The car is plastic fuel box is multilayer squeeze in all hollow shape technology

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Fuel box is plastic a changing is contemporary car development important way. From 20 centuries 50 time begin, people devotes oneself to to give priority to the research and development of the plastic fuel box of body with HDPE. Although China just begins to produce monolayer in 80 time end plastic fuel box, but development is rapid, what China develops independently nowadays is multilayer squeeze plastic fuel box to shape in all the technology has been pushed to field. Light gasoline tank to compare with the metal, plastic gasoline tank has a variety of advantages, like quality freedom of light, appearance spends big, development design of low, convenient car makes cycle weak point, charge as tall as sex of remodel, on the safe side, impulse withstand, anti-corrosive, do not explode etc. Because benzine is chemical molecular structure and HDPE are similar, contain a principle according to similar photograph, its are effective component will be wet surface of HDPE gasoline tank, diffuse to permeate to the outside aerification caustic lose to container interior gradually, this is the defect of HDPE fuel box. What ask as the development of auto industry technology, environmental protection and safety is ceaseless rise, each country is higher and higher to the requirement of function of ooze of block of plastic fuel box, sex of tall block ooze already made current car the development trend of plastic fuel box. Raise a car sex of ooze of block of plastic fuel box basically has 3 kinds of methods: Fluorine changes mix up of mix into of shape of processing, layer multilayer squeeze in all. Because fluorine changes the fluorine in processing to enrage need to reclaim,handle, have a series of environmental protection problem. When layer shape mix into mixes a technology to be operated in actual production, to extruder screw the function that mix refine wants measurable, special hold hard; And layer shape mix into confuses the mechanical property of plastic fuel box low, block ooze sex is opposite poorer and not quite stable. Quite under, with multilayer squeeze methodological production to have car of block ooze sex in all plastic fuel box makes the first choice. Send used car newly in last few years from home plastic fuel box shapes in light of equipment, multilayer squeeze hollow machine to occupy great majority to also can confirm this in all. Multilayer squeeze composition of hollow engine system to be used at the car in all what box of multilayer and plastic fuel shapes is multilayer squeeze in all hollow machine and use what plastic fuel box shapes at monolayer store feed formula is hollow what machine place differs is crowded system and a nose. Multilayer squeeze hollow aircraft nose to reach in all model if the typical structure of base pursues 1 is shown, its model base shares 6. From outside it is to solder respectively layer, reclaim layer of makings layer, felt layer, block secondary floor, felt, lining. Graph 1 multilayer squeeze hollow nose to reach in all model the typical structure of base. Large and hollow machine from begin now, its are formed basically and do not have how old change, include commonly: Extruder, nose, device combining a model, huff device, goods takes out device, hydraulic pressure station, electronic-controlled system. General outside complementary equipment still includes: Mix send makings system, more than makings to smash reclaim the system. Large and hollow machine is squeezed by its piece model the means of base can be divided for store feed formula and squeeze a type continuously, and by model the structure of base can be divided again be monolayer or multilayer. Current, great majority uses bucket of industry of complete model of 200 pairs of L monolayer store hollow machine blows feed formula make. The demand that the market lights function of ooze of gasoline tank block to the car is higher and higher, monolayer is plastic fuel box will be washed out stage by stage, those who replace is multilayer plastic fuel box. Accordingly, multilayer and hollow aircrew shapes in what the plastic car that blow model ignites gasoline tank the share that equipment place holds expands increasingly. Push a system hollow machine has case of multilayer and plastic fuel commonly 6 extruder, respectively model is changed crowded give each. Among them lining, solder the layer is given priority to makings, the raw material that uses with place of monolayer fuel box is same. Block secondary floor is EVOH or PA6/66. Commonly used brand: EVOH is Eval F101A, Soarnol DT2903 (Nippon Gohsei) ; PA6/66 is Ultramid C35 (BASF) , Durethan C38 (Bayer) ; Felt layer is the LDPE of modified of graft of Ma Lai acid anhydride or HDPE, commonly used brand is Admer GT-5A (Mitsui) , Bynel4006 (Du Pont) etc; Reclaim what makings layer place uses is model the makings head of base reachs those who abandon product to smash makings, contain above component. The each ply scale in box of multilayer and plastic fuel by squeeze a system to control. Each extruder pushs a performance steadily is the foundation that achieves this one goal, layer of place less than, solder layer, reclaim the extruder that expects layer, felt layer must use IKV structure, system of weightlessness type feed in raw material is used extensively also. The aspect that is ignored easily is to reclaim makings smash condition. If smash inhomogenous, this squeeze a pressure to be able to fluctuate very big, affect each scale relation then. So, reclaim makings often be built alone bead tries to use again. Reclaim there are a variety of raw material components in makings layer, this extruder should have the very good capacity that mix refine, make EVOH or PA6/66 are in HDPE in order to be less than 0.

The atomic condition of 02mm distributings equably. A variety of mixing refine implement be used accordingly. The static state mixes refine implement, new-style drawing mixes refine implement wait to be placed to be between extruder and nose. JEW company is in what if the graph is shown 2 times,extruder screw head designed to mix refine component. Nextpage nose squeezes a type continuously multilayer squeeze nose in all, its each flow path is squeezed equably piece appear particularly important. Flow path design uses design of helix flow path more. No matter be monolayer,the advantage of helix flow path is multilayer still, each all won't appear in circumferential direction apparent fusion seams an area. But its are main the problem is the grow in quantity as number of plies, to hollow machine character, as a result of the limitation on the space, the design of helix flow path can become unusually difficult, accordingly, below the circumstance of more number of plies, also use heart form to wrap flow path of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy to design, but each fusion seams an area to need to stagger distributing. Develop as the technology, the design of nose flow path, also realized the computer to emulate imitate. Large, software of the 2D that is used technically at modular head design, 3D, CAE has appeared. Qin Chuan squeezes head of large scale computer and 1000L 6 layers of group development in all store in makings nose, with respect to the large computer that introduced Futuresoft company the design analyses software FLOW2000, this software included to wrap flow path of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy from form of flow path of 2D flow, 3D flow, helix, heart, squeeze a variety of analysises such as flow in all, can when imitate shows fuse-element flows inside flow path everywhere temperature distributings, pressure distributings, shearing stress distributings, stream rate distributing, detention time, can be opposite accordingly the design of flow path undertakes guidance, explore optimal plan. Use large analysis software, not only solved the past a lot of analysis consideration that cannot have, make nose design is built on credible academic base, improved the design quality of head of large scale computer, decreased to design a risk. Should say, the occurrence of this kind of large-scale software, it is the most significant technology progress inside production domain of design of model of nose, mouth. Model base wall is large control hollow aircraft nose model base wall thick control is a crucial technology. Model cent of base wall thick control is controlled for axial (AWDS) control with radial (PWDS) two kinds of forms. Axial base is had to control a function commonly on current large and hollow aircraft, its reference point differs to 256 bits from 24 o'clock, action of axial wall thick pilot is to make the huff that the material semifinished product of outpour differs according to goods obtains different ply than edge axial, make sure final product has evener wall basically thereby thick distributing, it is the mouth that the position that establishs beforehand through core model makes axial move and changes modular head the capacity will achieve the goal with change large base. Although axial wall thick control can improve the wall of goods thick distributing, but as a result of its eduction model base still is shown inside water truncat face wait for large circle, in some semmetry to the part direction has the goods that bigger drawing asks to appear still is not optimal, because this produced technology of radial wall thick control. Radial control technology can make squeeze go out model base shows the change with blame sectional circle inside the section of some requirement (it is ellipse or water chestnut circle commonly) . Combined action of thick pilot of axial wall thick control and radial wall, can acquire first-rate semifinished product, yi Ke obtains more ideal goods wall thick distributing. Technology of radial wall thick control develops today, basically formed two kinds of typical designs, type of annulus of a kind of flexibility that be called, one kind builds a form for lip. Flexibility annulus type is to pass electro-hydraulic annulus of flexibility of servo control thin wall is in or on two symmetrical direction be out of shape will change crowded piece model the ply of base. No matter boast the product that makes what appearance,its characteristic is, want its only buccal model diameter is changeless, radial control can produce effect. The fatigue life that the main problem that this structure exists is flexibility annulus is finite, incidental attaint, and change make price of a pair of new flexibility annulus spare parts costly. Lip builds a form change base wall is large the fluctuation shift that relies on to build form mouth link will come true. Written guarantee with flexibility annulus compose photograph is compared, its biggest advantage is service life grows, and once need to change, have main opportunity the factory of process capability can be assumed. In some designs, the loose piece of make it of the part that build a predestined relationship of buccal annulus is embedded, went to the lavatory to change, reduce the cost when changing. A company has England the patent of this technology. Technology of radial wall thick control is large to rising the quality of hollow goods is an effective method undoubtedly, at the same time it still can be in assure quality while, reduce the quality of goods. But add a large radial wall the additional cost of thick control equipment also is taller, it is with the quote of SIG company exemple, the pattern of annulus of flexibility of Φ 220mm diameter that matchs to take two servo oil cylinder is radial controller, its quote is mark of 20 more than Germany. High cost, restricted an user to choose radial wall thick controller extensively, especially the user of large and hollow machine. To the hollow machine of 1000L above, because create the difficulty that go up, equipment production manufacturer also does not offer radial wall commonly the equipment option of thick control equipment. Replace as a kind, a lot of users lack the inadequacy of radial control equipment to make up for, adopt a kind simple but the method that also is effective, namely core model writes form law. Its are specific course of action is to be on the nose that has function of axial wall thick control, to its the specific place of core model has long look, be in thereby axial pilot at the same time, obtain approximately in the wall on radial the profound change that be not a circle is measured. Of course, this kind of long form needs to have certain experience, should the circumstance of concrete analysis goods, compile volume of the position of form, azimuth, long body and the figure of long form certainly thereby, strict semmetry should notice when long form commonly. Large and hollow machine still can be used at the production of a variety of products, among the case of hollow have enough to meet need that if outdoor is hollow desk and chair, dismountable,uses, freeway segregation board. A few spare partses on the car also can be used hollow the method that blows model is made, if seat, ventiduct, faze flows board, plastic fuel box cheers a canal to wait. Above goods is used store hollow mechanism makes makings type. If have a demand to sex of ooze of fuel box block, box of plastic fuel cheers a canal to also can be used multilayer squeeze hollow machine to shape in all. CNC Milling