Ark of cutting tool of Yi Sika MATRIX upgrades replacement

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A few days ago, yi Sika undertook changing to ark of MATRIX cutting tool, rolled out product of new fund of MATRIX Series 5, old money MATRIX Series 4 already stopped to sell. MATRIX Series 5 rolls out 4 new products in all. It is respectively: The standard machine cabinet that takes feeling hold (MAXI Touch) ; The standard machine cabinet that does not take feeling hold (MAXI Pod) ; Take those who touch screen to confuse your machine ark (MINI Touch) ; Do not take those who touch screen to confuse your machine ark (MINI Pod) . Cent of ark of Yi Sika cutting tool is MAXI model with MINI model. The characteristic is as follows: MAXI can provide space of high capacity storage, use enclothe bizygomatic breadth, use the design that accords with human body engineering; MINI cabinet and compact, the land that facilitating buy puts in any need (go up like table or case) . Of course, we also offer appropriative small go-cart to come buy puts cabinet of MINI cutting tool; MAXI with MINI model all provide the TOUCH type that contains feeling screen or the POD model that do not take feeling hold, no matter which kinds of type can pass network interconnection or direct interconnection. The computer that runs software of MATRIX arbitrarily, hold equipment (like IPAD) type of POD of OK and direct control. Ark of every lead plane is not restricted number of the smallest drawer, the user can choose freely match: The drawer is not restricted number of the smallest location, but according to effective demand accurate configuration location; Use design of slideway of knaggy type linear, make push-pull drawer special smooth-going, change the drawer is quite convenient also; Optional outfit falls automatically lock implement, all opening location case when shutting a drawer can be shut automatically. Modular standard location facilitates displacement: Modular location has interchangeability; Pass attributive setting, can prevent operation of exceed one's authority, can refine pair of each drawer, each location to have set; Provide measure of location of 12 kinds of standards, cover more norms of large-scale cutting tool; MAXI can accommodate 198 location most / every drawer; MINI can accommodate 96 location most / every drawer. MATRIX software is comprised by TOUCH module and MANAGE module, software of powerful cutting tool management promotes the promotion of productivity, implementation content sheds administrative automation. TOUCH module -- the simple operation through touching screen, the user can collect cutting tool conveniently, return return cutting tool and administrative cutting tool; MANAGE module -- the inventory of all cutting tool that manages you (no matter be,the cutting tool in storeroom still is inside MATRIX) , realize complex integrated application. MATRIX was born at British Lagebi 2004, its design original intention is to pass what offer cutting tool running stores more expediently, more efficiently to distribute, management, achieve reduce cutting tool to use cost, shorten machine tool machine down time, raise the goal such as management of manufacturing efficiency, convenient inventory. 2008, matrix Series 4 is released at British Birmingham; 2012, yu Yisi of Matrix Series 5 blocks the headquarters spy in Israel fragrance release. CNC Milling