What is getting milling machine treatment to owe what locate and cross fixed position to point to mediumly?

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Personnel of the operation in getting milling machine to machine should understand a few common term, to term particular understanding talent applies in day-to-day work, what is to owe fixed position for instance, what is to locate too? We learn together below: If one locates the freedom of workpiece of structural institute restriction is spent, the freedom that did not include completely to must be restricted is spent, with respect to the inadequacy that can produce workpiece to locate, this kind of phenomenon makes owe fixed position, owe fixed position to cannot satisfy the requirement that workpiece machines, this kind of phenomenon does not allow to appear. If limitative freedom is spent,exceeded at 6 o'clock, the freedom that can have a certain way spends a course repeat limitation, this kind of circumstance has been called fixed position, cross fixed position to also won't make workpiece obtains correct fixed position. Because be the same as batch of workpiece to be in clamping apparatus by early or late after clamp locates, get impossibly determining consistent position, cause workpiece to be out of shape thereby, perhaps appear the fixed position face that should contact and the circumstance that did not contact, the position of such workpiece is not stable, treatment quality also is couldn't get assure. Pass above introduction, you owed fixed position and the understanding with cross fixed position to have proper mediumly to getting milling machine to machine, if you still have the place with not obvious what, seek advice from our professional technology personnel please. CNC Milling