Shenyang makes world-class machinery equipment create base

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Shenyang serves as the fulcrum that revitalizes base of northeast old industry, its equipment manufacturing industry is expressed great expectations by a lot of people undoubtedly. One is held in Shenyang around the expert seminar that how makes manufacturing industry of big Shenyang equipment recently, the expert of mechanical equipment industry, scholar undertook discussing with respect to the problem that Shenyang exists in development of modern equipment manufacturing industry. Equipment manufacturing industry is sending force ceaselessly the Shenyang now, already was one is given priority to with machinist job, class all ready, dimensions baronial, foundation the synthetic industry city with abundant, advanced technology. Machinist job already row Shenyang the first place of industry of 4 big pillar, with the machine tool, be defeated change course of study is in the Shenyang machinist that subsidiary engine of report, power station is a delegate the place that hold the balance is taken in course of study of countrywide person of the same trade, and with its scale of production level of abundant, product mixes strength of big, technology high radiation form a complete set is main characteristic, with home other area photograph is compared, the advantage is clear. The expert points out, northeast duty changes, indebted the largest trade should count Shenyang equipment manufacturing industry. The statistical data of bureau of tax of Shenyang city state shows, shenyang city is maintained 4113 to be enlarge big value added tax to support the industry of equipment manufacturing industry that buckles limits, 61 what take all companies.

46 % . Force of Hu Chun of director of institute of economy of macroscopical academy industry, researcher puts forward the state committee of planning, equipment manufacturing industry is Shenyang advantage industry, want hard to increase capacity of own research and development, master the equipment that owns own intellectual property to make core technology. Chai Tianyou of director of center of engineering of automation of northeast university country, professor puts forward to drive Shenyang equipment manufacturing industry to develop with informatization, achieve the goal that uses property of tradition of new and high technical reformation. After the leader is listening to expert opinion related Shenyang, point out, shenyang is building advanced equipment to made base respect already did much work, ministry of national science and technology has decided Shenyang the countrywide only that transforms traditional industry " with the advanced technique for " is pilot city. Shenyang city must handle manufacturing industry of very traditional equipment and linkage of modern equipment manufacturing industry, iron transform on the west make base build linkage, product with advanced equipment the problem such as innovation and system innovation linkage. Shenyang equipment manufacturing industry had produced the effect of " of " leading wild goose nowadays, effectively is pulled moved economy of whole town industry to grow. Below the guidance that establishs city " strategy in " industry, on behalf of Shenyang the mainstay business of figure of advanced equipment manufacturing industry rises one batch in succession, call noisy " Shenyang to make " again. Water north is moved south, on the west report east be defeated, of the project of national major project such as train of Shanghai magnetism in suspension start, also drove the development of Shenyang machinery industry. Grow good phoenix tree to cultivate hard as process of world economic integration accelerate, have the Shenyang of much property worker, the equipment that making world-class makes the investment that the enterprise favors heat up earth. "Come in please " and " walk along " to will be become what Shenyang will revitalize henceforth is thematic. Forest of prexy of Liaoning university economy thinks on the west, at present world industry move changed equipment to manufacturing industry and course of study of heavy chemical industry mainly, as a result of the Chinese northeast that includes Shenyang inside the area has foundation of good equipment manufacturing industry, low labor cost, hopeful is become carry on new the optimal section that round of industry changes. Actually, after the strategy that revitalizes base of northeast old industry is affirmatory, liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang 3 provinces all make stimulative equipment the joint-stock, collaboration of enterprise and foreign capital and civilian battalion capital serves as revitalized breach. Be based on this, shenyang puts forward clearly already, include group of Shenyang machine tool inside 15 keys equipment creates a company, will comprehensive implementation and foreign capital whole are joint-stock. Common saying says, the home has Chinese parasol tree, not anxious gold phoenix. "Come in please " strategy is more and more expensive already to the requirement of Shenyang investment climate. It is reported, to improve investment climate, shenyang municipal government ever will be " environment surely 2004 year " . CNC Milling