Those who be based on PLC is muti_function automatic lathe design

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1, foreword: Because can make up Cheng controller (PLC) is had but process designing sex, versatility, adaptability is strong, control a design in the light of industry, reliability is high, the breakdown that perfects from time to tome together diagnoses ability oneself and maintenance is convenient, accordingly small-sized PLC has very high gender price to compare, all in all effect was produced in because this connects the control circuit of lathe in general,transforming a design. 2, electric control requirement: Send before makings, electric machinery needs to stop, send expect when, heal is down, after heal reachs the designated position, send makings till send expect heal,continue, right now the collet clamp tool on main shaft, retreat makings, adopt transducer drive next advocate electric machinery high speed rotates, next the choice according to the function, feed, labour is entered, pour wine cup, answer finally former, craft of the treatment that finish. The basis machines craft, put forward as follows to ask to electric control: 1) advocate electric machinery uses three-phase asynchronous motor, pass transducer control, the requirement can be opened quickly stop; And because treatment rate is rapid, open stop frequent, need to receive 400 Ω , the resistor of apply the brake of 260W; The short circuit protection that electric machinery of 2) oil pump and main shaft electric machinery should be necessary and overload are protected; 3) has 3 kinds of mode to be able to choose, move for the hand respectively, odd loop, automatic. When closing oil pump and electric machinery clutch after all, fang Keqi changes odd loop and automatic job; 4) has 10 kinds of functions, undertake choosing through dialing a switch, when odd loop and automatic job, the change dials a switch to change a function to disable, need switch to move a function to alter ability in one's hand effective; 5) needs to have emergency stop button, outside the trade is being sent when prevent to start or moving. 3, the systematic design that is based on PLC: 3.

1 hardware design is the electric control requirement that realizes afore-mentioned lathe, choose Taiwan always the FBS series of grand PLC, model is FBS-40MAT, i/O check the number is 40 a little bit, have inputted at 24 o'clock, outputted at 16 o'clock, its I/O hookup is shown 1 times like the graph. If express,I/O of graph 1PLC input, input distributes a list 1, the watch is shown 2 times. Express address of 1 input signal to distribute a list address of 2 output signal allocates watch Nextpage3.

2 software design controls train of thought to be: Above all, PLC reads the condition set function that takes the switch that dial a code, the act that can use every function place undertakes classified, main program frame uses a pace to be written into the instruction, in every pace according to the function different, call corresponding subprogram, craft of the treatment that finish. According to systematic technology requirement, according to lathe manufacturing technology writes a program. Undertake debugging through spot machine tool, run normal, reliable, safety. 10 kinds of functions can offer an alternative, if functional list expresses 3 to show. Express evacuation of 3 pairs of crocks to expect functional list should dial a switch to show for 0 when: A crock cuts groove first, groove is cut after B crock. Show when the switch that dial a code for 1 when: Crop of A crock line, groove is cut after B crock. Show when the switch that dial a code for 2 when: B crock cuts groove first, groove is cut after A crock. Show when the switch that dial a code for 3 when: A crock crop, b crock is not moved. Later movement with this analogize. Functional selection process calls a subprogram 4, conclusion is based on always what grand PLC place designs is muti_function automatic lathe, moving case is good, can realize treatment a variety of workpiece, the automatic cycle time that processes each work is 4S only, improved manufacturing efficiency and product quality, it is a kind of practical control method. CNC Milling