Treatment unit and white board rise flexible reach answer ability quickly

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Advanced turning and production limited company once cut the machine tool that knows pair of workshops to recombine to machine unit to be able to improve productivity truly without the person. But those who make a company proud is, it has courage to try new thing, and be in this respect, company benefit bandit is shallow. Advanced turning company is " American machinist " ' survey of surveyor's pole government ' in mention 68 what use unit production technology.

One of top-ranking companies of 6% . Treatment is unit / unit made a company offer very tall flexible reach answer ability quickly, make production of oneself much breed small lot holds competitive dominant position thereby -- every months of consign 1600 kinds of workpiece, average batch is 70. This company is machined 20 times in oneself use on unit " odd current " producer type, machine a spare parts only, till till the spare parts treatment is finished. Frank Lusebrink of company vice president says: "Major part is in treatment when the production that leaves us is unit good, clean, outfit prepares to deliver goods in the box that pack condition. " but, will machine unit and " odd current " manufacturing be in harmony forces a company to focus attention in such as to install clip time, process to be trapped however for an organic whole quantity, preventive the machine tool is safeguarded reach the side such as manufacturing monitoring. Among a day, some treatment that is in a company at most processes 8 work on unit, because this reduces outfit clip,time is very crucial. To come true this increase work velocity of flow, company general workpiece is proper organizing into groups, composition has collective figure / spare parts series of the feature, get on these spare partses in unit of some specific treatment next treatment is good, reduce the number that changes between the machine tool as far as possible. In addition, the treatment job that machines unit operator to still can browse his is only, if delivery time allows, their meeting will have the workpiece reorder of the similar feature that hold clip, machine in succession on specific treatment unit thereby. In the process that such doing, they can avoid to change a machine tool completely to install clip type. Treatment unit reduced waste and avoided to be every workpiece production to give an additional number. Machined unit operator to deploy all sorts of necessary metric steps to carry out examination of the spare parts in the process. Lusebrink says: "We did not set special censor. By treatment unit operator is in charge of quality assuring. " before means of executive treatment unit, the machine tool is become a platoon according to craft to decorate -- all lathe are put together, all milling machine are put together. The spare parts changes area of another machine tool from area of a machine tool, change another operator from an operator, the process is here medium, certain part discards as useless inevitably. Because this can satisfy requirement of final work measure to ensure, the company must do a few more to every workpiece, be in short supply in order to offset the amount that reject causes. Be in " odd current " / in machining unit environment, lusebrink says the machine tool is preventive maintain special key, because once some machine tool gives an issue, whole unit should stop machine. To reduce stop production time, the spot of the company safeguards a team to producing main effect, at the same time the company still tries to have reserve unit. For the performance with hourly monitoring, the company was decorated in every treatment unit white board, the member that have backer of a full-time is fixed the information on dialogue board undertakes updating. Use this to plant white board, what the company can affirm operator machines an operation to finish is correct, and can be before problem out of control solve a problem. Lusebrink says: "This kind white board shortened our reaction time, help us realize goal of production and do not produce waste product. They let us always master in the treatment situation that understood far from in the past. They let us always master in the treatment situation that understood far from in the past.. CNC Milling