PLC of series of FX2N of 3 water chestnut is right of T68 boring machine transform

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0, introductive boring machine is commonner device is used in cold working it basically is used at treatment precision, bright and clean the spare parts with the distance relatively accurate requirement of the aperture with degree of higher demand and each Kong Jian (like spare parts of a few casing) , belong to accurate machine tool. T68 boring machine is a application is the widest kind, its control circuit for relay formerly, osculatory contact much, circuitry personnel of much, operation maintains complex, breakdown the job is bigger. Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, we transform its relay to dominate circuit with PLC control, overcame above weakness, lowered equipment fault rate, raised equipment to use efficiency, moving result is favorable. 1, those who transform program is affirmatory 1.

The craft treatment method of 1 original boring machine is changeless; 1.

On the foundation of the 2 original component in reservation main circuit, do not change former control system electric operation method; 1.

System of 3 electric control controls element (include luck of report of switch of pushbutton, journey, hot afterwards, contactor) , action and primary electric line are same; 1.

4 main shaft and feed start, apply the brake, low speed, high speed and the operation method with actuation gearshift are changeless; 1.

The 5 hardware wiring in transforming former relay to control, instead PLC process designing comes true. 2, use FX2N of 3 water chestnut - 48MRPLC is right of T68 boring machine transform 2.

Boring machine of T68 of 1 main circuit has 2 electromotor, electric machinery M1 pulls main shaft the whirl that moves main shaft and working feed, of workbench of M2 electromotor implementation move quickly, m1 electromotor is double fast electromotor, low speed is △ receives a standard, high speed is YY presses a standard, main shaft rotates and feed by gear gearshift, when jockeying, used receive apply the brake instead, the gear gearshift of main shaft and feed used impulse of intermittent and automatic low speed. If the main circuit of T68 boring machine pursues 1. 2.

PLC of 2T68 boring machine transforms I/O allocation to pursue (graph 2) . 2.

PLC of 3T68 boring machine transforms echelon to pursue (graph 3) . 3, the PLC of boring machine of the T68 after transforming debugs a process 3.

Of 1M1 turning to control SQ1 of main shaft gearlever to press continuously below: X5 buy 1, feed gearlever SQ3 presses below: X7 buy 1. 3.


1 turning handle of gearshift of low speed starting main shaft, low speed, SQ not press press, X11 buy O. Press turning starting pushbutton SB2, X1 buy 1, M0 buy 1 lock up oneself, L of Y2, M3, Y0, M2, Y3 buy, KM1, KM3, KM4 gets report, M1 receives direct-on-line starting of △ low speed, N ↑ , KS1 (X15 is created) , . 3.


2 turning low speed jockeys: Receive apply the brake to press instead jockey pushbutton SB1, X0 closes, M3, Y0, Y3 buy 0, KM1, KM4 breaks phone, at the same time Y1, M2, Y3 gets electric place 1, KM2, KM4 gets report, M1 strings together electric shade R to undertake turning over receiving apply the brake, N. 3.


3M1 is turning handle of gearshift of high speed starting main shaft, high speed, SQ press press, X11 buy 1. Control process is the same as low speed similar, press SB2, X1 buy 1, buy of M0, M2, M3, YO, Y3 1, as a result of X11 buy 1, make T0 begins delay time, KM1, KM3, KM4 gets report, M1 receives direct-on-line starting of △ low speed, delay time 3s, T0 movement, Y3 answer is denounced, t1 delay time 0.

5s, y4 buy L, KM4 breaks phone, KM5 gets report, M1 receives YY high speed to move, N ↑ , KS1(X15) movement, prepare to receive apply the brake instead. 3.


4 turning high speed jockeys to turning together low speed jockeys similar, those who use is low speed receives apply the brake instead. 3.

Of 2M1 invert control is turning together low speed control is similar, use SB3, M1, Y2, M5, Y1, M2, Y3, Y4, KS2 to control implementation. 3.

The dot of 3M1 moves control to stop turn the dot moves: By SB4, X3 buy L, buy of M3, YO, M2, Y3 1, KM1, KM4 gets report, M1 receives △ to string together dot of resistor low speed to move. Invert the dot is moved come true by SB5. 3.

4 advocate SQ1 of gearshift of gearshift control main shaft: Gearshift ends, feel better of clench the teeth is pressed, X5 buy L; SQ2: In gearshift process, produce press press carrying tine on the head, X6 buy 1. Handle of operation of main shaft gearshift is pulled, SQ1 restoration, X5 buy 0, if turning condition, receive apply the brake to jockey instead, mix gear shift dish want rate to place, the operation handle is turned former, if produce phenomenon carrying tine on the head, undertake gearshift impulse: SQ2 press press, X6 buy L, L of M2, M4, Y0, Y3 buy, buy of Y1, N2, Y3 1, KM2, KM4 gets report, M1 undertakes turning over receiving apply the brake, N ↓ , rate falls to 1OOr/min, KS1 restoration, X15 buy 0, K, KM1 gets report, ↑ of M1 starting N, ↓ of N of apply the brake, start, apply the brake... reason M1 is started by intermittent ground, apply the brake, till gear clench the teeth is good, after handle is introduced to, press SQ1, SQ2 restoration, cut off actuation loop. The process ends gearshift impulse. 3.

5 feed gearshift is controlled by SQ3, SQ4, control process is the same as main shaft gearshift. 3.

6 boring head is worn, of workbench move quickly by move quickly operation handle control, through SQ7, SQ8 namely the positive and negative of M2 of control of X13, X14 turns implementation. 4, the PLC program that the last word has designed above inputs FX2N - after 48MR lead plane, output of join good input allocates and main circuit, undertake debugging according to the measure of above, debug a process to be passed entirely, satisfy the control requirement of T68 boring machine completely. Former relay of T68 boring machine after circuit is transformed via PLC of series of FX2N of 3 water chestnut, although PLC is one-time investment is larger, but the equipment after transforming lowered the fault rate that run greatly, improved the stability that equipment runs and efficiency, reduced labor intensity of the worker, reduced maintain cost daily, can prevent the accident that appears to be caused because of be being operated by accident. The equipment after transforming moves via using, the result shows the effect is first-rate. CNC Milling