Treatment quenchs the new-style broach of steel alveolus

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Japanese OSG company develops a FH-GDS and FH-GDN recently broach of two kinds of small diameters, use at quenching the tiny Kong Jia of steel workpiece is versed in, the effect is very ideal. The common characteristic of two kinds of broach: (1) the ply that get core is bigger, the 45% ~ that are broach diameter about 55% ; (2) helix angle is 20 ° ; (3) base material is the fine grain hard alloy with exceedingly good wearability; (4) processing of coating of exterior classics TiAlN; (5) broach diameter is in φ 1.

When 2mm above, need to use a cross model long grind. Characteristic (1) (2) the tigidity that raised a tool and cutting blade intensity, can improve bit thereby fight damaged gender and fight break off intensity; Characteristic (3) (4) bigger cutting arises to fight force when can restraining cutting, maintain stability to machine function, realize the requirement that cutting tool life changes thereby. CNC Milling