: of portable lamp of JB series machine tool? Cabin of  of plutonium ∏ cover with a straw mat clear Jian by?

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Portable lamp of JB series machine tool is lamps and lanterns of series of machine tool illume in one very important kinds big, cent is JB4, JB5, JB6, JB8, JB9, each model such as JB18, although its do manual work is simple, but because installation is mixed,use convenient, still have very important place inside series of machine tool portable lamp, be in medium or small machine tool and lab still by extensive use. Portable lamp of JB series machine tool uses incandescent lamp, the working principle of its bulb is report is changed into heat above all, heat filament the high temperature condition to 2000 ℃ above, filament is in when be in white-hot condition, just like like burning red iron to be able to give off light and give out light to come. The temperature of filament is higher, the light that give out is brighter, it is current the most commonly used illume bulb. Advantage of portable lamp of JB series machine tool basically is installation goes to the lavatory, can be installed in major circumstance and use; a replacement simple, can buy in major place get, change easily so; style sort is various, have 10 a variety of group, always one suits you; value is inferior, popularity rate is extremely so high. Defect is bulb place does not have preventive measure, occurrence color of meeting of color of incandescent lamp of easier attaint; slants, the object below lamplight produces incandescent lamp of truthless feeling; easily a lot of electric energy for nothing became heat energy, and without translate into light energy, glow efficiency is accordingly low, go against the growth of portable lamp of machine tool of;JB of energy-saving environmental protection as use time, filament is easy sublimate, service life is briefer. CNC Milling