Through laser grain treatment is improved wet the attrition of attrition clutch is characteristic

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Use Nd: YAG successive laser undertakes machining to keeping apart a surface, use muti_function the segregation after attrition experiment machine checked different laser grain to machine piece with paper radical chafes a change that the attrition factor between follows sliding velocity relation, compared laser grain deepness, diameter and distributing the influence that waits for parameter, found out the grain of laser beam machining with attrition better character. Foreword paper base wet attrition clutch has idealer static kinetic friction factor comparing, clench the teeth is soft smooth, noise is little wait for a characteristic, be a kind use extensively at car and project machine the advanced clutch of automatic gearshift system, main by paper base attrition piece, steel is kept apart character piece with automatic transmission oil is comprised. Be being used actually and discover in relevant research, attrition factor can follow clash normally piece with segregation piece of an opposite sliding velocity increase and reduce, chafe namely factor glance moves speed-distance curve to appear negative slope, it is the main reason that causes attrition clutch self excited vibration and generation outcry. At present a lot of research make clear, characteristic to keeping apart a change that attrition factor can improve to follow sliding velocity on certain level after undertaking proper finishing. After because keeping apart a surface to have grain,be being decorated, can affect its and attrition piece the lubricant condition when clench the teeth, change attrition factor to follow the change of sliding velocity thereby. The change keeps apart the method of an exterior form appearance to have a lot of, like bolus of laser beam machining, gush, electric spark, open groove, become apparent to learn the method such as processing. Because method of laser beam machining can charge a sex strong, treatment convenient, efficiency range of tall, application is wide waited for a characteristic to get extensive use. But in using a process, the influence with the characteristic to clutch attrition design that need makes clear to Chu Jiguang machines parameter and grain. The article passes the laser beam machining that undertakes differring to keeping apart a surface, the laser grain with different research is right paper radical is wet the influence rule of character of attrition clutch attrition. Design of 1 laser grain and treatment test place use segregation piece for one outside tine cirque, external diameter is 70mm, internal diameter is 47mm, ply is 2.

5mm, material is mild steel character, microscopical diamond pyramid hardness is 250MPa. To segregation piece surface roughness Ra=0 goes to its surface polish first before undertaking laser beam machining.

08 μ M, as the foundation piece. Laser grain treatment is the segregation after polishing commonly piece apparently after stimulating illuminate of beam of light with focusing, material local ablation forms indentation, enter speed to wait for treatment parameter through adjusting the power of laser, sweep range and pace, the round spot with the diameter that if the graph is shown 1 times,can form and different deepness, make a stand through changing change work additionally (the segregation when treatment piece fixed go up in workbench) athletic contrail, can change round spot to be in those who keep apart a circumferential direction and radius direction to arrange density. Accordingly, 4 groups when if the watch is shown 1 times,we designed in all grain of 21 kinds of laser beam machining, be opposite in order to inspect these grain parameter wet the influence rule of character of attrition clutch attrition. Place is Nd with laser: YAG successive laser, rated output power is 50W, laser wavelengh is 1064nm. The electric lens photograph that processes form of spot giving a circle is shown 1 times like the graph, can see round spot interior includes many small hole. Place of test of means of Nextpage 2 experiment uses attrition piece appearance is inside tine cirque, internal diameter is 50mm, external diameter is 60mm, it is in ply 1.

The medium carbon steel of 0mm piece the surface is stickup a ply is 0.

The paper of 5mm base attrition material, it is mixed by fiber of adhesive, paper 3 parts comprise filling, do not contain asbestos. The lube that experiment place chooses appoints liquid of use automatic gearshift drive for some car manufacturer. The experiment chooses Falex 6 model muti_function attrition wears away experiment machine, the rotate speed of experiment machine is controlled by transducer, can implement stepless speed regulation; To load means is lever means of one weight used on a balance, simple and reliable; Can online real time gathers load, torque, speed, temperature, wear extent. Attrition piece with segregation piece special fixture was used from wither scheming compose, in order to assure the good joint of the two surfaces in attrition experiment process. When the experiment, preexistence contact pressure is 1.

0MPa, speed is 0.

Below the circumstance of 6m / S, after adjusting 30min; to adjust an end, wait for lube thermal drop to arrive after 80 ° C, in the contact pressure maintains changeless circumstance to fall, according to the graph 2 shown speed-distance curve undertake character experiments chafing. 3 tests result and analytic graph are shown 3 times for different laser circle spot diameter is in attrition ascendant process of change of deputy relative rate and drop the characteristic curve that the attrition factor of process place correspondence changes along with speed. From the graph 3 in can see, as the foundation piece the negative slope phenomenon that polishing keeps apart a place in experimenting to show attrition to factor follows relative speed to increase in high speed area and drop. The segregation in laser beam machining piece in, divide outside keeping apart a F200-800-2, other the segregation of parameter of 4 kinds of laser piece show attrition to factor increases along with relative speed and lift slope phenomenon. The attrition factor of surface of 5 kinds of laser beam machining is more than polishing surface, and along with individual circle spot diameter increases gradually, attrition factor presents the trend that after going out to lift first, drops on the whole, the specification is put in best diameter to make attrition function best. From the experiment above the curve can see, to this attrition system, keep apart a diameter of exterior laser round spot to choose 400 μ M or 500 μ M more appropriate. Additional, although the attrition factor when low speed is opposite at high speed inferior, but its absolute value is more than 0.

The design floor level of 11 is worth, because this won't affect result of apply the brake. In addition, a few kinds of segregation that return production of as professional as some clutch manufacturer with same experiment opportunity and experiment standard piece undertook contrasting checking, the segregation that grain of these a few kinds of laser handles piece inside limits of whole test speed slope of the absolute value of attrition factor and curve has been compared. The graph is shown 4 times for different laser round spot Zhou Xiang distributings the influence curve with characteristic to systematic attrition change, from the graph 4 can see, when Zhou Xiang span greatens gradually, appear gradually negative slope phenomenon, systematic attrition is characteristic by good become poor. Keep apart a F450-800-2 to show better attrition character among them, attrition factor follows the accretion of speed and lift. slope phenomenon is apparent; And one speed-distance curve is in the attrition factor that keeps apart a F450-800-4, F450-800-6 and F450-800-8 high speed area appeared to lose slope, shown attrition character begins to become poor; Expand further when interval (if keep apart a F450-800-10 and F450-800-12, show more apparent negative slope phenomenon inside area of whole rate change, attrition character is wronger. From the experiment above the result can see, to this attrition system, keep apart an exterior laser circle spot week is chosen to interval 2. More appropriate. Nextpage graph is shown 5 times for different laser circle spot radial distributings characteristic to attrition influence curve, can see, the effect with distributinging characteristic to systematic attrition change of position of round spot radial is apparent. The attrition with keep apart a F450-600-2 and F450-800-2 to come out in the expression in the experiment better is characteristic, attrition factor is elevatory along with the accretion of relative speed, the attrition factor that keeps apart a F450-800-2 to compare F450-600-2 among them slightly tall. After radial interval expands further, the negative slope phenomenon that keeps apart a F450-1000-2, F450-1200-2, F450-1400-2, F450-1600-2 to change basically to increase and drop what an attrition factor appears to follow opposite rate inside area in whole career, attrition character is wronger. From the experiment above the curve can see, to this attrition system, keep apart a radial of exterior laser round spot interval chooses 800 μ M more appropriate. The graph shows the attrition character curve that is correspondence of place of deepness of different laser round spot 6 times. Can see: Keep apart a F450-800-2-3, F450-800-2-18, F450-800-2-25 to show attrition factor to lift along with the accretion of relative speed in the experiment slope phenomenon; Continue to increase when round spot deepness when achieving 35 μ M, discovery chafes deputy appear in high speed area negative slope phenomenon, attrition character begins to become poor; Explain round spot deepness is too big, go against improvement to chafe originally deputy attrition is characteristic. Consider deepness is too shallow influence service life, think to keep apart a deepness of exterior laser round spot to choose 18 μ M here more appropriate. 4 conclusion (1) discovers through the experiment, after be handled through proper laser parameter keep apart a spouse that serves as paper radical piece when undertaking character experiments chafing, show attrition to factor increases along with opposite sliding velocity and lift slope phenomenon, the clash that this shows to grain of proper laser beam machining can improve this system is characteristic. (The size of 2) laser round spot, distributing, deepness is characteristic to systematic attrition have very apparent effect. Too big or diameter of laser round spot is too small, distributinging density of Zhou Xianghe radial is too rare and round spot deepness is too big, go against improvement this systematic attrition is characteristic, this attrition system is put in parameter of optimal laser grain. (3) has been found through the experiment comfortable the laser grain parameter at this attrition system, namely diameter of laser round spot is 450 μ M, radial interval is 800 μ M, zhou Xiang interval is 2 ° , deepness is 18 μ M. CNC Milling