Applied laser dogs the precision of geometry of numerical control machine tool of appearance detects analysis

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Precision of machine tool of summary numerical control is tall, produce speed to wait for numerous advantage quickly, be produced the favour of the industry by machinery, numerical control machine tool also is in in be perfected ceaselessly and be being reformed, include the improvement of pair of machine tool spare partses and component among them, the design of process designing of software of numerical control center, but build precision to compose as people the demand is higher and higher, the precision of numerical control machine tool must rise ceaselessly, this detects with respect to what ask it is better to have the method undertakes periodic precision detect to numerical control machine tool. As the innovation of people and reform, the sort of numerical control machine tool also is added gradually much, precision is taller and taller, satisfy the manufacturing requirement of people ceaselessly, the article detects to the precision of numerical control machine tool and machine tool the concept undertakes elaborating, and to be based on laser to dog the precision of numerical control machine tool of appearance detects the method undertakes discussing. Machine tool of keyword numerical control; Laser dogs appearance; Geometry; Precision; 1674-6708 of number of article of A of code of label of document of TG5 of date of classification of the graph in detecting (2014) 0 foreword of 112-0117-02     the working principle of numerical control machine tool is the program that assigns through controlling a system to be opposite and encode undertake identify and be translatinged, use these programs and code a count word to show, repass control equipment undertakes handling, give out all sorts of commands to coach the machine tool has production, come out mechanical product treatment according to the requirement of blueprint. Numerical control machine tool gets the favour of people, because its work efficiency is tall,be on one hand, have stronger intelligent sex, taller to a few precision compose advocates the production that has lot and treatment, reduce the investment that manpower works; On the other hand, the economy of numerical control machine tool is better, main body invests now relatively lesser, efficiency is tall, and equipment facilitates the staff member undertakes operating, life is relatively longer. Numerical control machine tool is being produced for people ceaselessly make contribution while also be being improved ceaselessly by people place and innovate, strive to make its precision taller, manufacturing spare parts and product can be used weller by people place, and the staff member also accuses machine tool precision to detect in logarithm go up to be strengthened ceaselessly, use a variety of gimmick to detect, laser dogs the technology is detect very well method of its geometry precision. Precision of geometry of machine tool of 1 numerical control detects the precision of numerical control machine tool detects in having a lot of, detect like geometrical precision, working precision detects reach transmission precision to detect etc, each detect link is to numerical control machine tool must, the precision that matters to machine tool oneself because of this and practical, and the precision of machine tool itself detects fluid is very important, include what each working components are like cutting tool, main shaft to wait to wear away state, the geometrical precision that the article basically is aimed at numerical control machine tool detects undertake discussing, the dominant sex that detects because of geometrical precision is stronger, and controallable the space is lesser. The meaning of precision of geometry of machine tool of alleged numerical control is a machine tool component of a few jobs if workbench face, slideway, tool carrier is smooth board wait to be in static condition to perhaps move in numerical control machine tool the precision below slower circumstance, it is the flatness that these compose that point to build, linearity and the error that a few opposite motion allow normally, detecting to what these compose build geometrical precision is relatively intuitionistic, but very bad to hold, the level level because of a plane or whether is the error that compose of a few opposite motion builds the place when moving to arise inside limit detect cannot appear quite the accident of a bit, the measurement with requirement very high definition method, can say geometrical precision detecting is the premise condition that precision of numerical control machine tool is able to ensure. 2 be based on laser to dog the precision of geometry of numerical control machine tool of appearance detects laser dogs the instrument is use at the important instrument that equipment detects on a kind of industry, it can of large scale undertake high accuracy detect, detect error special small, it is OK to use it the linearity that to numerical control machine tool a few compose build and angle undertake be metricaled accurately, detect whether to put in the error among them, light of the angle coder of precision, add is renewed and the development of the technology such as laser is put into laser to dog the generation of appearance and development, laser dogs appearance involves computer control, laser to measure, photoelectricity is explored and the computer handles a technology to wait, it is precision of geometry of numerical control machine tool detects one of necessary equipment. Laser dogs appearance can cooperate to reflex mark target to undertake distance and angle measure through laser, it deserves to those who circle two axes roll measure horny orgnaization at the same time, use ball coordinate to undertake high accuracy one case when measure, laser dogs appearance can measure dormant target not just, and still can be opposite the target of a few trends is dormant perhaps with trends all some targets undertake dog and be metricaled. Dog to the laser in numerical control machine tool when the appearance measurement to its geometry precision, can use much site to measure a way for managing cost normally, because the instrument is relatively costly, the place that measures otherwise to be the same as to geometry of numerical control machine tool undertakes school team measure, can choose many positions to measure in different time so. Many a little bit such passing a measured data, mix from the algorithm of demarcate according to measuring bit of place the algorithm of demarcate of coordinate of base point space, can decide a machine tool to be in truly the coordinate of the place that perhaps still is measured below athletic condition, coordinate of such many measurement point are calculated come out to be able to understand the target flatness that is measured and linearity very easily, whether does the opposite error that still can measure an opposite movement condition to fall exist. Laser dogs the method that appearance also can measure with only station undertakes metrical to the target, but the stability as a result of this kind of method is poorer, and school team capability is not strong, in the distance bigger measure distance circumstance to fall, master the accuracy that its measure very hard, so a lot of circumstances fall to use the method that measures when much site is different. Laser dogs appearance wants to issue ability to have taller precision quite in correct operation to the measurement of precision of geometry of numerical control machine tool, measuring normally while also should notice to dog to laser the influencing factor of appearance precision, laser dogs the angle error that the main influencing factor of appearance precision should be its oneself existence, error of coder of the angle in because be in,measuring a process and measure a distance to become direct ratio, we can know to measure an interval bigger. Laser dogs the illuminator of appearance interior also has very big effect to its precision, because illuminator has very big effect to laser orbit, if 3 illuminator are not mutual,concern into 90 ° right angle, or the horny dot of 3 illuminator and outside ball heart not coincide so measure precision to be able to get very big impact. And laser dogs the measurement of appearance precision also can get the influence of exterior element, wait like temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed, dog in practical laser so when appearance undertakes to numerical control machine tool geometry is measured must special attention undertakes atmosphere compensatory adjust, the geometrical precision that to make laser dogs appearance logarithm charges a machine tool is measured more accurate, need testing instrument is eligible, choose to measure an interval suitably, the standard is operated, such ability ensure detected accuracy quite, the precision that is numerical control machine tool is adjusted make more safeguard. The precision that 3 conclusion can say numerical control machine tool is his maximum price is worth a place, it is the mainest goal that machine tool of all numerical control pursues, also raise its precision ceaselessly only, detect well and truly quickly the geometrical error of departmental cent is in a machine tool, and undertake the error is compensated in time, the stimulative people that ability makes his better produces the life, and move toward modernization and intelligence gradually change. Numerical control machine tool wants when the design mature work to its property, move to shake and chafe besides these fundamental elements such as state and economic life, even all the more undertake discussing in the light of problem of precision of numerical control machine tool, raise its precision through transforming certain place to perhaps eliminate the element of precision of machine tool of a few influences to wait, and still can be passed a few detect advancedly method and technology, the control sex that lets our logarithm charge a machine tool is stronger, such ability make the character of service of numerical control machine tool better quite, service life is longer. Bibliographical reference   [art of 1] Li Shan, numerical control machine tool reachs his to cite [G] , 2 edition, machinist trade publishing house, 2012, 1, 1.

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