Imitate of numerical control education emulates software

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Nanjing vacates limited company of numerical control technology high one, function characteristic: CNC Machining emulation software is the emulation software that technology of an application virtual reality handles skill to groom at CNC Machining. This software has whole to machine tool operation process and treatment to run the function that whole environment emulates, still have at the same time apply to the exam function that CNC Machining emphasizes unit process of cargo bandling this kind, the educational function that makes need to just can be finished on numerical control equipment so can be in this fictitious production environment implementation. Should emulate a system to be able to have the teacher and student of numerical control process designing not only, return the education that can finish whole treatment unit process of cargo bandling, return the need according to education additionally, custom-built such as is three-dimensional measure wait for a few functions that cannot come true on true equipment. 2, basic function: 1, machine tool and control system: Lathe, milling machine, machining center of vertical, horizontal; SIEMENS system, FANUC system; 2, library of substantial cutting tool material: Use a database to unite library of cutting tool material of management, characteristic parameter; Contain the lathe tool of hundreds kinds of different material, type and appearance, milling cutter; Supportive user defines cutting tool and correlated characteristics parameter oneself; 3, whole process of machine tool operation emulates: The whole process that emulation machine tool handles, if semifinished product definition, workpiece installs clip, pressing plate installation, fiducial to knife, installation hand of cutting tool, machine tool moves an operation; 4, treatment runs whole environment to emulate: The operation pattern such as the automatic, MDI of numerical control program; The real time cutting of three-dimensional work; The indication of contrail of three-dimensional cutting tool; Cutting tool compensation, coordinate fastens the set of the systematic parameter such as the setting; 5, comprehensive collision detects: The hand is moved, the real time collision below the mode such as automatic treatment detects; 6, processing of numerical control program: Can guide be generated into all sorts of CAD/CAM software or proper motion is editorial numerical control program; The edition that has numerical control program, input, output is operated; Have the dynamic examination in numerical control program is checked beforehand and moving; 7, exam record answers put: Of exam result save automatically; The record of exam unit process of cargo bandling reachs a variety of answering to put way; 8, treatment workpiece measures grading automatically: Basis beforehand the three-dimensional coordinate of the measurement of set and standards of grading undertake metrical grading automatically; Software runs environmental requirement: Use client computer, server structure, move at system of local area network, installation has TCP/IP agreement; Lead plane is 8MB of 64MB of PII 350 above, memory, indication memory, indication resolution 1024 Χ 768, 16 color; The operating system is Chinese edition WINDOWS 98, WINDOWS 2000, WINDOWS NT, WINDOWS XP. CNC Milling