The CAD of lathe tool of arris form figuration

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Summary: Use Visual C++ 6.

0 pairs of AutoCAD undertake 2 times developing, developed system of CAD of lathe tool of arris form figuration. The user needs to input necessary design data with interactive means only, the system can design the lathe tool of arris form figuration that accords with a requirement, output the project attempt that accords with GB requirement. Lathe tool of 1 foreword figuration is the commonly used treatment in cutting treatment appearance of swing tower figuration is special cutting tool, the basis is designed form of its cutting blade by profile of surface of treatment swing tower. Use treatment of figuration lathe tool to be able to assure stable treatment quality not only, and tall, cutting tool can grind productivity again much, service life grows the time. But handiwork of traditional figuration lathe tool designs a method to design cycle long, workload precision of big, design is not tall. Design cycle to shorten, raise design precision, we developed system of CAD of lathe tool of arris form figuration. Graph 12 systems are formed reach system of CAD of lathe tool of figuration of form of moving environment arris to be the platform that prop up with AutoCAD R2000, use Visual C++ 6.

The 0 Object ARX 3 that offer with AutoCAD R2000.

2 times 0 development tool will apply a program to compile ARX trends to link a library, below AutoCAD environment to load moves. Systematic interface uses Chinese seesaw pattern operation, and every pace operation all has clew. The system is used modular structural design, by initialization setting, cutting tool is writtened guarantee compose design, profile design, graph is generated reach dimension to tag, the functional module such as graphical output is formed (1) seeing a picture. Of the lathe tool of figuration of CAD design method of lathe tool of figuration of 3 arris form before, hind part is formed through installation. When the design, after the system hints the user chooses workpiece material, af of the horn after Gf of the horn before the system can choose what material decides figuration lathe tool automatically according to place is mixed. The part holding clip of the lathe tool of figuration of design arris form of cutting tool structure uses swallow end structure, solid of clip of this kind of structure is reliable, can bear bigger cutting force. The main structure parameter of lathe tool of arris form figuration includes cutter hub overall width dimension of structure of end of B of ply of H of height of Lc, cutter hub, cutter hub, swallow. Graph overall width of 2 cutter hub the cutter hub overall width of Lc figuration lathe tool Lc and cutting blade overall width Lc ˊ is equal, namely Lc=l+a+b+c+d. Each dimension meaning is like a graph in type 2 are shown. L is workpiece profile width; A has been in a needle to avoid cutting blade corner and additional cutting blade width, take A=0.

5 ~ 3mm; B is machined to consider workpiece end panel and pour wine cup and additional cutting blade width, its numerical value should be more than end panel finish machining surplus and width pouring wine cup. If workpiece has part, criterion this paragraph Kr value should be equal to horny cost, b value should compare horny width big 1 ~ 1.

5mm. The rightest end panel that the system needs to judge workpiece according to this value is circular arc still pour horny part. C is the foreword after assuring to cut off what working procedure goes on wheels and set beforehand width of grooving cutting blade, take C=3 ~ 8mm; D exceeds the width of additional cutting blade that give appearance of work semifinished product and sets to assure cutting blade, take D=0.

5 ~ 2mm. The commonly used limits that above parameter hints all right in the command (the unit is Mm) inside, input with AutoCAD command mode by the user. H of cutter hub height places the condition that the structure allows to fall in knife of figuration lathe tool, value of H of cutter hub height should be obtained as far as possible a few bigger, can increase cutting tool to wear a number again so. The commendation of this system is worth for H=75 ~ 100mm, tolerancepublic errand is ± 2mm. This parameter can pass interactive means to input. Of B of ply of cutter hub of B of cutter hub ply choose should make sure cutter hub has enough strength, still should consider to discharge bits at the same time smooth, installation is convenient wait for an element. In addition, b value still reachs the Amax of deepness of the biggest profile of workpiece to concern with dimension of swallow end structure, and should satisfy certain requirement. B value is chosen automatically according to cutting tool overall width by the system. Dimension of structure of end of swallow of dimension of swallow end structure should the structural dimension phase that with cutting blade overall width Lc reachs figuration lathe tool suits, still concern with dimension of the structure that hold clip at the same time. Because swallow end dimension already was standardized, the dimension of swallow end structure in already will concerning document stocks this system in data file, in order to have the system is called. The system can choose dimension of swallow end structure automatically according to cutting tool overall width. The design swing tower of cutting tool profile kind spare parts profile is general by circular arc paragraph, straight line segment and line segment of other blame round music are formed. The correction calculation method as a result of each paragraphs of profile each are not identical, because this is undertaking,divisional circular arc wants above all before profile correction computation paragraph with straight line segment. The diameter of each turning point that the system inputs with interactive means according to the user and go up correspondingly, next deviation and axial distance undertake data processing and profile are calculated, undertake according to the plot direction of predefine coordinate nods a setting. When to circular arc Duan Jin revises calculation all right, needing to judge this circular arc is convex arc or sunken circular arc, it is symmetrical circular arc asymmetrical still circular arc. When workpiece figuration surface is circular arc, as a result of before the existence of the horn after horn is mixed, to it profile of corresponding figuration lathe tool already was not circular arc form actually. But it is when demand of precision of circular arc appearance is not high, for handy for the purpose of, still can regard cutting tool as profile with circular arc, nevertheless its radius will increase, if pursue,3 are shown. The 1-2-3 in the graph states radius is R, center to be the workpiece circular arc of Ap in deepness of O dot, profile. Maneuver algorithm can seek a P of deepness of cutting tool profile and site 2, pass next 1, 2, 3 make one circular arc, this circular arc is the approximate circular arc that can replace curve of cutting tool profile namely, the position of its radius R and center OC can be begged from inside Δ OA3 and Δ OCA3 piece. The graph is generated reach dimension to tag a graph to generate the data base that gains in afore-mentioned design stage place to go up, the coordinate that the system is changed through what profile nods and the structural dimension of plan of job of figuration lathe tool, model attempt defines a point judges the radial on workpiece most the direction of bit, determine the coordinate of the dot and plot direction thereby. Through calling AutoCAD the command can generate the working plan of figuration lathe tool and example to pursue. Graph the dimension that 3 dimension tag lathe tool of arris form figuration can be divided for shape size and positional dimension. When undertaking dimension is tagged automatically, the repetition that should note size is tagged, the problem such as leakage mark and the mutual interference relative to positional dimension. Profile of example of figuration lathe tool and profile of figuration lathe tool (include additional cutting blade) identical, dimension is tagged fiducial should tag for the dimension of cutting tool profile fiducial. This system was designed corresponding child function, can undertake to dimension sort is mixed tag automatically, can work what already tagged dimension graph and model attempt to in an attempt to piece (BLOCK) form is saved, call in order to have. Graphical output pursues a setting system can choose a plan automatically according to the dimension of figuration lathe tool (also can choose to pursue by user proper motion a size) , the working plan that calls INSERT command to already will be generated by certain proportion, example pursues graph piece inserts proper place. Caption column fill and technical requirement tag a system to used language of DCL(Dialog Control Language) to develop caption column and technical requirement to input a dialog box. Full name of such as architect, material, scale is filled to wait for information hind in the dialog box, the system can fill his automatically the corresponding seat into caption column, if pursue,4 are shown. Graph system of CAD of lathe tool of figuration of form of 44 epilogue arris uses VisualC++ 6.

0 pairs of AutoCAD R2000 undertook 2 times developing. The user needs to input necessary design data with interactive means only, can design the lathe tool of arris form figuration that accords with a requirement, output the project attempt that accords with GB requirement. The application of this system can improve design precision and efficiency significantly, shorten the design is periodic, reduce design cost, the data that outputs at the same time can be changed into CNC Machining instruction conveniently, because this is had good practical with promotion value. CNC Milling