The method that set of the exterior timer that finish revises PLC

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PLC controls a system to be in use process, often want to revise a few parameter, revise the set of timer the most commonly to be worth namely. For operator the set of convenient modification timer is worth, usable and following method will come true: 1, PLC of use man-machine interface can use monitor of feeling screen, text or labour to accuse machine make man-machine interface, parameter of convenient modification timer, but cost is higher. 2, small-sized PLC has the imitate potentiometer of the buy inside use PLC commonly inside the imitate potentiometer that the setting parameter of buy uses. If the exterior adjustment of PLCFX1N of 3 water chestnut, FX1S the position of the value of register D8030 and D8031 and imitate potentiometer is relative should. The register of the correspondence of two imitate potentiometer of S7-200 is SMB28 and SMB29. The register A642 of the imitate potentiometer correspondence of CP1H. 3, with imitate quantity set function expands board the function of imitate quantity set of the series of set value FX of modification timer is patulous board there are 8 potentiometers on FX2N-8AV-BD, can numerate with applied instruction VRRD 8 binary number of each potentiometer set, with the set cost that makes timer, tally surely. 4, with PLC exterior contact makes those who add the set cost that reduces tally to realize set timer to use button rise inside the program edge and add decrease tally implementation. Should press pushbutton, add the register that decreases tally 1 or decrease 1. And the set value of timer is the numerical value in register. According to need and timer base when the frequency that should press certainly. Add computation and decrease enumerated exterior contact wants departure. 5, increase LCD value of the data inside PLC of the monitoring that the set value of in-house timer of PLC of options board change can go to the lavatory, change, what can achieve wrong status is visible. The PLC of CP1H, CP1L can increase LCD options board CP1W-DAM01. CNC Milling