Yesterday of contest of skill of first numerical control opens Hangzhou gong

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Weather is torrid, the nice and warm of skill match is strong more taller than the day. Yesterday, contest of skill of first numerical control of Hangzhou city, in the Hangzhou that is located in Xiao Shan area limited company of group of ongoing gear case is held. This also was 2004 Xibohui supports a project -- , one of matches that elegant demeanour of technical ability of Hangzhou city worker shows an activity. 41 players of 11 delegations of whole town played the game. Numerical control skill namely the machine tool below computer control handles mastery of a skill or technique, it is a burgeoning compound technology, handlers must have both operation ability and knowledge of knowledge of machine tool theory, computer process designing. According to introducing, because price of numerical control machine tool is very high, because will a lot of this years fail to popularize application in the enterprise, of machine tool of numerical control of can skilled operation " advanced blue collar " more rare. Current and annual the demand breach of talent of skill of countrywide numerical control reachs millions person, only one ground of Beijing with respect to breach 600 thousand person. Amount to of this second match cent controls lathe, CNC Milling and machining center 3 type of work. Take part in the match the player is from inside school of our city enterprise, ability layer upon layer choose comes out, already passed academic exam and software application match. Match of CNC Machining operation is apparently " protracted battle " -- , first match from in the morning 7 when blow chirp sound, till afternoon 1 when end; The 2nd began partly at 1 o'clock from afternoon from in the evening 7 when half end. Players must be inside time of 6 hours of games, treatment finishs to take an examination of. Take an examination of be according to the country the skill to senior worker worker asks to be designed accordingly, technical content is very high. And 6 hours, included to see graph, handiwork process designing, computation, input, right the knife has a meal even, the time that water. The numerical control machine tool that uses as a result of match place is more very " big guy " , this makes this special match unlike general the match is centered easily in that way, it is dispersedly however inside each workshops of Hangzhou tine. The erect one side small red flag other the machine, representing this machine tool to be being used for match place. It is reported, after the match ends yesterday, all taking an examination of will send what nod surely to the country to detect center -- , " Hangzhou tine " detect center, accept in a few days subsequently detect strictly. Before each type of work compares connecting with the boxing skill 3 famous generals are obtained " expert of Hangzhou city technology " glorious title, organic meeting attends the technology of complete province, whole nation to compare connecting with the boxing skill greatly on behalf of Hangzhou city. CNC Milling