purchase and sell flaw to wait 100 pieces. Appear the administrative issue that the germ of these problems is an enterprise, also can say the enterprise lacks some kind of consciousness, this is industrial project and administrative consciousness. The theory that the article ties afore-mentioned problems to carry out the industrial project in CIMS and management to the enterprise and method undertook summarizing, combine the practice of particular industry then, a few crucial technologies of project of the industry in realizing CIMS and management undertook be elaboratinged in detail. Finally, looked into the road of the informatization of enterprise of 21 centuries our country. The hope can be right the further progress of the application of large area promotion of CIMS of enterprise of new century our country and informatization, rise to drew lessons from action. 1, the theory of project of the industry in CIMS and management and method 1.

1 compositive mechanism is compositive it is the important connotation in CIMS, it is the core of CIMS. Will differentiate by compositive sort, compositive it is an enterprise of all sorts of management activities compositive, it is an enterprise of all sorts of production technologies compositive, it is an enterprise of all sorts of production data compositive, it is an enterprise between each branches and organization compositive, it is an enterprise more of of all kinds personnel compositive. What carry out in CIMS project is inchoate, what we value all sorts of production technologies more is compositive, this is very important really. But soon, the people that business scene works discovers, what produce data correctly is complete, clear, compositive far those who compare manufacturing technology is compositive and important. And it is the most important to be experienced again to successors still is an enterprise of of all kinds personnel compositive, because the person is after all,override on manufacturing data and manufacturing technology. If do not have a variety of each branches, professional setting personnel work in coordination, it is impossible to do exceedingly to produce technology and manufacturing data set to become those who wait for other and compositive job. Will differentiate by compositive phase, compositive be information is compositive, of the process compositive, and what should achieve finally is an enterprise is compositive. Information is compositive it is the most important in CIMS, also be the stage with the largest workload. All sorts of production activities and business course still include in the enterprise however, also need to undertake to them necessary compositive, company business course recombines and business course is improved continuously is the process is reflected compositively actually. Today, a lot of people had realised, the company stops in information only compositive with the process compositive on remain very insufficient. The change of the market is sharper and sharper henceforth, competition is intense with each passing day also, this asks on certain level an enterprise falls to form dynamic alliance with other and relevant enterprise in certain condition, face intense market competition jointly, mutually beneficial mutual benefit, get live and develop. Accordingly, as more compositive than information with the process of compositive taller form compositive, between the enterprise compositive will be henceforth a CIMS is compositive important development way. Management of chain of supply and demand is reflect compositively between the enterprise one of [1] . 1.

2 business course recombines 20 centuries since 90 time, economic globalization causes vicissitude of the market more and more hold hard, of oneself of enterprise of competitive pressure demand run more more effective than the competitor. Accordingly, the research that organizes course of in-house professional work about the enterprise makes the central point that academia and industrial group pay close attention to jointly. Since Michael Hammer put forward clearly first 1990 " business course recombines (Business Process Reengineering, BPR) " since, the term that BPR already made each respect get attention fully [2] . About the definition of BPR, get more those who approbate is the definition that the American Ha Fuda that involves this research the earliest learns to teach Michael Hammer and James Champy to give out: "Business course recombines is to point to from go up to reconsider and redesign business flow thoroughly at all, make (enterprise) mix in cost, quality, service answer speed to wait main (manage) revolutionary headway is gained on outstanding achievement [3] . " the enterprise carries out BPR, should note the following problem: (1) the unreasonable business flow that should recombine not to need information system to support instantly; (2) the business technological process that supports need information system, the development that should notice information natural resources and collect, consider the feasibility that information system realizes, after executive information system, undertake recombining to business flow according to all sorts of change again, conversely, through analysing business technological process, also raised new to information system requirement; (3) around a clear business technological process is not to press the task or administrative function to undertake business course recombine; (4) height takes IT seriously the action in executive BPR, IT can have main effect in each link of BPR, mix in design phase not only executive phase, and there also is extensive use in the moving phase of new business management procedure [4][5] . 1.

3 overall quality manage overall quality (Total Quality Management, TQM) it is the quality management that faces a client, quality is not one-time " check and accept " , improve continually however. Today's quality checks and accept a standard to be able to expect to be worth as the client rise and outdated. The idea that overall quality manages is: Below one working procedure is to go up the client of working procedure, "The client is satisfactory " it is quality standard, production comes out quality, not be to examine come out, want to shed quality of the control in the process in content, in each link of catenary of supply and demand: The development from the product, supply, production, sale, carry after service to control quality in the round, strive for the client satisfaction with the biggest implementation to spend. Because quality is not to examine,coming out, work however come out. Accordingly, must establish complete member quality awareness, the high quality product that everybody exceeds a client to expect to be worth to come true and serve and make hard [4] . 1.

4 business course improves Michael Hammer continuously inchoate of the BPR that put forward " the change that goes up at all " attribute had encountered a challenge, occurrence problem depends on, what the enterprise is faced with is the environment of constant change, the business course of the enterprise must be adjusted continuously with improve continuously, only such ability are quite in competition do weller than adversary. Accordingly, improve continuously with improving the business process that is fixed position continuously (Business Process Continuous Improvements, BPCI) strategy is becoming the forward position that industrial group and academia pay close attention to very today. BPCI is method of a kind of management, the administrative method such as it and TQM has a lot of identical or similar place. It is fixed position with improving the efficiency of business course, those who pay attention to business course improvement is durative. Like TQM, BPCI also is with the client demand is problem object, what the key place that through analysing a process medium value catenary studies to improve and phase carry out is politic. As same as TQM, BPR, BPCI also is with business the process is fixed position, make element mediumly with the process (activity, process, resource) undertake ameliorative an analysis for the object, raise the target of efficiency and benefit in order to achieve. As identical as TQM, BPR is alien is, what BPCI still emphasizes improving is durative, its showing effect is increment model, this and the external environment that company place faces today and in-house environment are photograph be identical. As identical as BPR, TQM is alien is, BPCI also takes IT seriously to improve medium action and position in business course very much, the business course after undertaking ameliorative through it more it is for the technology with IT carrier is able to carry out, more ground emphasizes the person's effect in this and TQM and ignored can operating an environment is distinguishing. BPCI is integrated the advantage of TQM and BPR, at the same time the requirement that utmost ground accords with an enterprise to be in the environment is medium today right managing to improve [2] . 1.

What management of chain of 5 supply and demand competes as economic globalization and market is increasingly intense, sheet relies on top-ranking product quality, can make sure the enterprise is in advantage position for a long time no longer, because the client pledges to the product the demand of the quantity rises increasingly not only,this is, and taller and taller also to serving horizontal demand, the enterprise should maintain and enlarge the market to have rate, increase a business with respect to need the reaction ability to the market, in order to make sure the enterprise is below unpredicatable market condition, can offer the product of high quality in time to the client. Catenary of supply and demand gets used to market globalization and client demand diversification namely and of generation, the whole that it emphasizes each enterprises on catenary of supply and demand and its activity is compositive, catenary of supply and demand manages (Supply Chain Management, SCM) it is the important segment that the industry runs effectively, flow to wait for supplier, manufacturer, jobber and shopkeeper relevant enterprise or organization through content shedding, iformation flow, capital shedding, job shedding and value compositive together, the behavior between the enterprise of different to these having goal or organization undertakes harmony, raise the nimble sex of catenary of supply and demand, make enterprise can the cost with lowest, in the client sending the product of high quality the hand in exact time, exact location [6] . 1.

Relation of client of management of 6 clients relationship manages (Customer Relation Management, CRM) a heat that making research of domain of current business management and application. Each contemporary company had realized the client's value, build friendly relation to be able to say the life and death that matters to an enterprise lives or die with the client. Additional, of CRM use the sale outstanding achievement that still matters to an enterprise directly, the value that it increases newly for the enterprise is to look so that see, feeling. Accordingly, industry leader takes seriously very much, the expert scholar of business management respect also considers to be very happy with it to this, software company also immediately rolled out many relevant software products. The value that CRM increases to the enterprise basically reflects from two respects: (1) the conformity that passes pair of user resource, resource is achieved to share in enterprise interior, offer for the client thereby faster with considerate service, attract and retain more clients; (2) pass pair of certain business flow recombine, effectively administrative client concerns, reduce company cost. Accordingly successful CRM is carried out is systematic natural resources and company culture of two respects, only this two respects are satisfied at the same time, ability is achieved increase company profit and the optimization result that improve client relation. An enterprise that implemented CRM concept truly also came true to sell the change of culture certainly, namely from change direction in order to produce to be a center with the client for the center, from change direction in order to market a product to offer integral solution for the client for the purpose, and the company is interior criterion from departmental door change a group to cooperation for battle severally [7] . 2, a few crucial technologies of project of the industry in realizing CIMS and management are participating in demonstrative project of CIMS of limited company of cashmere of Beijing snow lotus (BSL-CIMS) in the process, we are aimed at the characteristic of this enterprise, applied above the theory of project of mentioned a few industry and management and method, solved problem of a few crucial technologies, these a few crucial technologies introduce in detail below. 2.

The manufacturing business model that 1 business course builds modular technology to build a business, the informatization construction to the enterprise and the importance that can develop continuously are self-evident. The business model of the enterprise has the characteristic of integrality, applicability and endurance commonly. In the process building a model of the enterprise, a few redundant unusual situations in discovering company origanization construction via regular meeting, this undertakes recombine or be amelioratived ceaselessly to course of whole company business with respect to need. We use the ARIS of popular the tool that build a model on international, the business analysis method with advanced union and object are draw-out technology, solved this one crucial problem. The theoretical foundation of ARIS tool is Architecture Of Integrated Information Systems (ARIS) the concept that build a model, ARIS builds modular concept to basically describe the business of the enterprise from 5 respects, namely: Constituent view, function view, data view, control view and product / service view, among them: (1) the administrative levels of a kind of static state between the business function that place of company of functional view description executes concerns; (2) the administrative levels of the static state between the function branch that organizes view to describe executive company business concerns; (3) the relation between the data related data view description and company business and them; (4) the trends between the relation between data of control view description, function and organization and business course, sequential and logistic relation; (5) product / the belongings that serves view to describe place of company business course to involve is mixed character immaterial input-output product / the structure of the service, the product that basically involves enterprise and sale to concern / service [8] . Build industry model with ARIS main from 3 respects proceed with: The function propping up of catenary of company rise in value, appreciation catenary and data model. Catenary of company rise in value reflected the business process that realizes company rise in value, in building a model actually, we regard the entry point of industry model as the appreciation catenary of the enterprise. Value-added Chain Diagram of type of ARIS tool use model (appreciation catenary pursues) the business flow that specifies benefit of influence industry whole, and can be decomposed further. We think to be in most enterprise, existing to run the factor that has crucial effect successfully to this enterprise, succeed to make the enterprise is obtained, these crucial factors must consideration of particularly serious ground. From this, we divide separate out to accord with the crucial appreciation catenary of enterprise characteristic above all, find out its to support a function around crucial appreciation catenary again, sum up the data model that gives manufacturing professional work again finally. In BSL-CIMS, we used ARIS tool to build the model of the enterprise according to afore-mentioned processes, these models are the base that has BPR, TQM, BPCI, SCM and CRM. 2.

The rationalize business course that course of 2 core business recombines executive technology BSL-CIMS to answer market place to need quickly around the enterprise, make full use of the employee quality with good business and culture atmosphere, hold to in carry out " take half step, ceaseless step " course of action, with the biggest turn a company the benefit, smallest change adverse element to be strategy, undertake recombining to the core business course of the enterprise. Regard the type of production that is dominant product with cashmere goods as the enterprise, of goal of strategy of snow lotus company make with carry out outstanding performance to be in answer of pair of raw material markets and client market adroitly on. In respect of raw material market, as a result of geographical environment restrict, the finite sex that stock chart is resource now and very strong seasonal; On the other hand, raw material cost held product cost 75% the left and right sides. Accordingly, raw material purchases the reasonable design of the process to have very big effect to the competition ability of company product. In client market respect, have the branch of market of products for export and market of product of sale in domestic market. Products for export is give priority to with custom-built product, sell a contract conclude the process has negotiate, sample, change appearance, approved sample, at this moment order for goods produces cycle already very short. Accordingly, how to assure those who sell a contract to conclude the process can make a process in time provide standardization information to what produce a plan, it is to restrict shorten preparation of export contract production attempers periodicly, in time the hinge that produces a system to finish contract product; Product of sale in domestic market basically is with forecasting production is given priority to, reasonable favourable geographical position basically can satisfy requirement with the market data that will accumulate for years. Do the close demonstration that good sale plans, it is the key of process of sale of product of sale in domestic market. In producing constituent course, need coordinates much talk working procedure to the resource between is configured and be made attemper the plan of products for export and product of sale in domestic market, make the adaptability that manufacturing process and manufacturing plan carry before the market that the company is changing, orderly sex and can charge a sex. The place on put together is narrated, for Xue Lian the efficiency of the company moves, benefit moves, economy moves, dovish move, in BSL-CIMS first phase project the business course of the following face in carrying out regards the core business of the enterprise as the process: Process of process of product sale process, product research and development, manufacturing planned dispatching and raw material purchase a process. Core business course recombines, the organization that will involve from place of activity of company rise in value, function, data, product / the value catenary that serves a respect to analyse afore-mentioned each processes and its appreciation activity, special the appreciation activity that concentrates overweight to cross function branch, the core element of clear post (time, cost, quality, information) , the reference point that defines a course clearly (of time, of cost, of quality) , define the final assessment of a process clearly. 2.

Course of 3 simple and easy business is compositive what frame and company natural resources plan a system is compositive in the construction in BSL-CIM, BSL-CIMS/ERP is defined to be an application platform of BSL-CIMS/PIF. In BSL-CIMS/PIF, the reference point that can define to appoint business course (examine and approve an operation namely) , also can refer relevant data to be operated in order to support such control at the same time. Next, OK between BSL-CIMS/PIF and BSL-CIMS/ERP two-way and interactive information, pass such solution, make below BSL-CIMS/ERP run technological process be able to standard. Come true such compositive (of the process with information) , need knows standard and the news such as agreement of the data structure of ERP platform, interface clearly; In the meantime, develops compositive framework should itself has very good open sex. So, in BSL-CIMS in carrying out, inspected the integral performance about the supplier seriously, chose to undertaking concerned developing the supplier of the attempt especially. 2.

4 goer shed administrative technique to be in BSL-CIMS first phase project, dynamic bar code increases to manage module in commercial MRP II application software, can identify a label to manage each hand-me-down with what batch encode increases serial number, come true to plan management, workshop with sale management, production operation management, inventory management, procurement control and financial management administrative information is compositive. Snow lotus content sheds a management information system is the Web application that is based on Windows DNA (Windows Distributed Internet Applications Architecture) . Windows DNA is with " express a layer / business logic layer / data serves a layer " three-layer architecture is structural frame, apply COM concept at Internet, the system uses inter of COM component object the layer undertakes business logic serves. Windows DNA makes a lot of application is operated interactively easily and share package [9] . The thought of Windows DNA makes the development that uses a system had clear division of labor. One part personnel is dedicated at business logic the development of layer COM component and test work, another part personnel chooses according to the need of business logic and use COM component, the unity that use component offers external interface and the in-house detail that need not know its function to come true, final with chastening ASP script language package compositive arrive in the page, reduced development difficulty effectively thereby. Through circulating systematic analysis to other people of snow lotus company, the thing that we offerred to be based on Windows DNA sheds architecture of management information system. application logistic component centers park intermediate layer, manage and can uphold charge what sex of put sb in a very important position decreased to use systematic whole of COM component object. When business logic is changed, simply is adjusted or replace the COM package with intermediate corresponding layer, can get used to the change of business logic neatly, avoided a client to carry control of applied process version and updated difficulty. And, all and intricate general affairs is handled inter layer undertakes, the client carries simply to configure the basiccest browser. Mode of this kind of application enhanced operation efficiency of the system and security significantly. Inter layer, windows IIS is in charge of using the government of page of logistic layer Web, windows MTS is in charge of using the government of component of logistic layer COM. Windows MTS works below the support of multi-line Cheng, what automatic management and high-powered general affairs handle pool of Cheng of the distributed join management that implements pair of COM package, line is surveillant. Applied process uses package to be able to share the join with the database, make the database maintains a link with every activity client no longer, however with a certain number of the client has link through sharing package, reduced the burden of the database so, improved systematic performance. In addition, when the client visits a database through package, the safety administration of MTS can press attributive to give different user group specific component authorization, make organic ground integrates the security of business affairs activity and construction of system together. In the system that is based on Windows DNA structure, the processing of data layer is to serve as a whole to be put on data server commonly, the data of this kind of concentration manages, not only the requirement that raised logarithm to occupy a server, and processing of conflict of quantity of network news report, intercurrent visit also increases greatly. Through be opposite snow lotus company is given rank the analysis that runs a mechanism is visible, a certain subroutine that many other people sheds information to involve whole thing to shed a system only (site / team and group) , the management that this kind of information basically also is this subroutine is decision-making service, not was necessary to put these data in the company so on the data server of one class, if seam the repair information of check site, company decision-making layer does not care, only one class just needs the workshop the analysis, index that dominates repair scale and so on. For this, we build bureau region database in each site, the bureau region information with much memory. This kind of distributed data runs way, press data government demand is statified, developed a client adequately to carry the processing capability of the computer, make systematic load is in server end and client end are achieved balanced, not only reduced systematic demand, raised a system to run efficiency, and the analysis that is standard management, each level is decision-making provided good basis. In the meantime, contemporary company business fits the need that vicissitude of the market improves continuously, make business course recombines the factor that in becoming a system to design, must consider, this kind of construction of system easily augment, make recombine the system that cause to change confine to be in as far as possible inside little scope. 2.

Compositive technology network is changing the 5 message that are based on Internet/Intranet directly the producer type with existing enterprise, the rapid development of Internet and the electronic business affairs that are based on Internet can conduce to an enterprise selling decision-making, product to develop decision-making, raw material into field headquarters decision-making, reduce inventory, accelerate the rate that information is delivered and feedbacks, make the enterprise manages cost to be reduced greatly. Regard the Xue Lian that produces product of cashmere of high school archives as the company, in BSL-CIMS in carrying out, used the network information that is based on Internet/Intranet compositive technology, interior of this and the produce a boy or girl friend market fixed position of this enterprise, enterprise drills the strategy of good exercise to benefit the internal organs suits. Solve method to be as follows: (1) sets out from effective demand, the traction that holds to demand is drive principle, those who pay attention to applied system is practical with feasibility, go after the advanced sex of technology and establishment not one-sidedly, important is the system that actual condition develops the basis to be able to solve real problem. Want to consider technical reserve and lead sex appropriately of course, the real need that should consider our company again and bear actually ability, such ability designs and development go to be able to solve real problem already, have the system of certain technology level again. (Of 2) system make the plan that adopted grading to carry out. Begin to found a few to get effective to be carried out quickly, easily above all, the Intranet application with applied great value, if Xue Lian's goer sheds a system. The simple network application that passes dynamic information and the alternant sex such as discussion group brings constituent interior into play quickly enthusiastic to the use of Intranet, make enter applied phase. (3) takes personnel seriously groom. Intranet has first-rate flexibility, its vitality depends on need not stopping development. Must develop oneself system development, safeguard and run a team. The client end of Intranet is very simple, every branch or section office develop 9 interest it is grumous, certain to have the backbone one's share that maintains ability to application spread out quickly the conference is big helpful, and also facilitate the use enthusiasm that arouses an user, of facilitating system perfect further. (4) Intranet system opens sexual characteristic, used cent pace to roll type development is carried out. The development with other system is politic and identical, should not expect one pace of the system reachs the designated position, however of grading carry out, apply at the same time, enlarge a function at the same time. 2.

6 information classification codes the technology carries out classified code standardization to BSL-CIMS information, it is snow lotus company the main base that achieves modernization administration works, it can unite the information of branch of harmonious company each function to collect the job, the made need that accords with systematic whole, can satisfy the need of departmental door again at the same time, the repetition that reduces pair of message is collected, treatment and memory, because information names,utmost ground is eliminated, description, classification and the misunderstanding that encode causes, difference and information disorder phenomenon, make thing name and term meaning unified change, standardization, between affirmatory code and thing or concept one to one correspondence relation, ensure of information reliable, can be compared and applicable. In the meantime, information classification code is one of conditions of necessary foundation technology with BSL-CIMS compositive implementation. Build BSL-CIMS information to classify the principle that coding system must abide by: (1) should abide by classified principle of the agreement and method to the classification of BSL-CIMS information, according to snow lotus company the connotation of complete information, property reachs administrative requirement, by regular structural system all information classify tries integrated. The need that to satisfy Xue Lian company thing or concept appear ceaselessly or changes, need stays when building information to classify a system have enough room, so that find a place for new occurrence information, unapt throw into confusion the classified system that already built. (When the 2) product classification in BSL-CIMS codes the system undertakes developing developing, from respective application to management department of sale branch, design branch, production branch, production the purpose sets out the opinion that offer and requirement must give consideration and utmost give one by one contented. Should the requirement of integrated and departmental door, notice the whole of information system is optimized. (The encode of 3) BSL-CIMS, should choose existing level above all, use national level and occupation standard as far as possible. (4) as BSL-CIMS build, need of each standard for classified code of information is harmonious and consistent, make thereby information classification codes and kind the requirement that after eye setting is handled technically in the course, the information between contented system exchanges. (The classification of 5) BSL-CIMS codes should the demand that other people of company of mature snow lotus spreads a system. The foundation is current the strategic program of snow lotus company, the classification of BSL-CIMS codes the system includes: Product data classifies encode, management data classifies encode, fundamental data classifies encode, information describes data to classify encode and other data to classify encode. 3, a few theory that sum up and looked into the article to summarize industrial project and management and method, a few crucial technologies of project of the industry in elaborating particular industry to realize CIMS in detail and management. The practice of particular industry makes clear, industrial project and management apply current and advanced IT to have better to the enterprise very big urge action. The enterprise of our country, especially large and medium-sized state-owned company, economic structure redundant personnel mixes unreasonable, enterprise more the problem that administrative not to be pooh-poohed is widespread presence, want to solve these problems, must apply advanced, the administrative technology with powerful practicality -- industrial project and administrative technique. Look into new century, the tide of market globalization is overwhelm, WTO also is going to us, the competition between the enterprise will be more intense. How to face so intense competition, it is the most pressing issue that is placed before our country enterprise. Implementation management modernization and informatization already were the need that our country company grows further not just, and it is existent need. The development that runs technology and IT makes the limits of project of enterprise executive CIMS can further patulous, it is environment, special technology to use the basic form that will make modern manufacturing industry for the manufacturing industry that support integratedly for foundation, network with knowledge. Its base oneself upon already had a base at 863/CIMS, use systematization, knowledge to change, compositive the advanced and applicable technology of optimized thoughtway and formalization, innovate through digitlizing a technology to urge a company, increase the market competition capacity of the enterprise, drive industrialization with informatization, realize productivity cross the development that jump type. To promote progress of science and technology and innovation further, promote the joint prosperity of industry of new and high technology and traditional industry, can last what achieve national economy development, academia of need our country and the way that produce industry to continue to explore an enterprise that accords with our country national condition actively to innovate. CNC Milling