Three-dimensional design drives a plane to digitlize the comprehensive application that develops a technology

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Development of our country plane digitlizes technical application, all the time since dogging, research, study, draw lessons from production company of world advanced aircraft, especially the advanced experience of Boeing company. The success that Boeing company regards plane digitlization as to develop technical application is represented, realized a plane to develop the digitlization of complete lifecycle. Boeing digitlizes technical application with Boeing 777 it is a delegate with the development of 787. 20 centuries 90 time are prime, boeing uses three-dimensional design technology in the round in the development of 777; 787 projects are in the Boeing that started 2004 the completely three-dimensional design that the application on 777 foundations is based on MBD technology, the change of brought administrative pattern changes as a result of design method in the meantime, PLM technology also gets be mixinged extensively applied deep. The engineers of Boeing company considered to believe firmly with respect to the course 1989, use digitlization to be assembled beforehand will reduce a design effectively to change, mistake and do poorly done work over again, make the spare parts is assembled easily, reduce the interference between the spare parts, cooperate axes of not harmonious, aperture to wait for a phenomenon to forbidding, will reduce product cost substantially, shorten development is periodic, raise level of Wu of product quality kimono further, be in Boeing gains comprehensive success in the development of 777. In Boeing in 787 development, the whole world that Boeing company applied PLM further cooperates with environment (GCE) , make Boeing of 787 develop working success in coordination, gained enormous economic benefits and social benefit for Boeing. Compare with Boeing photograph, the dimensions of our country three-dimensional design turns application, only then the Xin Feibao that starts at 20 centuries evening is developed, with Boeing 777 development are three-dimensional design technology application differs 10 years. Xin Feibao design uses three-dimensional design technology in the round, those who have 0 package is three-dimensional the form that builds machine of increment of model, complete Electromechanical is built, sex of attune of chime of harmonious, interference checks space and place. Machine of increment of Xin Feibao complete Electromechanical is machine of increment of the first complete Electromechanical of domestic, also be to use electronic prototype to replace physical prototype to undertake harmony designing first, with the number the quantity replaces imitate to measure those who undertake designing information to deliver. The dimensions of three-dimensional design technology turns application and the result that its bring, quickened industry of our country aviation to digitlize the step that the technology is advanced and uses, also make go up to fall to personnel is experienced personally and feel the effect that digitlization technology develops to model to the design to administrator. 2008, in key model development, one flying courtyard and travel owner want aircraft manufacturer, full-scale development develops the application of technology of completely three-dimensional design that is based on MBD technology, the key model that at the same time compose built support to cross institute of zone much plant develops an environment in coordination (DCE) , strong the development that supported key type, the completely three-dimensional design that differs 4 years with Boeing and the application that its develop a technology in coordination accelerated model to develop efficiency and quality greatly. So, no matter be abroad or home, the comprehensive application that three-dimensional design technology is driving a plane to digitlize development technology went to very main effect since the respect. Because technology of completely three-dimensional design accepts a variety of condition restriction, nearly hundred years come, the field uses in the project, people is designed with the formal expression of blue print all the time and make an intention. As the development of computer technology, especially the development of CAD technology, return to three-dimensional design to become a possibility. Although 2 dimension design produced the effect that cannot underestimate with production respect in products plan, but in complex products plan, especially in plane product development, still need to build different capable person to be mixed character the physical prototype of different and complex degree, use at the design to coordinate, increased to develop funds, lengthened development cycle. Because 2 dimension are designed,this is not only not intuitionistic, and the spare parts that cannot define complex form area accurately, have information to repeat difficulty of changeover, harmonious process, information to deliver do not wait for defect truly definitely, also go against follow-up digitlization to make. Coordinate an issue to solve a design, undertake the product assembles analysis and athletic orgnaization analysis, the prototype of plane product geometry that use CAD technology builds accelerated harmonious efficiency greatly, in plane development, cancel even or cancelled physical prototype partly, revealed digitlization adequately to design technical ability and action. But make for support, still need a three-dimensional model changeover to be referred for 2 dimension design make use, this brought new issue, the workload that main show was increasing to design, existence modification control of a variety of data sources, data is complex, want to maintain 2 dimension to develop a system already, want give attention to two or morethings again three-dimensional model, 2 dimension develop mode and three-dimensional development mode to produce conflict constantly. Reality contradicts and conflict, cannot be used is taken no account of use new technology, implementation designs the uniqueness that the intent conveys and consistency. Actually, 1997, ASME of association of American mechanical engineer began the research of relative standard of completely three-dimensional design to make the work, promulgated 2003 " Y14.

41 (Digital Product Definition Dat APractices) " standard, this standard reachs three-dimensional model and dimension public errand production requirement is uniform convey in a model. Boeing company studies the project that discusses completely three-dimensional design uses an issue later, be in Boeing gets the project turns application in the development of 787. Be in our country, to solve the problem that 2 dimension design and three-dimensional model coexistence bring, complete change is based on imitate to measure delivered traditional aircraft to develop pattern, promote digitlization technology system thereby comprehensive, development and efficient application, with key model development is carrier, large-scale the application that develops technology of completely three-dimensional design, perfect stage by stage built face production completely three-dimensional digitlization to design technical system (graph 1) . Graph the definition that technology of MBD of model of spare parts of 1 completely three-dimensional design is based on a feature, have more powerful expression force, can truer the earth's surface designs production feature now, well and truly expression designs an intent, what have project news easily also is draw-out the mining with knowledge (graph 2) . Normally, the information definition that to completely three-dimensional design model or MBD model place include is geometrical model information (appearance and dimension) with blame geometry information (attribute and requirement) , see a picture 3. But because design pattern (arrive from 2 dimension three-dimensional) change and design method (arrive from imitate number) change, completely three-dimensional design should stress the construction of its system and application more, because this is complete three-dimensional design not only want the pertinent information the product, include geometrical model, dimension and public errand, production requirement to wait, and the definition of blame geometry information such as attribute and management is among the model, still need compositive applying to run a system with the product, below all sorts of support that design resource and knowledge base, through making can tool and method, those who implement a part is fast build a model, can realize the information such as design, technology design and tool design to share, the digitlization that supports a plane to develop level is made. Nextpage is completely three-dimensional the design realized what the plane designs method and pattern to change completely three-dimensional design not only the change that expression is design tool (the use of three-dimensional CAD software, be like CATIA V5) , more important is to should build based the standard standard system with completely three-dimensional brand-new design, accordingly, completely three-dimensional design is a kind of brand-new plane development mode. The application of technology of completely three-dimensional design, cannot leave technology of completely three-dimensional design to apply a standard. Boeing to drive the application of completely three-dimensional design, wrote BDS-600 series standard above all, add up to 23 kinds, be aimed at the application of technology of completely three-dimensional design technically, requirement of the defines overall demand, model label requirement that includes to be based on a model, treatment of mechanical spare parts, composite material builds a model to ask to wait. Model of key of one flying courtyard is developed, established design standard 18, craft tool designs a standard many 70, mature product develops the demand of each link in the process, form be based on three-dimensional model to define a design information, craft information, examine the standard system that the be in harmony such as information, production information is an organic whole. These standard standards cover the of all kinds component that the plane designs, include machine add, Ban gold, answer material, pipeline, electric wait for component, at the same time plane of Lv of take an examination develops each link in the process, incorporate design, technology, examine reach make, for example dimension and public errand tag method, cutaway view to generate technics, treatment to ask to tag view of method, feature to capture the tagging that founds technics, as crucial as management feature method, use spare parts model to undertake three-dimensional the tagging that assembles a model technics. After completely three-dimensional technology is carried out, original be based on two-dimensional craft system and examine the system gets used to new technology requirement no longer, must undertake corresponding reform. Craft is designed and examine design general regards a design as the basis through two dimension blueprint no longer, and must be obtained through three-dimensional model. Accordingly, must design flow, craft to design method, craft to design software system to undertake adjustment to existing craft, in the meantime, must make relevant section staff (like craft, examine, course division of labor, attemper personnel of plan, treatment) can capable to obtain and use from MBD the information that derives in digital-to-analogue, ensure this information is producing the consistency in flow and validity. In the meantime, because word of amount to of completely three-dimensional digital-to-analogue changed treatment to offer advantage, more component have the method that uses digitlization machining make and examining, will have more is based on completely three-dimensional craft instruction will coach production is machined, the three-dimensional process that rigs for example will come true through three-dimensional video etc. The craft system with development general because this is completely three-dimensional active change, examine method of system, personnel organization system and ability system, production treatment. A word, completely three-dimensional design changed the original plane that is based on 2 dimension design to develop method and pattern, formed new development technology system. The changes MBD model building that completely three-dimensional design causes a plane to create pattern, it is the job that designs a section not just, craft, tool, in examining to want to participate in design process. The treatment of plane of later period of this inevitable effect, make and assemble, the MBD application of Boeing supports a system accountable this, see a picture 4. The MBD technology system of Boeing is core with MBD data set, compositive product standard manages have the aid of system (IPSM) , system of management of data of system of technology design management, CAD system, product, the content organization frame that according to the design the system gives out realizes production, examine etc. Completely three-dimensional design makes make downstream emulate more convenient and quick, craft tool designs a branch to be able to use design model to undertake craft is emulated make and be constructionaled directly, generate directive worker to machine the three-dimensional digitlization that assemble to dictate. In the meantime, completely three-dimensional development reflects the carrier that makes news in the design to undertake bearing the weight of with three-dimensional model entirely not only, more important is the ceaseless development innovation that can bring production equipment system, the three-dimensional model data that will more digitlization equipment use of all kinds component directly comes the component treatment that drive movables tastes, production is made with tool, the assembly of the plane, sufficient body digitlizes what the technology innovates to the technology to drive now. Because the equipment of digitlization uses digitlization model to have drive directly, the imitate amount that has a tradition no longer delivers link, removed appearance and measure deliver an error, this will be great the quality that makes sure the plane is developed, implement the high-quality goods project that the plane develops. The fact also is such, key model development was used in great quantities CNC Machining and figuration technology, advanced assemble gold of technology, Ban and technology of composite material figuration, digitlization to measure a technology to wait, obtained remarkable result (graph 5) . Graph 5 digitlization examine the application that completely three-dimensional design promotes PLM technology is using technology of completely three-dimensional digitlization to undertake model develops a process in, digitlize those who use platform to build crucial. Can say, it is to bear the weight of the carrier of system of development of completely three-dimensional digitlization. In completely three-dimensional development mode falls, all component will have a description with three-dimensional model, no longer the blueprint that can have project government through handiwork appears. The complete lifecycle that this needs to build demand of contented design, production process digitlizes application and administrative platform, in order to support the control of the management of component data, version, changed control, design process control, production control of state of process control, plane. In the meantime, apply platform to must wait for the system that forms unifinication from uniqueness of business logic, data, flow control to production digitlization from the design. This raised unprecedented taller requirement to digitlization application platform, change platform to word of production each class number from the design (platform of design of machine of model of written characters of example exactly the number, technology design platform, production makes executive system, company natural resources manage a system to wait) must have unifinication application compositive, those who make sure model develops of all kinds business is successional the accuracy that uses with data; The fountainhead of data must be only basis with three-dimensional model, all project information, BOM information all should be extracted from inside three-dimensional model, the administrative information that makes the same score Taichun with digitlization application keeps consistent; The three-dimensional model version of the complete machine position of the plane, component, of all kinds change, the condition that wait must maintain the CNC Machining instruction of sheet of control of problem of of all kinds quality, component, finished product and relevant software consistent, state government already became the spirit that of all kinds information manages. Can say, today's digitlization applies the construction of platform, must reflect the idea of PLM truly, also undertake through using the concept of PLM platform is built digitlizing applied only, ability satisfies the requirement of completely three-dimensional development truly. The software system company with foreign rich actual strength devotes oneself to tool of completely three-dimensional design and the product research and development that its face complete lifecycle to support the development of compositive system all the time, compare the mature PLM 2 that France amounts to search firm.

0, this flow control that compositive system passes the tool such as SIMULIA, CATIA, DELIMIA to support plan to design, emulate optimize, the system is designed integratedly, design of 0 package detailed design, workmanship, through ENOVIA implementation complete lifecycle data is mixed flow management, collateral design in coordination etc. The last word reviews the whole world the development of famous aircraft company, technology of completely three-dimensional digitlization is in rapid development and development application receive in the development of of all kinds plane in last few years, already became business development, flow to optimize, the core engine that ability of technical progress, core promotes. Technology of completely three-dimensional design drove a plane to digitlize the comprehensive application that develops a technology. Main show is in its action: (1) applied effect is apparent, enhanced an enterprise to digitlize the confidence of technical application. According to rough statistic, technology of completely three-dimensional in key model development design makes design efficiency rises at least 40% , the associated design on foundation of completely three-dimensional design makes design iteration rate rises at least 70% . Because use system of technology of completely three-dimensional development, make machine add rate of spare parts CNC Machining to achieve 94% above, rate of numerical control bent housing is achieved 100% , the rate of spare parts and tool amount also is reduced greatly. Can say, if do not have those who digitlize a technology to prop up, make sure key model asks to develop by node very hard. (2) the environment that the dimensions of technology of completely three-dimensional design changed application to form digitlization technology to apply and culture atmosphere. Boeing of no less than sums up in that way, in the process that extends technology of completely three-dimensional design, those who come up against is technical issue not just, still need an enterprise to be put from the solution in culture of 2 dimension blueprint. Aviation industry group has promoted global height digitlization construction today, adopted digitlization to amount to the method such as mark, digitlization of comprehensive promotion industry applies a standard integratedly. (3) provided power to digitlize development application of the technology. It is currently over base of completely three-dimensional development, the research of the respect such as the knowledge engineering technology that aviation industry is developing function prototype technology in the round and application. (4) digitlizing technical application is project of a system, need technology and project confluence, in process of executive digitlization item, need has corresponding methodology, want to be drawing with model development, advance stage by stage, enlarge application ceaselessly limits, raise applied level. Can predict to be in before long in the future, in completely three-dimensional design the technology is driven, cover aircraft program to optimize design, detailed design, be developed in coordination and the complete lifecycle that the user serves digitlizes compositive system to will be born to receive comprehensive application, the gap that leaves the world advanced to digitlize technical application level also is met smaller and smaller. CNC Milling