Deposit of physical gas phase (coating of PVD) preparation alumina introduces

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1 foreword has the superior performance of attention making a person as a result of alumina film, wait like high temperature stability, chemical stability, low thermal conductance and electrical conductivity, benefit chemically gas phase is at present deposit (film of alumina of CVD) besmear Fu applies extensively already at razor blade of hard alloy cutting as wear-resisting coating material. The industrial dimensions preparation that it did not get the main reason that uses extensively is this kind of coating in other domain needs to use high temperature CVD to undertake handling. Although CVD processing technique has a lot of advantages, but its biggest drawback is the need in handling a process high temperature (1000 ℃ ) . Use deposit of physical gas phase (PVD) is splashed shoot a technology deposit inside the temperature limits of ℃ of 350 ~ 600 alumina, it is You Haoze (a kind of when company of Hauzer) technology film develops new technology. This craft widened greatly the applied domain of alumina, low deposit temperature makes it can be in if other material can undertake besmearing plating is handled on high-speed steel and mould steel. Original, the development of coating is begun on Hauzer Flexicoat 750, ever since this process is besmeared undertake on plating equipment HTC21000 to a type of production by move. The industrialization of this technology is changed and be being redesigned is with German T ü ; The main supplier of cutting tool of cutting of Bingen hard alloy is made of baked clay Er spy Inc. (Walter AG) collaboration undertakes. Graph system of 1 compound coating is sectional the coating system with 2 new process uses compound coating technology, plating of combinative cathode electric arc and magnetism accuse to splash shoot, electric arc layer serves as transfer layer or offer indispensible wearability for whole coating system, and alumina provides high temperature and chemical stability. Of device sectional if pursue,1 is shown. Systematic configuration has a few electric arc and magnetism to accuse to splash shoot cathode. The spare parts should heat before deposit craft temperature and the system should be smoked spend to low vacuum; Ever since, the ion that use argon or metallic ion engrave corrode cleanness workpiece surface; Catch layer of deposit electric arc, alumina top layer is to use metallic target to mix the PVD in atmosphere to splash in argon and oxygen shoot deposit place to become. In addition, in special applying, alumina coating also can be in use without the monolayer below rock-bottom circumstance. Alumina coating uses preparation of technology of deposit of Hauzer T mode and into. T mode technology is by special design splash the gas that shoots cathode union to optimize to distributing the system will reflect its character, through electromagnetism induction the circle is all round matrix the plasma that generation closes magnetic field will offer tall ionization to lead, in order to achieve the requirement of coating function. The advantage of this technology is to handle a process to be controlled easily, stability is good, repeatability beautiful, deposit rate (≥ 015µm/h) enough achieves the more economic processing time in industrialized production. The industrialized foreground of 3 alumina coating develops the base of initiative craft in Flexicoat 750 system, this craft is gone to by move the HTC21000 equipment of industrial dimensions. WalterAG is the manufacturing business that has dominant place on the data management of hard alloy razor blade and tool, have the experience that uses device of lustre of a person of extraordinary powers for a long time. Graph metallograph of cross section of coating of 2 AlTiN+ alumina (1000 × ) the bit that the coating of AlTiN-Al2O3 interface alumina that graph 3 HRTEM analyses uses extensively at hard alloy, its advantage is to be able to be reduced indentation wears away and heat up burst. Alumina coating uses CVD method deposit normally. As a result of deposit temperature tall, carbide is easy fragile change, cause in metallic cutting (basically be milling treatment) the application of the respect is restricted. In applying actually, because new alumina PVD technology is deposit temperature is low, the tall tenacity that the cutting blade place that can achieve bit needs, it is especially when milling stainless steel or difficult treatment material, new alumina coat and traditional PVD coating photograph are compared, its function raised 2 times. In redesign in changing a course with the industry, system of coating of alumina of AlTiN+ of make choice of. On the optimizes main body to raise coating now function of alumina coating craft, be like hardness and structure, optimizing a target is to make new coat machines the performance with respect and better than can be being obtained look of current AlTiN coating technology in milling. The graph shows the cross section metallograph that is new coat 2 times. See by the graph, go up in hard alloy base material but the alumina layer with the AlTiN layer that clarity sees 3µm is thick and thick 1µm. Penetrate radio looking glass with high resolution (the interface that HRTEM) will come to to consider to analyse AlTiN-Al2O3. The graph shows the AlTiN-Al2O3 interface extent that analyses for HRTEM 3 times. See by the graph, alumina layer and face heart cubic metre (union of layer of Fcc) crystal AlTiN is good. In addition, use Guang Yan of the X that sweep past horn to shoot (GIXRD) and electorate electron diffraction (the G- photograph that SAED) analyses the structure of alumina coating to be Na Mijing, grain dimension is 5 ~ 10nm about. First cutting test uses steel of 42CrMo4 of Gan Xi of SP12 razor blade, graph the 4 average wear extent that are new coat razor blade and AlTiN coating razor blade and the biggest wear extent (cutting condition sees graph 4) . Alumina coating razor blade has better heatproof burst and wearability than AlTiN coating razor blade, also arrive it is thus clear that in this bit photograph after cutting (5) seeing a picture. Cutting condition: ? The 42CrMo4 graph 4 AlTiN that city Kang holds the post of?60MPa on and AlTiN-Al2O3 coating cutting tool are main cutting point is the biggest pursue with average tine flank wear extent 5 mill are over the razor blade after 4000mm wears away comparative the alumina coating technology with 4 new conclusion is successful already ground application arrives on industrial coating equipment, craft is stable, but repeatability is strong. Through afore-mentioned milling treatment experiments, confirmed new alumina coating is used at the feasibility that bit besmears plating is handled, walter is in the hard alloy bit that be sent on a diplomatic mission showed to use new alumina coating technology on exhibition of Han Nuowei EMO 2005. CNC Milling