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Overview of fictitious iron bird is current, numerical value emulates what had used aviation product development with technology of fictitious product development each respects, in permeating technological process of whole research and development deep, perforative from concept and program level, to subsystem and component design, arrive again the system is compositive with test and verify, wait for each phase till product certification. Fictitious emulation technology is producing mainer and mainer effect in aviation product research and development, had become aviation product to develop indispensable main technique method. In existing development technological process, emulation analysis basically applies at subsystem or the design verification of component and plan are optimized on, in the system compositive and overall phase of test and verify, because lack effective compositive mechanism and technical way, can undertake only finite compositive, each subsystem and software build a model is each other between the tool of isolated or inattentive coupling. Because this is overall,the function test and verify of class basically relies on an experiment to finish at present, include of all kinds interview check and flight experiment to wait. Undertake completely through physical experiment overall the malpractice with the methodological constant presence of function test and verify and risk, those who include subsystem is compatible with match, cycle of complex, preparation grows physical experiment process, experiment cost is high, physical experiment cannot consider environment of of all kinds flight and flight operating mode completely, hard all feature of token system soft hardware, get hard comprehensive overall performance data. Develop a process to accelerate a product further, shorten development cycle, improve product integral performance and quality, abroad's at present advanced aviation manufacturer actively is in much discipline system is compositive and overall the number builds modular respect to undertake technical exploration and innovation. Below the drive of this kind of demand, appeared a kind of brand-new emulation analysis mode, say build a model for plane of behavior type number (Behavioral Digital Aircraft) , or say for " fictitious Tie Diao " (Virtual Iron Bird) . "Fictitious Tie Diao " it is to point to through modular build the model is enclosed and distributed compositive wait for technical approach, what each course of compositive plane and subsystem place form is overall (or partial system) digital model, it is manufacturer of foreign advanced aviation to resolve the difficulty with compositive system, strengthen the effectiveness that physics experiments and specific aim, decrease further overall the technical solution that physics experiments and offers. "Fictitious Tie Diao " it is to compare " physical Tie Diao " more the concept of broad sense, except fly outside controlling a system, still include the other subsystem such as fuel, engine, landing gear, it is to should be passed overall whole system is fictitious of prototype build, the complex part between the much discipline subsystem such as aerodynamics of report of face of force demand perfection, mechanical, hydraulic pressure, electric, control become and coupling, through fictitious emulate in overall class is obtained take more high-powered tone, include to control systematic performance, electro-hydraulic the system is made use function, mechanical system motion and overall intensity of flight condition, structure and stress, fatigue injury and complex force dispute problem, landing gear function, fuel and advance systematic performance, environment, move actor system performance and optimize a system to design. Through overall " fictitious Tie Diao " build a model, can be in on one hand overall systematic performance understands in the round before the test, for overall physical trial has made sufficient preparation, avoid to duplicate the job; Can reduce the dependence of pair of physics experiments as far as possible on the other hand, accelerate a product to develop technological process further. LMS company is opposite in the light of manufacturer of current abroad aviation overall the number builds the demand with model and whole compositive system, developed use at overall the system is compositive " fictitious Tie Diao " the platform that build a model, be based on this platform, can pass resource of the software with distributed means different conformity, hardware, in order to open framework and emulate a technology in all compositive the includes disparate arrangement of ideas and different form subsystem model that is based on different software to build, or in annulus through hardware compositive hardware is mixed objective, form what can represent whole system " fictitious Tie Diao " . "Fictitious Tie Diao " have complete fictitious test environment and emulation ability, in fictitious experiment environment, can be installed through logistic pilot and define, like real physical test, choose different experiment pattern and experiment operating mode, if take off, Ping Fei, descend, glide and mixed invalidation operating mode. Pass " fictitious Tie Diao " experiment, can understand effectively and understand thoroughly overall function, study the coupling between subsystem and each course, evaluate the performance of whole system. "Fictitious Tie Diao " be united in wedlock cheek by jowl with physical experiment, each other is complement, can form complete whole system test and verify and attestation method system. Framework of platform of bird of Nextpage   fictitious iron and technical program   " fictitious Tie Diao " through modular build the model is enclosed and distributed compositive wait for technical approach, each course of compositive plane and subsystem form overall and fictitious model, its build a mould to have much discipline, mutiple level, polymorphous condition, the characteristic that expands modularly, easily.   of 1 much discipline " fictitious Tie Diao " the subsystem of will different course, if fly,accuse, fuel, annulus accuses, landing gear, hydraulic pressure compositive go up to unified platform, pass " fictitious Tie Diao " , can study the coupling between much discipline system is affected, be like the coupling between hydraulic pressure system and electrical system. 2 mutiple level   " fictitious Tie Diao " the subsystem model with compositive place is mutiple level, more subsystem or component model still can be included in subsystem model namely, can chase class nest. Form subsystem model by component or subsystem model combination, by subsystem model further volume figuration is become " fictitious Tie Diao " .   of 3 much configuration " fictitious Tie Diao " the subsystem model with compositive place is polymorphous, can be based on different software implementation, include hardware and the model that come from a test even. With respect to software model character, can include the control model that is based on different software tool to build, 1D system simulation model, 3D orgnaization kinetic model or finite yuan of model. 4 modular, easy patulous   " fictitious Tie Diao " with modular means has the model of each subsystem compositive, each subsystem builds the port of modular standard configuration and other system according to what set beforehand, mix to whole platform " fictitious Tie Diao " , each subsystem is Plug and Play, be replaced extremely easily accordingly and expand. For example, "Fictitious Tie Diao " medium subsystem model, can use the model that replaces edition to replace conveniently, patulous perhaps upgrade to more detailed model, etc. As above, "Fictitious Tie Diao " it is each subsystem the plane emulates a model with modular means, connect pattern of beyond the mark cloth to emulate combinative hardware to wait for a method in annulus in all, undertake on unified platform and framework compositive, undertake in special interfacial environment fictitious emulate and fictitious test. Accordingly, "Fictitious Tie Diao " the implementation of platform includes model library, framework layer and emulation layer in all 3 levels: (1) model library layer. Model library is to show the aircraft is different course and subsystem are based on different emulation software, according to " fictitious Tie Diao " modular the emulation model of the subsystem that the standard that build a model builds or component assembles. "Fictitious Tie Diao " be pass by component or subsystem compositive or what combine and form is whole system, and each component or subsystem can have the different kind that build a model and model expression form, this depends on purpose of different analytic level, analysis and the diverse demand to analysing precision, at the same time the consideration builds convenient sex of the model. For example, the emulation model of component or subsystem, can be the CAE model that is based on 3D geometry to found already (for example Virtual.

Kinetic model mixes Lab much style finite yuan of model) , also can be the 1D system model that through physical component maths the means that build a model forms (for example model of system of AMESim hydraulic pressure) , still can be the can represent systematic external characteristic function model that forms through checking to differentiate with parameter (a group of parameter that this kind of means can use model of a maths and correspondence convey systematic external characteristic and do not pay close attention to its immanent physics parameter) ; The control in the system can be passed partly " the model is in annulus " means builds his to control logic, or through " software is in annulus " and " hardware is in annulus " means builds true controller. In addition, still can include model of more detailed control electron component. Typical subsystem realizes way for example: Aviation is aero mechanical part, include to fly accuse systematic steering engine and control face to operate, landing gear, port, be based on Virtual commonly.

Kinetic software builds the much system such as Lab Motion, can pass at the same time with finite yuan union, consider firm soft coupling to mix build a model, partial component can serve as flexible structural processing, if control face, airframe, landing gear the component. Include the system such as control of hydraulic pressure, electric network and electric drive, environment, fuel, can be based on Imagine.

The system simulation software such as Lab AMESim is built, the dynamic pattern building a model that sets through physical component builds the model of these subsystem. Control law and control strategy can be based on Matlab/Simulink or AMESim to wait build, build detailed control algorithm model. It is to be based on no matter why to plant the subsystem model that software builds, need to undertake enclosing according to the uniform standard that build a model, definition and interface of other module connective and variable information, can undertake in platform thereby compositive. Specific include: Define as exterior as other subsystem or model connective variable interface, include to input variable and output variable, define variable amount and name; The logic that the definition has controlling place logically needing controls parameter, be like controallable current module is the ginseng variable that is in activation condition or invalidation condition; Define the integral parameter of subsystem model, namely what parameter is in " fictitious Tie Diao " in emulating, be to allow an user to undertake install and be modificationed. Have enclosed subsystem model with this standard, be in " fictitious Tie Diao " the module that the expression on platform has exterior interface for, have undertake information and variable with exterior other system interactive interface, can undertake joining mixing in AMESim environment compositive. "Fictitious Tie Diao " include many subsystem, numerous component model still is included inside subsystem, these models come from different course and different software tool, category and amount relatively numerous and jumbled; "Fictitious Tie Diao " numerous parameter is included in the model, emulation analysis finishs the result file with meeting many generation and data, because this needs to have necessary model and data government, include a model to call control, as necessary as compositive, attributive knowledge protection to wait. "Fictitious Tie Diao " model and data management can pass AMEDesk and AMECustom implementation. AMEDesk keeps model and data existence database and file storehouse in, the model data that requires to emulating moving place currently is record in system of this locality file automatically, provide analytic software, the analysis returns a database automatically to save as a result; AMECustom can undertake enclosing to the model, wait according to the variable of a few ginseng in need general model undertake concealing, and expose only among them one part, bring to bear on necessary intellectual protection. (2) the model is compositive with framework layer. LMS " fictitious Tie Diao " framework layer and model are compositive be based on LMS Imagine.

Lab AMESim comes true, AMESim itself has very open framework and exceedingly good compositive capacity, can the module each subsystem is compositive come in platform. AMESim can pass models of a variety of means bisect system to undertake compositive, include a model to guide, emulate in all etc, and support a variety of communication agreements (TCP/IP, SOAP) . In recent years, in numerous aviation user " fictitious Tie Diao " build model and overall below the demand drive with compositive system, LMS was strengthened further in AMESim " fictitious Tie Diao " the functional development that establishs model and range of model collect set prescription, make AMESim becomes implementation " fictitious Tie Diao " build the optimal platform with model and compositive system. In the model compositive with framework layer, be in charge of a system compositive engineering personnel is formed according to the system and be being configured, choose corresponding subsystem model from inside model library, in AMESim lieutenant general each module undertake necessary construction weaves (Architecture Layout) , undertake joining configuring, form complete " fictitious Tie Diao " model. AMESim and other software undertake be emulationed in all supportive network distributinging pattern, accordingly, the model of different subsystem and corresponding software, can distributing to go up in different computer, be in " fictitious Tie Diao " in emulation process, AMESim platform lead plane but the subsystem model that drive distributings to go up at different computer and software undertake be emulationed in all. Nextpage   can realize logistic control even in framework layer, the choice that emulates mode, setting, operating mode and flow through controlling implementation logically and setting, include the control course such as complex synchronism, sequential, delay time, and failure mode analysis; The module that controls pair of different emulation pattern and setting setting to differ through logic likewise is compositive with configuration. LMS Imagine.

The logistic control function that Lab AMESim passes oneself and the compositive ability with finite condition machine can realize the choice of logical pattern and control. "Fictitious Tie Diao " comprise besides including software subsystem model, also can undertake real time is emulated, this option can be based on the real time of AMESim to emulate ability implementation. The real time of AMESim emulates a function to be able to export the model real time environment to undertake hardware is in annulus (HIL) emulate, with the real time that uses extensively currently emulation environment is like RT-Lab, XPC, LabView to wait completely compatible. Emulate efficiency to rise, a variety of models still are offerred to simplify in AMESim function, undertake before outputting real time code necessary model simplifies, incorporate model linearization analysis, active index analysis and other and numeric cut technology. (3) emulate moving layer. Emulate moving layer to basically be offerred special " fictitious Tie Diao " emulation environment, it is the special interface that is based on AMESim development commonly. Be in " fictitious Tie Diao " in emulation environment, mode, setting and operating mode can be emulated in the set in the interface (if take off, cruise, descend, glide wait for different flight condition) , define necessary model parameter, if the communication condition between run time, model is chief,the setting emulates moving parameter etc. In emulate moving layer, all mode and parameter setting are finished below special interface, face whole system, and need not undertake operating to rock-bottom model. In emulate moving layer to still include special aftertreatment tool, can be in aftertreatment environment and interface, get custom-built emulation result quickly, include curve, numeric, animation to wait, these emulation results are overall commonly the index that analyses a care. Framework layer and emulation layer is OK of figure say for " emulation factory " (Simulation Factory) , be in namely these 2 levels, basically have a model compositive and assemble, undertake through custom-built special environment next fictitious emulate and fictitious test. The function that its provide and fixed position and " factory " similar. Model library layer involves the software building a model of different course and subsystem, and the model is compositive with framework layer, emulate moving layer to be based on LMS Imagine.

Lab AMESim comes true. Fictitious Tie Diao carries out case successfully in recent years, foreign aviation manufacturer is undertaking actively overall the technical exploration of digital prototype and face of systematic collect set prescription, LMS company has undertaken cooperative with user of many important aviation, begin stage by stage " fictitious Tie Diao " the executive job that builds a model, and gained relatively outstanding achievement and benefit. The 1 aviation that amount to all alone amounts to all alone aviation to be based on LMS platform development is overall function is emulated " fictitious Tie Diao " , the first phase already was finished, system of the landing gear that basically is used at considering complete machine property, brake (include control and electro-hydraulic inside) program evaluation. This system considered to rectify accident to move learn load of model, pneumatic, landing gear system (include orgnaization model and tire to wait) , control of braking system all, braking system all is politic, those who pass much discipline subsystem is compositive with whole fictitious experiment, amount to all alone to be able to come true: Effective evaluation system designs plan maturity; Understand systematic performance in the round more through fictitious experiment, conduce to the of all kinds phenomenon that in understanding a flight to experiment, appears; Reduced landing gear and test of braking system all effectively, assure adequately " design is proper " ; Strengthen a supplier collaboration and superintend. The development that amounts to all alone aviation to developing the 2nd level with LMS collaboration at present works, compositive and more course and system. Empty stranger of 2 empty strangers and LMS collaboration undertake " fictitious Tie Diao " development, main application is flying to the first phase dominate a field. Prototype of the first phase is integrated fly accuse EHA to wait to move implement the subsystem such as strategy of steering engine and model of model, control face machine, control, pass this " fictitious Tie Diao " , empty guest can begin: Fly accuse a system to design program evaluation; Mixed operating mode is analysed, include dispute of failure mode and redundant backup, force, make move implement switch. On the foundation of the first phase, empty guest has been made stage by stage special " fictitious Tie Diao " the standard that build a model, defined the requirement building a model of each subsystem model in detail in this standard, include to enclose wait with interface setting. 3 Europe begin from 2006 continuously, LMS company (include former Imagine company) begin to begin namely be in with Ou Zhi " fictitious Tie Diao " the joint development of the respect, had completed the systematic development of 3 domains at present: Fly accuse system, environment to control system, electric network and wire cable compositive assemble. Above of 3 domains " local and fictitious Tie Diao " already all developed perfect, already entered actual application phase. The development that launching other system model currently and overall the system is compositive. Aviation of Brazil of 4 Brazil aviation already with LMS joint development include thoroughly to fly accuse, hydraulic pressure and landing gear system inside " fictitious Tie Diao " model, this " fictitious Tie Diao " medium subsystem uses a network distributed means undertakes compositive, each subsystem distributings to go up at different computer, have link through AMESim platform. Except fly accuse, hydraulic pressure and landing gear outside the system, brazilian aviation still developed annulus to accuse systematic model, beginning at present further systematic conformity works. Last word   " fictitious Tie Diao " be brand-new overall class system is compositive propose modular technology plan with complete machine number, "Fictitious Tie Diao " of platform build, can improve existing design flow effectively, especially the design of compositive phase mixes the system assessment technique, undertake overall the compositive unifinication analysis of class, evaluation and optimize, avoid needless repetition to design the job, decrease overall the frequency that physics experiments and cost. Be based on " fictitious Tie Diao " still can undertake politic definition and experiment plan experimenting, reduce an experiment to prepare the job and duplicate tests, can come true in addition be based on overall build model and the fictitious attestation of emulation analysis, reduce experiment attestation stage by stage below probable condition. "Fictitious Tie Diao " executive need builds a many course to build model and analytic software platform, tool and subsystem model are analysed in the compositive and different emulation in distributed framework, those who be like 3D is finite model or yuan of orgnaization are kinetic model, or of 1D electro-hydraulic model of control system simulation, or through " hardware is in annulus " means conglomerate manages hardware system, thereby can the much discipline coupling with accurate imitate complete sophisticated machine. LMS Imagine.

Lab AMESim combines LMS Virtual.

Lab is implementation " fictitious Tie Diao " the ideal platform with conformity of much discipline system. "Fictitious Tie Diao " it is a relatively complex system project, it includes different subsystem model, need to have mature subsystem model above all, undertake on platform next compositive with conformity, and develop special emulation environment even, facilitate have overall and fictitious test, accordingly " fictitious Tie Diao " implementation needs appropriate off-the-peg software platform not just (COTS) as prop up, need to be undertaken by LMS and user the project carries out the job cooperative beginning more, LMS company wishs with the client together, draw lessons from the executive experience of foreign person of the same trade, work up, perfect, augment comes true finally " fictitious Tie Diao " platform. CNC Milling